Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It explains everything

That cunt Twenty Major might be talking about an Irish phone-in radio programme in this excellent post but, let's face it, I shouldn't think that the Irish are all that different to the people in this fair country...
If you ever wondered why the people of Ireland seemingly ‘put up’ with crooked politicians, abusive clergy and all the other gobshitery that surrounds us on a daily basis then listening to Liveline will give you the answers you need. It’s because they are cretins.

Today’s ‘Video games are evil and should be banned because they are evil because I say so and not based on any evidence’ show was an extravaganza of ill-informed, half-witted, moronic fuckwittery of the highest order. Some of the people they had on were just so ridiculously ignorant of anything resembling a fact it’s frightening.

Honestly, these people are idiots who clearly have nothing better to do with their time. And these idiots are representative of much of Ireland because people hear the idiots on the radio and agree with the idiots and soon the idiots point of view becomes conventional wisdom and on we go.

It's fucking depressing, frankly.

Although what is more depressing is that the politicians are even more stupid—the only reason that they get to boss everyone about is because they are venal sycophants possessed of an exceptional but creepy animal deviousness.

Oh, yeah, and fat wads of our cash...


sconzey said...

Restore the monarchy!

Anonymous said...

We have no reason to feel smug about the UK being more sophisticated than the land of the bog trotters. Uniquely in the western world we have Blunkett/ Straws ludicrous and sinister feminazi turd the "Dangerous pictures act", which allows people to be jailed for "up to 6 years" for possessing fictional bdsm pics. "Dave" and co didn't support it, but were too chicken to actively oppose it. One reason why even Dave's crap Tories are to be preferred to allowing the treacherous McClown's Stasi another 5 years.

Rob said...

Britons are a nation of ignorant sheep. In fact, they are worse than sheep - at least sheep still retain the instincts to be wary of danger.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a widespread notion that most people are so absurdly suggestible, that they will be tempted to copy anything they read, or see on TV. And the worst aspect of this, is that the people who believe it, have never spent much time analysing their own responses to narratives of crime, or violence.

They do not stop to say to themselves "Oh wait, I love reading Dostoevsky but it has never inspired me to run around murdering German widows..." or "Despite my love of Tom and Jerry cartoons, I have never smashed an anvil over the cat's head."

I suspect this whole "response to stimulus" scenario is a result of the concerted efforts of apologists for criminals, and defence lawyers, who have a vested interest in deflecting culpability away from the crooks who actually are violent, and depraved. We are fools if we allow them to push this myth onto us.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I was chatting to the butcher today.
Vegan's note;..Fuck of wierdos.
Anyhow I was amazed to find that he doubted global warming ,I did not even mention the subject.
Interesting, I think maybe the penny is beginning to drop with Joe public.
However back to the Irish.
Well they voted for Lisbon ,and will be subsequently hoisted by their own petard.
But then again they did collaberate with Nazi germany so They should feel at home in the brave new EU.
Oh and now you lot are in the moneys going back out ,ever feel like youv'e been had.
Guffaaaaw ! snort! snort !

John B said...

Uniquely in the western world

Bullfuckingshit. The same laws exist in Australia, and in Canada possession of child porn *written stories* is illegal. In the US people have been jailed for possession of ropey manga cartoons *even though* the Supreme Court has ruled they're protected speech, because of their superweird mix of local and federal law.

People are cunts everywhere. Politicians are craven arseholes everywhere.

Gordon Brown is loathed more than the other craven arseholes historically and internationally solely because he's worse than them at schmoozing and lying and has come in at a time when everything's gone to shit [*]. The fact that he's so loathed is probably a good thing for British freedom - as long as idiots don't get fooled that Labour is the problem, rather than Labour-And-Tories-And-All-Those-Bastards-Who-Cravenly-Genuflect-To-Whatever-Moral-Panic-Is-Going-On-This-Week is the problem.

(see: cunts who simultaneously believe that the Evil Gummint is Stealing Our Freedoms, and that the hysteria over Binge Drinking!!! a and Knife Crime!!! reflects a real and serious risk that you'll be stabbed in the eyes by a hooded drunken maniac when you go out for a cup of tea...)

[*] fully of his own choosing and desert, of course - had he retired citing bad sight when Blair left then he'd have been able to keep his reputation intact whilst taking potshots at whichever poor bugger landed the role of fall guy...

Roger Thornhill said...

Politicians have slowly elbowed their way onto the throne.

How? Bread and circuses and a similarly slow but sure infantilisation. Fabians all. Rot them.

the a&e charge nurse said...

Can libertarianism ever be reconciled with a large army of ill-informed half-wits?

Budgie said...

So, DK, you don't think someone's personal experience is believable unless it is backed up by a written report from a group of scientists? This is like the ZaNus who won't accept my word, but will accept what I write on one of their stupid forms. You are dangerously close to applauding a society transfixed by the officious, which thinks that a "cretin's" personal view is worthless.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Why has nobody mentioned Father Ted?

Ted, Dougal and Jack playing video games ...

Yup, pure Craggy Island

James Higham said...

Makes me ashamed to have some Irish blood in me.

Roger Thornhill said...


"So, DK, you don't think someone's personal experience is believable unless it is backed up by a written report from a group of scientists?"

Where did DK say that?

Asking for evidence and fact-based reasoning is quite different from what you have extrapolated.

Anonymous said...

I just saw it .
That fancy city videeeeeoooo killun game.
Hey paw, I, I, I, I, I, feel a killun, a comin on...
I saw it and just wanted to KILL KILL KILL KILL ye ha ha ha ha ah aha
Oh yea.
ho ho ho ho fucking ho.
What a load of shite.
Mary Whitehouse has gone into the gaming business ,know watta mean
wink wink.
Oh fucking 'el iv'e just spilt ma bloody pint !

Anonymous said...

John B said...
Bullfuckingshit. "The same laws exist in Australia, and in Canada possession of child porn *written stories* is illegal. In the US people have been jailed for possession of ropey manga cartoons *even though* the Supreme Court has ruled they're protected speech, because of their superweird mix of local and federal law".

No they don't. These foreign laws refer to material concerning children, the law referred to concerns adult images.

NL are currently in the process of passing a law which would cover cartoon/drawn child images. The written word will also be criminalised if Hateman and co stay in power.

Oh-the bill which for the first time in the UK criminalises buying sex, based on Zanu Lab/ feminazi lying about sex trafficking (exposed in the Mail today) which is one of the corrupt cow Fatty Smith's masterpieces, got royal assent yesterday.

Anonymous said...

The previous poster is right. Nu Lab boasted they were the first-and they have been the only ones-to impose such an adult images law. It is unique.The criminalising of prostitute clients has been something never done here under any government...until NuLabour fascism arrived As it is stuffed with Marxists and extremist man haters like Harman, McTaggart, Baird, NuLab is inevitably uniquely totalitarian, the most sinister regime for centuries. They invent phony "problems" and then impose totalitarian laws. Thousands of new criminal offenses since 1997 eroding privacy, free speech and personal choice. Creating thousands of new criminals. The object of totalitarians (and NL is probably our first totalitarian government), is to make criminals out of the population by creating new ill defined crimes, so everyone is unsure and fear they may be breaking some law.

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