Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Hockey Stick Illusion

This cover's just a placeholder...

Although Bishop Hill and I have been chatting about this project for a few months*, your humble Devil has kept it under his hat until His Ecclesiastical Eminence was ready to announce his new book about the climate change deceptions—The Hockey Stick Illusion.
After the successes of Caspar and the Jesus Paper and The Yamal Implosion, the two postings on this site that have garnered significant levels of attention, a number of readers suggested to me that I write a book about the Hockey Stick. Being an amenable sort, I have done just that and the results of a year's worth of early mornings and late nights are going to become available to the public in the near future.

The Hockey Stick Illusion is a critical history of the affair, tracing the story from its very beginnings in the notorious Deming email, right up to the most recent developments—the release of the Yamal data and the wave of uproar that followed.

The Hockey Stick Illusion will be published by Stacey International some time in January. Given the events of the last couple of days it looks as though I may have to try to stick in an appendix though, as many of the emails speak directly to events in the book. I hope there's still time. While I'm doing that you can preorder a copy here.

Your humble Devil has just pre-ordered his copy and is looking forward to reading it. Obviously, the release of these documents over the last few days do affect the book itself and it is to be hoped that the good Bishop has the chance to include some of them in the book.

If you have any interest in this area, I highly recommend that you grab yourself a copy: the Bishop is very good at putting quite complicated concepts into plain and logical English (which is why he's my go-to guy when one of these scandals kicks off) and the book should make for interesting reading.

UPDATING: a list of The Kitchen posts concerning the CRU Emails.

And, just as a reminder, feel free to browse the searchable database.

Your humble Devil's off-the-cuff effort with the book's original title.

* The Bishop had wanted your humble Devil to have a stab at putting together a cover and I threw something together—which I show here as I still rather like it—as an example of what might be done; I consciously wanted to avoid it looking like a niche "science" book—the aim was that it would stand out on a bookshelf and look like the easy-to-read and revealing tome that it is.

We ended up chatting about ways and means of publishing the book: the Bishop had contemplated self-publishing through Chris Snowdon's Little Dice imprint.

Obviously, the good Bishop's contract with Stacey International superceded all of these discussions, but this is good: the book is likely to be seen by more people—as it should be.

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