Monday, November 16, 2009

Exposing the EU, in a cinema near you

NB I am not the Devil.

The TPA is this week launching a cinema advert highlighting the cost of the EU. This is the first national cinema advertising campaign by a British political group since the No Euro days, almost a decade ago, so it's an exciting development.

I hope you enjoy the ad:

As well as highlighting the costs of the EU, it also promotes Ten Years On, our new book on what life could be like without the European Union. There's still time to order your free copy (over 22,000 people already have!).


James Higham said...

Mark, the Albion Alliance is in the process of promoting this and Lee's book. We'll follow your moves and try to incorporate them in the way forward.

We agree completely with what has been written here and in the book.

RantinRab said...

Got my book last week. Eye opening stuff. Totally recommended.

Pogo said...

Having now read the book (thanks for the quick response to my order TPA!) I'll admit that I enjoyed it as a nice work of fiction. I say "fiction" sadly because I simply cannot see Cameron's government ever having the balls to do what Dr Rotherham posits.

microdave said...

Got the book as well (thanks TPA), and just watched the trailer. I've copied the link to some friends, and asked them to pass it on.

Unfortunately, like Pogo, I doubt that it will ever happen. There are just too many entrenched quangos and "snout in the trough" civil servants, who will fight tooth and nail to keep themselves in the manner to which they have been accustomed.

I hope I'm wrong.....

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