Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An admission

You know how I said that politicos are starting to realise that the Welfare State is unsustainable...? Well, via my impecunious yet peripatetic Greek friend, it seems that Herman Van Rompuy, front-runner for the new job of EU President, has decided to confirm my assertion...
"New resources will be necessary for the financing of the welfare state. Green tax instruments are a possibility, but they are ambiguous: This type of tax will eventually be extinguished.

But the possibilities of financial levies at European level must be seriously examined and for the first time the large countries in the union are open to that."

This is, of course, only an admission that our model of social democracy is too expensive and that the fuckers want to soak us for yet more cash—the trouble is that they could tax us at 99% and still they would need more.

The Welfare State is unsustainable, socially destructive and incredibly wasteful: we need to find other solutions.

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Anonymous said...

Green taxes will be extinguished...yeah when the public realises that they're being conned by AGW.

Then it's on to the next ruse

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