Sunday, October 25, 2009

Your humble Devil is still at the LA Conference, where I did a showcase presentation yesterday: the subject was the UK Libertarian Party, and Brian Mickelthwait has written a quick review of my delivery...
Chris Mounsey, of the UKLP, was - I’m guessing deliberately - very downbeat.  The thing is, if you roam the earth giving rousing speeches in favour of something, all about what you want people to do, and how wonderful things will be if they do it, two things can go wrong.  One, they don’t to do what you want (in this case join the UKLIP), which can make you look and feel rather foolish.  Two, they join, but in a state of manic enthusiasm, and a year later, when nothing good of any consequence has happened because of you joining, they hate you, for getting their hopes up.  The UKLP, said Mounsey, is settling down for the long haul.  In ten years time it might accomplish something, but then again it might not.  Very wise.

Quite right, and I'm glad that my tone was correctly interpreted...


Martin said...

Sounds about right. Before I signed up, I wasn't sure what the use would be of joining such a new part (this was March 08), before deciding I may as well go along for the ride, but without high hopes for the short run.
Still, we do have a local councillor after only about 2 years, so it can't be said we're making no progress.

Lord T said...

Interesting. I must confess I actually was expecting something to happen. For the LP policies to be put out there like all the other parties and for progress to be made on maing those policies more palatable to the British citizen. Current Libertarian policies are not. I'm not convinced that waiting will do any good as we as a country are currently at a low. You are counting on the next party in being as bad, if not worse. I think that may not happen as the growth in the BNP will trigger changes.

There is never a better time than now imo.

DK, you may be being realistic but I'm convinced there is a better way that the group as a whole should be taking.

Guthrum said...

Glad it went well and you are being realistic about the timeframe.

It took seventy years for the SNP to seize power in Scotland with the aid of Devolution and PR.

Those members who thought we would storm the barracades in one year, were not listening to what I said at the LPUK conference last year.

ie Not in my lifetime (I'm 53) and hoping to breath God's clear air for another forty years.

This next election is not the important one, because the Cons are going to walk it, because Labour are loathed. The Libertarian Movement as a whole will benefit from the siege economy that cameron will introduce swingeing Taxes to prop up the State.

Politics will only recover from sleaze once PR is introduced, then we will have a fair chance. It the meantime it is going to the grassroots and building upwards.

The Lib Dems are never going to form a Government, no matter how much they twist and turn. They are not giving up neither am I or other activists determined to reintroduce Libertarianism to the General Public.

We have taken the first step on a long march... that is all.

Tomrat said...

I had my sister turn around to me yesterday telling me it was hopeless to continue with LPUK and that I should jump ship to the SocDems; naturally I pointed out the spiritual canabalism this entailed and it was that kind of thinking that allowed these parties to undermine freedom and liberty.

Incidentally did you see this:

few other blogs posting similar; got me thinking might be wise to keep tabs on these- any way we can post to fakecharities on these "questionaires" to keep us all abreast of these anecdotal evidence generators?

Simon Fawthrop said...

Being the same age as Guthrum I also accept the not in my lifetime scenario. However we don't have to be in power to have influence - look at how the Greens dominate a lot of the policy agenda.

By prodding, poking and exposing the current system and campaigning for freedom we will, eventually, start to influence political debate at the national level. Its going to be a very long and lonely slog though.

To that end, keep fighting the good fight.

Tomrat said...


agreed- in many ways we will need to act more like a cross between a think tank and a advocacy group, pushing for change from the periphery, pointing out what unintended consequences will come about as a result of collectivist thought then promote it tirelessly.

Blogs like these were the seed, the outcome and growth from these is change.

BTW am I able to stand as a PPC? Can talkabout it at the AGM if prefered.

Guthrum said...

Blogs like these were the seed, the outcome and growth from these is change.

BTW am I able to stand as a PPC? Can talkabout it at the AGM if prefered.

Good for me !

we bombed in Norwich North, but 6.9% in Wisbech was respectable.

Lord T said...

Not in my lifetime?

Would you have thought that the UK would have changed so much in 12 short years?

So unless you are 80+ there are many things that can change in your lifetime if managed correctly.

Roger Thornhill said...

I am not as pessimistic as to think it is 40 years, but it will not be an LPUK landslide in 2010, neither.

The key is to stand and do the thing that scares these people the most - take away their votes.

Labour ignored the BNP until they noticed some of their lunch had teethmarks in it.

Same goes for the Green vote, but that was helped by the authoritarian nature of Greenwash.

David Farrer said...

And here you are:

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