Thursday, October 08, 2009

What the fuck is the point of the MSM?

Rachel Sylvester: miserable, pointless twat.

Rachel Sylvester is wibbling on in the pointless fucking way that so many MSM columnists seem to.
The rows over Europe matter because they reinforce the view that these are the “same old Tories” who are self-indulgently obsessing about their private concerns.

Look, you stupid fucking bitch, the rows over the EU matter because the EU is not some "private concern". Let me spell it out for you, since you are obviously far too stupid to work it out for yourself.

The EU is an entity that generates laws.

Parliament is an entity that generates laws.

As has been tested in our courts, EU laws have primacy over those created by our Parliament.

Therefore, the EU is more important than our Parliament. Get it?

Seriously, what the fuck is the point of you, Rachel? Why don't you fuck off and buy some shoes or something...?


Mr Eugenides said...

Also, there is no "Tory row" over Europe.

I wish there were.

Unknown said...

I find that it helps to think of her as the political equivalent of Private Eye's Polly Filler.

Rob said...

The Times is now indistinguishable from the Guardian.

Katabasis said...

What the hell is this "self-indulgent" meme? Nick Clegg used it in exactly the same context a few days ago.....

Unknown said...

DK, the shortness of this particular blog of yours reflects its lack of useful content. When your 'go home' line is as shit as telling her to go and buy some shoes, you know it's a blogpost out of sheer desperation for content.

Frankly I like Rachel Sylvester. This particular article is a load of dross, but it's hardly offensive dross. Most of her articles are insightful and good. A lot of that is probably through lobby contacts, so you can rage at her about not telling us about expenses in a Guido-esque fashion, but the quality of her articles is usually high.

Just go and read the Guardian website again, you'll find something far more useful for ranting about than this particular article.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, you po faced twat. Some of us found the "Go and buy shoes." line fucking hilarious.

Go and get a sense of humour implant.

Anonymous said...

A perfect target for ire today is a pull-out supplement on why Tories are evil and just want to trash the country from the Guardian.

It really smacks of desperation, and says rather more about the writers than about the Tories.

Bill Sticker said...

Once tried to read one of her articles, but had to stop before I slipped into a coma. She doesn't appreciate what's happened at all. The whole UK legal system has been up-ended and changed from the common law presumption of innocence to a Napoleonic code presumption of guilt and she doesn't think that's 'an important issue'.

Someone should take those crayons off her.

Bruce Fleming said...

Elle est plus stupide qu'un plat de 'Poulet Couronnement'.

Et, Monsieur Andrew, vous etes une con. Formidable. Vive les oignons.

Mac the Knife said...

"Why don't you fuck off and buy some shoes or something...?"

If she went out for shoes, she'd come back with a dead stoat and some lego.

On the upside, Trixy might chop her tits off.

John B said...

As has been tested in our courts, EU laws have primacy over those created by our Parliament.

You missed out a 'don't' above.

(clue: Parliament has the absolute power to repeal the European Communities Act 1972, at which point we stop being in the EU. And nothing in ratifying Lisbon changes that...)

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