Friday, October 30, 2009

The true cost of Emissions Trading

NB I am not DK

No-one reading the Kitchen will be suprised by the view that the Government, and the EU, are hypocrites. Another good example of that is revealed in a new TPA report out today on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

Despite all the rhetoric from politicians and eurocrats alike about helping the poor and the elderly, alleviating fuel poverty and reducing extortionate energy bills, the reality is that through the ETS they are increasing costs for UK consumers alone by £3 billion a year. Across the whole EU, between the scheme starting on 1 January 2005 up to the end of 2008, this monster cost over £67 billion.

This is the reality of the current tranche of flawed emissions policy: in the name of green policymaking, ordinary people who already struggle to heat the homes and make ends meet are being stung for billions of pounds a year. Where does the money end up? Well, a decent chunk is effectively handed straight to wealthy energy companies in windfall profits, kindly provided by Mr and Mrs Joe Public.

Don't think that the powers that be in Westminster and Brussels aren't aware of this, either. Indeed, the Express revealed this week in leaked EU Commission documents that there are plans afoot in Brussels to use the Emissions Trading Scheme as the basis of a pan-European, harmonised tax in order to fund the EU directly.

In short, they know perfectly well how profitable this enterprise can be for them - and they care not a jot that it is those scraping a living in the real world who suffer as a result.


Bill Sticker said...

"Revenue neutral" They said. Yeah, right.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's all about the cash.

lol word verification = dollir

ukipwebmaster said...

Another fake charity does the paymaster's bidding:

Anonymous said...

The money goes into lavish parties by the vroomsherect ,they pretend to be human ,but,
are in fact jellyfish type creatures ,hideousely vile in appearence,and smell of rotten fish.
Be carefull my brothers ,
for they are amonst us.
Just follow the smell,
oooops sorry ,money.

John B said...

So this piece is sourced to the TPA and the Express. LOL.

John B said...

(as always with TPA reports, I criticise them first and then read them to work out why my criticisms are valid. I've never yet been wrong).

Followup: the TPA report is crazy ignorant bullshit written by someone who's never actually read, never mind written, an economics paper. It's more or less impossible to critique, as it doesn't actually make sense - its sole purpose is to dazzle people who don't understand it into thinking it's a Serious Piece of Research. In the style of sciencyness, it's academicyness...

Anonymous said...

One illiberal scheme begets another, so why does "ETS" first stand for Environmental Tobacco Smoke (from whence came a few laws and bans and taxes).

And now "ETS" stands for Emissions Trading Scheme (from whence comes a few laws and bans and taxes).

Can we expect a third "ETS" emergency coming out soon after the first two excuses for a few laws and bans and taxes.

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