Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tories recruit fascist cunt

Julian Le Grand: fascist shitstain and new Tory recruit. We're all fucked.

Whilst I may believe that the Tories are moving towards a reasonable education policy, my doubts have been raised again by this news.
HUNDREDS of failing schools will be shut and reopened as city academies, while successful institutions will no longer have to face Ofsted inspections under Tory plans to shake up the education system.

The proposals — to be announced at the Conservative party conference this week — come as it emerged that two former aides to Tony Blair are to advise on opposition education reforms.

Morgan will be joined on the [network’s advisory panel by Julian Le Grand, a professor at the London School of Economics who advised Blair at No 10.

Julian Le Grand is, of course, the totalitarian little shit who recommended that smokers should have to purchase licences in order to buy cigarettes.

Le Grand was also the screaming cunt who advanced the idea of libertarian paternalism.

I think that we can guess what kind of ethos this man is going to bring to education, can't we, children? And I can't imagine that it will be anything good.

After all, Le Grand is a Grade A cunt of the very first water and the fact that the Tories have recruited this deeply evil little man is a very, very bad sign.


Jiks said...

At times like this its very easy to think it makes no difference which party is in charge, the same bunch of tossers are running the show behind the scenes...

Don't like PM Blair? Try our new, improved President Blair! Don't like those nasty Labour policies? Try our new Tory policies which are exactly the ****ing same!


Unknown said...

The Conservative Party have always had authoritarian fuck-wits in it. Just look at the Cornerstone group, and opposition to assisted suicide.

john in cheshire said...

does anyone who 'matters' actually read these comments?

bella gerens said...

I read them. Dunno if I matter, though. DK reads them too - every single one.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

The Tory Party is as tained with gramscofabianism as all the other lefties, and will have to go.

Libertarians, including me, the late Chris Tame and others, tried to infiltrate and subvert it correctly, in the 70s and 80s, through both the FCS and via constituency parties, and we were rebuffed. The rest is, as they say, history. The British Tories lost their chance of long-term-survival as an important force for good against gramscofabianazism right then.

Modern Tories are, on the whole, as gramscofabianazi as the lib dims, or even the labouring-party. the belief that "the government should do something about it" is now so ingrained into people's psyches that I doubt that there is a way out any more, through the Door Out Of Hell.

David Gillies said...

Yes well, Bella, you're his missus, you have to humour the sad bastard.

But seriously, all of my ventures into political activism have left a horrid taste in my mouth. Here's a vignette: 1992, a beautiful June day, and I'm telling in Ryde IOW for the Tories. Who should sit down next to me but Ken Pearson, the Labour candidate? Absolutely diamond geezer. We hit it off in a heartbeat. The LibDem woman was a positive embarrassment. In the end he gave me a lift to the Conservative Club on Lind Street. In most respects we had the same goals for how things should turn out. We simply had wildly different ideas as to how that should happen. But they were arguable differences. There was no sense of someone having surrendered to the forces of evil simply by having a different opinion. I liked the man. He didn't hate me, he merely disagreed with me.

But now we have Millibands and Mandelsons and Harmans with whom disagreement is woefully insufficient. Hatred is the least degree of emotion that can rationally be brought to bear on these vipers. Sensible reflection wishes for their collective and separate dismemberment by truly tectonic volumes of naval gunfire.

Traction Man said...

I remember Le Grande lecturing a course on local government at Bristol University's School of Advanced Urban Studies. It was a heap of authoritarian left wing shit. I asked Le Grande if he allowed his leftist outlook to skew his research and findings. "Of course I do," he replied with a totally straight face. Not even a hint of a smirk. He's barking.

forthurst said...

It's Michael Gove who's recruited this fruity specimen, but then he is also a great admirer of David Aaronvitch, apparently.

Humanities departments are a hotbed of Marxist shit-stirers and should in this time of austerity be shut down and without any loss of economic benefit to the country.

Anonymous said...

Le Grand is the lead author of a book called 'Market Socialism', which as far as I can tell is socialism with a bit of low-level choice for the slaves of the state.

According to Wikipedia, "[m]arket socialism refers to various economic systems where the means of production are publicly owned, but the market is utilized. In a traditional market socialist economy, prices would be determined by a government planning ministry, and enterprises would either be state-owned or cooperatively-owned and managed by their employees."

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