Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This swearblogging

Brian Mickelthwait has expressed some disquiet over my recommendation for Emily Thornberry's severe cunt-punching.

People have slightly missed the point, I think. I have intimated this in the comments to various posts, but I now have to come out and say that I am not being funny. This blog is my catharsis and that is why I swear so much (and, as a result, I'm much calmer in real life).

Having said that, of course, if I were actually trying to incite people to punch Emily Thornberry in the cunt and throw her into the sea, then perhaps disquiet would be appropriate.

But as must be obvious to any regular reader of The Kitchen, these are more in the nature of fantasies than actual suggested actions—after all, I'm sure that no one seriously thinks that I or the poor little Greek boy really suggest doing these things to Patsy Hewitt.

Whilst I do believe that the initiation of force or fraud against someone's life, liberty or property is not to be tolerated, that doesn't prevent me from suggesting fantastical ends for those who attack us.

After all, these people initiate force against our liberty every single day; whilst few of us Westerners die because of their policies, millions in the Developing World do. These people are idiots, fools, knaves and, to put it bluntly, murderers.

Our politicos pursue policies that harm millions—and they do so in the face of both evidence and theory. These policies have unintended—but easily foreseen—consequences that harm real people.

So, why do they pursue these policies?
  1. They know no better. Well, they employ enough researchers (at our expense): they should know better. So, they either ignore research (in which case why are we paying for their researchers?) or they cannot be bothered to reconcile their fucking stupid dogma with the research (in which case, they are purest evil).

  2. They do know better. In which case, they pursue stupid, evil policies despite knowing that they will destroy and cripple people. If this is the case, our politicians represent the purest evil on Earth and nothing is too bad for them.

These are the only two options. Either way, they are stupid, evil people. And stupid, evil people deserve the very worst of punishments. And even if these punishments should not be carried out, seriously, then... well, a Devil can dream, can't he?

Especially given what these odious turds continue to do to us in their continued attacks on our liberty and our property (even if they do not overtly attack our lives).

Seriously, this is a war: this is a war between those who think that the individual is sovereign and those who think that they should be sovereign over the individual.

And we are losing.


Katabasis said...

Mate - don't ever give up your swear blogging. You make my day, every day. And you also make every day a little more bearable to get through with regular spit-coffee-all-over-the-monitor moments.

"Seriously, this is a war, people: this is a war between those who think that the individual is sovereign and those who think that they should be sovereign over the individual."

And amen to that.

The Refuser said...

Same here. I may not always agree with all you say, but quite often it makes me laugh out loud. Anyway it is good to express yourself in a more robust manner when it comes to scum such as Brown and socialists in general.

Mose Jefferson said...

This is how you make public opinion what it should be. You show more respect to mankind by upholding the concept of sovereign individualism. Keep up the fantastic, logical, coincidentally entertaining, and wholly engrossing work.

berenike said...

Oh there's a good idea. Let's violently with added nastiness get rid of our murderous violent oppressors. That's friggin' GREAT idea! If only Marx had thought of that, think how much more caring a society my cyrillic-writing neighbours to the east would have. Damn, such a missed opportunity! Where was this great idea when it was needed? Because, after all, THEY are BAD, and WE are GOOD.

You sound like a Guardian columnist.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight.

I do wish you would sometimes focus on the despots that would rule over us had they the chance (Pope Benedict the Umpteenth etc). But I suppose a real and present danger is more important that a future threat.

Roger Thornhill said...

Keep the swearblogging as long as you care too. It is your freedom to do so and many lives are brightened and can share the catharsis.

For me, until they, the Fabian scum, openly declare war, I shall heed the counsel of Sir Thomas Moore from "A Man For All Seasons" and not lay every law flat in our pursuit.

Vicola said...

I don't know why he's getting aerated over 'cunt-punching', I mean it's not like you haven't said worse in your time. Mind you people get funny about the word 'cunt', not sure why. I once did a whole assignment for my English Language and Linguistics degree on the levels of stigma attached to male and female gender aligned nouns. Vitually all the 'worst' ones are female. Compare 'dick' and 'cunt' or 'dog' and 'bitch', 'bull' and 'cow' etc.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

Well, I do increasingly call them murdering GramscoFabiaNazi bastards, on the Libertarian Alliance.

I do agrtee that they will ultimately have to be killed and eaten, unless we wake up.

thefrollickingmole said...

Fuck em. They are stealing from you every day. Quantitive easing is massive taxation by devaluing the pound and passing on the lost value to those who actually earn or own stuff. So by laying the groundwork for future devaluation of the pond, Gordo is with malice and forethought, stealing from money you havent even earned yet? Doesnt that make you angry? Why souldnt he be called a theiving shitstain of the highest order?

If I caught some cunt stealing 30% of my income theyd be fucking lucky to get away with a mildly bruised set of genitals.

Those calling for politeness are offering politeness to those who inflict death taxes (why not prostitute the corpse while its still fresh, plenty of income to be had there?), consumption taxes (because it isnt enough to only take half your income as you earn it), PAYE taxes, council fees, and I could go on.

It used to be enough for government to take a small amount, people didn't mind because of the unspoken compact "We will leave a better country for your children".

Does anybody really believe government is capable of honoring that compact any more?
It exists to steal money and spend it, and if reality doesn't conform to their pet theories then what the fuck, its other peoples money anyway...

So please explain to me why people who are stealing money, pissing it up on pet projects in defiance of reality shouldn't be told in the firmest possible manner they are lower than dog shit?
They should fear going out in public because strangers will walk up and spit on them. They should see people move away from them as they approach, looks of revulsion in their faces.
Then they might, just might, get a sense they are doing wrong.

FrankFisher said...

I do agrtee that they will ultimately have to be killed and eaten, unless we wake up.

No. Absolutely not. There is no need to eat them. We could feed them to pigs, render them down for biofuel, or hang them from the city walls as a warning to others.

Old Holborn said...

Tim Montgomery over at ConservativeHome is in a tizzy because he fears that MPs who don't deserve to be hung drawn and quartered are going to have a "hard time." I hope he's right.

646 people have used and abused the power we bestowed upon them, on our behalf, not just to rob us and steal from us for personal gain but to shit in our faces whilst doing it. They have created thousands of new laws that demand our stict and total obedience. Laws that now see old men standing OUTSIDE a remote country pub on a dark winters night in the rain. To smoke a cigarette. After paying the 646 three quarters of the price in tax. Or fining him £2000 if he lights up inside. Or fining him £80 if he is late putting 20p in the parking meter. After taking half of his hard earned money in income tax.

These laws were not requested by us, the people. YOU created them simply because you could. These are the 646 spitting in our faces. Whilst robbing us blind.

Now the 646 are now running for cover from an ever more angry mob, furious at the injustice bestowed upon them by the "political elite".

You created the mob guys. You did it. Like children teasing a snoozing Rottweiler with a pointed stick, you ignored the warning signs. And the hand that feeds you is now going to smack you very very hard indeed. The Rottweiler is turning into a snarling, dangerous animal.

And when we've finished with you, we are going to turn on all our representatives from the Lords to local councils, from the Police to the Judiciary and show them that we, the people have fucking well had enough of your sneering and piss taking ways. Enough of your corruption and "vested interests", enough of your petty laws, enough of your false authority over decent, honest and hardworking people.

Lynch mobs are born from injustice and a lack of power. We can change that very quickly indeed.

Anonymous said...

What post?

Anyway, the socialist scum deserve everything you throw at them - and then some.

Anonymous said...

Keep it real man. I've read your posts many times before, and your site was what prompted me to start my own blog (my wife got mad at me bitching all day about the news). Don't change. If silly fucks don't get it, they're too far gone anyway!

Richard Boyd said...

Don’t you dare stop – your views express better than most of us could/would like to be able to express the utter contempt we have for these shower of corrupt, contemptuous, lowlife shits.

For few minutes that I read your posts the world seems a slightly better place.

Tr0ll said...

I obviously don't give a fuck about swearblogging.

On the point about incitement> The fact is that we in the 'Western World' depend on the death of thousands, millions of human-beings for our quality of life. Be it aborted babies in Europe or Terry Taliban or Afghan civilians, Chinese strikers, starving African kids fucked up by EU trade barriers, the dead of the world wars etc etc etc.
I'm not saying we should all feel guilty about this all the time. I just believe it to be true and mull it over from time to time in my own ModernLibertarianConservativeTARD
Just imagine building an EcoFriendly,Wi-Fi Enabled, Light & Airy, Neutrally painted Home with a few signature pieces of classic furniture and design on a pile of human corpses about 200 feet deep.

So, our very existence is inherently violent therefore I'm not going to get too worked up about The Devil's fantasy of kicking 'da ish' (as those lovely Americans say) out of Emily FUCKING Thornberry (she really did have her name changed by deed poll).

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd see you agreeing with the bebearded George Galloway:

"If you didn't know, you're too stupid to be an MP, and if you did know, then you're too evil to be an MP."

And besides, swearing's fuckin' ace.

Eric Blair said...

I do love this blog, Devil, it rather viscerally sums up everything I feel about those who lord it over us, brainwashing the less aware with their scaremongering, hysteria and idealistic dogma. I often get so frustrated about about it that the sense of impotence makes me want to explode! That said, you manage to articulate so much of what goes through my own head every day. But how to cleanse the land of them. There is no political party that speaks for me. That's why I no longer believe in them and although I use my hard fought for vote, I habitually mark my ballot papers 'none of the above'.
And keep on swearing, I will too as long as we are trampled on by the smug, arrogant, self-important elitists of the political classes.

Wossat? said...

How much shit does it take before we strike back and give them the pain and humiliation they so richly fucking deserve?

Old Holborn said...

How, exactly, does a Libertarian lose?

You can't. You've made a decision for your MIND to be free. So it's free. Therefore you are sovereign.

Ask Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

"Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof."

They may have power, but history shows us every single time and I DO mean EVERY single fucking time, they lose.

What we need to do is stop them repeating history.

Anonymous said...

I know V for Vendetta was a good film and all mate...

...but Jesus H. Fucking Christ get a new gimmick will you?

It's lame. Thanks.


Clive said...

@ Janum Moondi:

When the 646 are served their final meal on the eve of their date with Tyburn Tree, may they feast upon your heart and your liver. Let that be your contribution to society.

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