Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Technical hitch

At some point this morning, The Kitchen seemed to go off the air. The issue seems to be around the fact that Blogger does not like hosting blogs on "naked domains" and requires, instead, that you host on a subdomain: that is to say, is acceptable, but is not (the www. bit is the sub-domain).

Obviously, when I originally set up my domain a few years ago, Blogger did not make this distinction: now, it seems, the policy has changed and thus the site went down.

This has pissed me off slightly—I am so frantically busy at present that I really did not need to be fucking about with this kind of thing—and I am going to re-examine WordPress as a possible alternative.

However, I hate writing templates for WP and I do like the simplicity of Blogger. Plus, of course, not only is Blogger free to use but also it isn't putting any strain on my server. In other words, I wouldn't expect a migration any time soon.

Anyway, we are (mostly) back now. It will take a little while for the domain changes to propagate throughout the web but, once they have, all previous links should still work.

In the meantime, work is taking me to Wales and back for most of tomorrow so blogging will be light.

Thanks for your patience—and all of the emails expressing concern.




Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know. I was beginning to wonder whether Hell had actually frozen over. And I didn't even have enough turkey foil to cover the windows and protect the house from the thermal shock, and put the buckets and toilet rolls in the cupboard under the stairs. Plus the bottled water. Tinned Fruit. Tinned Veg. Cats. Cat food. Us.

I'm never getting caught out like that again.

If it ever happens for real, could you possibly give us 6 hours notice? 12 at the weekend?

Generalfeldmarschall said...

I shall not bother to repeat the comment that I made on your spouse's blog.

Anonymous said...

Whew! I was thinking the government had stepped in and closed shop. I will tell you that when I couldn't get onto your site, I stared aimlessly at my monitor and cried softly to myself for hours.

Anonymous said...

"........but also it isn't putting any strain on my server."

wow! I didn't know you were getting that much traffic. Well done! Maybe you need to implement some sort of round robin DNS. Be careful of the heat, you are causing global warming.

Trixy said...

I only expressed concern because the poor little Greek boy told me to. I hope it was insulting enough.

FrankFisher said...

I don't think you can better wordpress TBH. Simple install and visual design isn't hard. Very extensible too.

Old BE said...

As I noted recently, self-hosted WP installations don't stand up very well to traffic. Mine kept falling over and I don't get anything like as many hits as you do, DK.

The system doesn't allow for much flexibility. As Blogger appears to allow you to pretty much design-it-yourself I would stick with it.

Can't you simply engineer a re-direct from http://dk to ?

talwin said...

Head Strong said "I was thinking the government had stepped in and closed shop".

Perhaps it's me but, because of what this poxy government has done since 1997 to erode so much of our freedom, I genuinely find myself thinking the same whenever a site such as yours has the heebie-jeebies. Fucking tragedy.

Nick said...

very glad to see you back, tou were missed, (by me anyway)

Maturecheese said...

I was also beginning to wonder if you had come a cropper with the powers that be. Thankfully not, but I think we all know that online censorship is comming.

Eckersalld said...

Depending on your DNS host you could redirect the naked domain to www as Blue Eyes suggests, but I tried that using the reg123 panel to 'interesting' results...

Suggest creating a blog. subdomain, and redirect the naked domain and www subdomain there.

Leaves you the main domain for other stuff then!

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