Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stand firm, President Klaus!

NB je ne suis pas le diable

Well, President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic continues to hold out on ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, despite all the incentives and threats that are undoubtedly being thrown his way by the EU and other European leaders.

After the craven failure of our own Government to honour their promise of a referendum, President Klaus is the best hope of us ever getting that vote.

The TPA is running an online petition urging him to continue to stand firm on Lisbon until we can have the referendum that we were promised. Please do sign it (here), and send the link on to your friends and family.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to him. I pity him for the shit that is being thrown in his face by France and Germany. The only national leader with a backbone.

Gordon sold us out to get in the history books, but his usual curse is taking effect. They should never have let him near that dotted line.

Unknown said...

It's funny though, the more shit that gets flung at you the more intransigent you get!

Just look at the anti smoking campaigners/lobbyists to see the outcome of coercion!


Anonymous said...

Support Vaclav Klaus! Stop the Lisbon Treaty!




vacheque said...

7 objections of Vaclav Klaus against the Lisbon Treaty. Translated from the following article:


Please mind that English is not my first language. Czech mate.

1. Sovereignty
Klaus: Czech Republic will not be a sovereign, democratic and supreme state any more. Far to many powers will be transferred onto the EU.
The Lisbon advocates: Czech Republic will transfer some of its powers onto the EU because of the Lisbon Treaty but the Czech Republic as a whole will further remain a sovereign state, which will share the sovereignty with the EU.

2. Federal Europe
Klaus: Czech will transfer so many powers onto the EU that the Union will become de facto a federal state. This will open a new way for other countries to outvote the Czech Republic in key areas, such as energetics, foreign affairs or defense.
The Lisbon advocates: The Czechs will transfer to Brusseles a major part of their powers but they will still make decisions on the key areas, such as taxes rates, social benefits rates or the health care system. There is no threat of the EU becoming a federal superstate after the Lisbon Treaty.

3. Democracy
Klaus: The EU is not a democratic institution. After the powers will be transferred onto the EU, many things that concern Czech citizens will be decided without democratic control.
The Lisbon advocates: The Lisbon Treaty will not weaken the democracy of the EU but it will strengthen it. The Lisbon strengthens role of the European Parliament and also national parliaments.

4. Decrees of President Benes
Klaus: The Lisbon Treaty with its Charter of Fundamental rights opens a possibility for reviewing the Decrees of President Benes by a European court. That could mean breaking the Decrees.
The Lisbon advocates: The Charter of Fundamental rights which is a part of the Lisbon Treaty cannot be applied retrospectively. Hence breaking of the Decrees of President Benes is not a real threat.

5. Loss of influence
Klaus: Small countries, such as the Czech republic, will lose a voting powers in the European Council. Contrary to this, powers of big countries, such as France and Germany will strengthen. Adding to this there will be 33 new areas which will be voted by a qualified majority; all that means a significant reduction of the Czech sovereignty.

The Lisbon advocates: Influence of small countries such as the Czech Republic will perhaps get a little bit weaker but it will not be so significant that the Czechs would not be able to assert their interests, in co-operation with other small countries

6. Usurpation of powers
Klaus: The EU will be usurping powers without consent of its members. That again proves that after ratification of the Lisbon Treaty the EU will become a federal state.
The Lisbon advocates: Without consent, the European Union cannot permanently take powers from its member states. Hence there is no danger of centralization in the future.

7. Defense
Klaus: The Lisbon Treaty counts with a common defense in the future, which is against the Czech constitution.
The Lisbon advocates: Common defense which is covered by the Lisbon Treaty, does not interfere with sovereignty of the Czech republic.

microdave said...

@ V - not much wrong with your English, it's far better than many school leavers here!

Sounds like 7 perfectly valid reasons to scrap the Lisbon treaty, with 7 bullshit replies from the unelected tossers in Brussels....


They may promise you the earth right now,just like the thick irish,but this "treaty"is an enabling act,once it is in the bag ,the polit bureau can do exactly what it wants,and no-one can object because it is "legal".Any-one with even one eye can see that this totally destroys a countrys soverignty/culture/democracy,and if refusing the people the right to address thier future ,does not tell the world how undemocratic this fascist state already is ,you are about to find out when this scum sells us out just like all the rest.

Anonymous said...

We don't deserve a refurendum, because we havent demanded one strongly enough.

It will take nothing short of a million man march on london to get gorgon brown to even "think" of giving us one.

I would be tempted to start the ball rolling myself, but i have no friends who care about the matter.

Anonymous said...

Just the thought of the treacherous abomination Anthony Bliar posturing and smirking as "el Presidente" is vomit inducing..and there's a good chance the nightmare will become reality.
Still..at least it will do the anti EU cause a great deal of good in the UK.

Martin Meenagh said...

I've just nominated Terry Wogan for President of Europe. It is a Very Important Job for Very Important People, and he needs some readies. So I went to the Downing Street website and requested a petition; you will be able to find it under 'PresidentWogan' if they approve it, and, after all, it meets all the rules.

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