Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A quick note on fakecharities.org

The server running fakecharities.org has fallen over. Both the server chaps and I are trying to get the machine back up.

I am sure that it is entirely coincidental that the server did come under an attack a few weeks ago, and that a malicious script affecting Apache was found to be running on it last week.

I am working on migrating the database and am confident that we will be back up and running again within a few days.

UPDATE: fakecharities.org is back up, but I am working on a more secure fix.


Anonymous said...

IT woes here, too. Three c*nting weeks of it, so sympathies.

Do you have a backup server or a mirror blog?

bishop brennan said...

I didn't know Ian Gilmore was a hacker...

Obviously, the fake charities are not happy with your work. Keep it up!

Call me Infidel said...

I did try and submit something last week and noticed it was no go. I was somewhat vexed after reading about a chap trying to save his house from erosion to learn that Natural England are classed by HMR&C as a charity. Why?

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