Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MPs are thieving cunts

As Guido highlights, a good number of the expenses that MPs claimed were not actually "within the rules".
Sir Thomas Legg has outlined his approach to expenses in a note to MPs which is now in the public domain [PDF]. Legg confirms that payment of the second homes allowance under the Green Book rules was subject to “fundamental principles of propriety”:
The fundamental principles required MPs personally to ensure that their use of the ACA was: (a) necessary for the performance of their parliamentary duties; (b) not extravagant or luxurious; (c) in accordance with the Nolan principles of selflessness, accountability, honesty and leadership; (d) strictly in accordance with the rules governing the allowance; (e) above reproach; (f) took account of the need to obtain value for money; and (g) avoided any appearance of benefit, or a subsidy from public funds, or diversion of public money for the benefit of a political organisation. These principles together amount to a general requirement of propriety.

Quite a high bar for our porcine political class.

Absolutely. It is worth remembering—as we consider the colossal amounts of cash that MPs have stolen from us in "expenses"—that we have only seen the claims for one year.

The vast, vast majority of these bastards have been in the House for nearly five years. That's five years of fleecing the taxpayer, five years of rampant theft.

An awful lot more of these venal fucks have been in the House of Commons—living high on the hog using our money—for much longer. Just how many hundreds of thousands of pounds have they stolen from us?

Even were they being asked to repay the money, this would not be enough: those who have broken the rules must be prosecuted for fraud.

I want to see those smug smiles wiped off their faces as the handcuffs go on; I want to watch the sense of entitlement dissolve from their stance as they are led away from the dock; and I want to see their arrogance repeatedly and painfully fucked out of them by a huge, mass-murderering bugger—possibly nick-named "Bubba"—who has the word "retribution" tattooed on the back of his neck.

It's the only language these cunts understand.


David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

It is time to call time, really, on all of the British Enemy Class. Later, we shall (after the immortal words of Moshe Dayan on morning in 1967)"do the Europeans".

They should drink, if only a little deeply, of the cup of bitter sorrow and of loss, that ordinary Sovereign Individuals have had to drink of for decades, centuries. Indeed, after getting all the tax-moneys back which they have hepled themselves to, we may have to kill, cook and eat them, including the younger and more succulent of their children, who may taste a bit like veal.

We should of course not foget the baleful influence of European "politics" and of the European Political Class here. I am sure that salaries, expenses and high-living at ppublic expense are at least as rife in places such as the Holy Roman Imperial legacy-lands. This may be where the Westminster-buggers got the habit and idea from. So these places will have to undergo regime change in the fullness of time.

Bubba said...

bring it on

Anonymous said...

Don't be shy DK, tell us what you really think of MPs...

Budgie said...

Some MPs must go to prison. And all who have cheated must repay, be fined, and barred from all public office for the rest of their lives. From the evidence it looks like less than a 100 would not be prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

"...It's the only language these cunts understand."

And exactly what they would have had done to any of us...if the situation were reversed.

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