Monday, October 19, 2009

Labour's Boris

Boris Johnson. Since 2007 he is the only Tory to head a government, namely the devolved government of London. As such he is effectively the highest ranking Conservative in the UK.

The polls suggest that in around eight months time that will no longer be the case.

Instead Labour, who once led the governments of the UK, London, Scotland and Wales, will be reduced to leading only one of Britain's governments: Wales. This time next year the highest ranking Labour politician in these isles will probably be the First Minister for Wales.

But Labour's own "Boris" won't be the inimitable Rhodri Morgan. Oh no. Rhodri's tenure as First Minister will end in December when the results of the long and tortuous Welsh Labour leadership contest are announced.

Actually the contest only decides who will lead the Labour group in Cardiff Bay; technically the leader of the Welsh Labour Party is whoever leads the UK Labour Party. But as the entire Welsh party is involved in this election the winner becomes (just as Rhodri Morgan did) the de facto leader of the party in Wales. Unless your name is Don Touhig, of course.

The electoral college is comprised of three blocks: the elected politicians (AMs, MPs and MEP), the unions, and thirdly the party membership.

There are three contenders, none of whom are household names. Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones is the favourite, but hard on his heels is the Health Minister and Gower AM Edwina Hart. The third and least likely to win is Merthyr AM Huw Lewis.

Unfortunately none of them have been to Oxford, appeared on Have I Got News For You or insulted Liverpool.

We'll let you know who is to become Labour's Boris in December. Until then, iechyd da.


Anonymous said...

who cares?

Maturecheese said...

Clearly the people of Wales don't or they wouldn't just vote Labour like sheep.

Chris said...

Wales: a small country, far away, of which we care very little.
(pace Baldwin)

I'm sorry Simon, but Welsh local politics always has a whiff of the parish pump, or of dreary council meeting minutes, to anyone not intimately involved in it. Ditto the crowings and flappings of the sundry dunghill cocks in the Scottish and Ulster assemblies.

Head of the Welsh Labour party after May 2010? About as relevant as who the current Stuart and Romanov heirs are...

Anonymous said...

Wow. A post that was boring, irrelevant and devoid of any insight.

You hit the trifecta, Taffy. Now fuck off and mine some coal and leave the blogging to your racial superiors.

Anonymous said...

"Wow. A post that was boring, irrelevant and devoid of any insight."

I had you in mind when I wrote it ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG! What a comeback, you witty motherfucker. You put me in my place and completely undercut me. I am so completely owned that I think I'll never post on Teh Intarwebz again.

Of particular piquancy was the emoticon - it looks like a winking smiley face which sort of implies that you're not serious.

You are a fucking blogging superstar, Taff. You're a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus and I, for one, will never question the point, relevance or insightfulness of any of your posts ever again. I hope you make even more posts about the disputes between Dai Jones and Llew Griffiths for control of the South Llangollen Parish Council Tea & Biscuit Fund. I don't care that I've never heard of the people you blog about; I don't care that most taffs couldn't find the places you blog about on a map; I don't even care that your posts are basically blank statements with neither context nor point; I just care that you keep on blogging, you fucking superstar.

Anonymous said...

" You are a fucking blogging superstar"

I know!

: )
: )
: )

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