Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jacqui Smith: lying, thieving shitbag

Jacqui Smith: officially a lying thieving shit.

Jacqui Smith has been found to have defrauded the taxpayer, lied about her housing arrangements and been utterly dishonest.
Jacqui Smith faces political ruin as a result of the damning verdict that a Commons watchdog passed on her expenses claims and because police support officers contradicted her account of her movements.

The former Home Secretary offered a grudging apology to the Commons yesterday after the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards ruled that she was wrong to nominate her West Midlands property, where her family lives, as her second home.

Ms Smith said that the report vindicated her claim that she spent substantial amounts of time in a house in London owned by her sister, which she designated as her main home.

But John Lyon revealed that police guarding the property questioned the veracity of the former Home Secretary’s evidence, with their records showing that the number of nights she had spent in London was at odds with Ms Smith’s account. He says that last year the police figures suggested that Ms Smith spent 37 more nights in Redditch than she had in London; her estimates based on her diary suggested that the difference was nine nights. Figures for the previous year suggest that she had spent 12 more nights in Redditch than in London.

Her punishment is truly traumatic.
Former home secretary Jacqui Smith has apologised in the House of Commons for breaching expenses rules.

She designated her sister's house in London, which she shares, as her "main home" and then claimed second home allowances on her Redditch family home.

A standards inquiry found that she "wrongly" designated her home but had followed officials' advice at the time.

Ms Smith said she accepted the findings and apologised to the Commons and to her constituents.

She will not have to repay any money as the standards committee ruled that "no further action" be taken.

That's right: she had to apologise to the House of Commons. Fuck me: what a punishment that is.

Because, let's face it, the only thing that those shysters will condemn her for is getting caught—after all, the Right Honourable Members have been stealing from us for years.

As, effectively, has Jacqui Smith.

The Sunlight Centre for Open Politics do not intend to let the matter rest there—they have written to darling Jacqui...
Dear Ms. Smith,

Today the Committee on Standards and Privileges ruled against you for your use of the accommodation allowance between 2004 and 2009. Both the Commissioner for Standards and the Committee have concluded that you were in breach of the rules: "Jacqui Smith has been found to be in breach of the House of Commons rules governing the use of the accommodation allowance from 2004 to 2009. She wrongfully classified her main family home in Redditch as her second home, and was therefore able to claim around £20,000 a year towards its running costs."

Up to 2007, it could perhaps be argued that your wrongful designation of your Redditch house as secondary was inadvertent - although most common sense indicators suggested that Redditch was your main home, you were still technically spending more nights in London overall. While we think that parliamentarians have a clear duty to make sure they are within the rules governing personal use of public money, we accept that mistakes happen.

After 2007, however, you started to spend more time in Redditch, in the location where your children attend school, where you are registered to vote and where you pay a mortgage. As the Committee states: "From that point on there was little room for doubt, but it should have been sufficiently clear to Ms Smith even before then that she was probably an exception to the rule."

Out of the £106,738 wrongfully claimed over the 2004-2009 period, the £42,130 paid to you since 2007 was, without doubt, inappropriately used for the maintenance of your family home. As a result of this breach, the Committee has asked you to apologise to the House.

Public opinion on this issue is strongly of the view that saying sorry is not enough. We ask you to pay back to the public purse the £42,130 wrongfully claimed and we feel obliged to inform you that, if you fail so to do, we will not let the matter rest here.

Jacqui Smith is a fucking fraud, and a cunt to boot.

Prosecute the fucker.


The Filthy Smoker said...

Absolutely. Prosecute her and then slaughter her.

Her "unreserved apology" made me fucking sick, particularly the bit where she apologised to her constituents because the investigation into her thieving ways had "overshadowed the work that I do for them."

Vicola said...

It was the most half-hearted apology I have ever seen. Basically what she was saying was 'I haven't done anything wrong but they're making me apologise so that the public will shut the hell up'. I can't decide whether she genuinely doesn't realise she's a shyster or whether she's just pissed off that she got caught. Either way she's despicable.

Rob said...

How about we set up stocks on Westminster Green and force each and every MP to stand in it for two hours while the population throws filth and rotten fruit at them?

Joe Shmo said...

"They wil not let matters rest there"?
Lets hope this means they plan on hiring some thugs to kick her fucking door in and get our money back and not the David Cameron, "Hopefully someone else will do something so I dont have to" sense?

Brian E. said...

The Daily Telegraph today said that she is likely to get the traditional peerage awarded to Home Secretaries on retiring from the House of Commons.
So she will simply get on another gravy train with even less accountability !

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rob (10/14/2009) regarding pelting the politicians with rotten fruit outside Westminster. It is a good idea, up to the point they try to impose a ballistics tax on us, or a trajectory tax etc.....

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