Monday, October 19, 2009

Increasing desperation

Gordon Brown is becoming increasingly unhinged—his latest pronouncements on climate change have more than a tinge of lunatic hysteria to them.
The UK faces a "catastrophe" of floods, droughts and killer heatwaves if world leaders fail to agree a deal on climate change, the prime minister has warned.

This is, quite simply, a lie. A can't think of a kinder way to put this—at all.
Gordon Brown said negotiators had 50 days to save the world from global warming and break the "impasse".

And this is just delusional.

Let us assume that anthropogenic climate change is, in fact, happening as they say it is. No, bear with me here: let us assume that. The world, as in this planet, will carry on just as normal—it is humans that might have a hard time.

The whole "50 days" schtick is also a big fat load of horseshit. The simple fact is that this pronouncement relies on their being an irreversible "tipping point"; and the idea that there is "a tipping point" relies on the Earth's climate operating on a positive feedback system.

And the simple fact is that there is no evidence that the climate does operate on a positive feedback system; in fact, the relative stability of the Earth's climate over the last few tens of thousands of years would suggest that the climate is dominated by negative feedback.

But the simple fact is that the anthropogenic climate change theory is looking ever more precarious. The Yamal implosion has destroyed the only remaining evidence for the unprecedented temperature rises posited to have occurred in the twentieth century.

The findings of the Argo Project—that oceans have been cooling over the last five years—have disproved the idea that the seas have been storing heat that will lead to an unprecedented leap in temperature.

The project has exposed the poor siting—siting that drives temperatures above the normal, e.g. by heat exchangers, in car parks, by gas burners, etc.—of the land stations in the US that are used for the NASA/GISS land temperature record.

In any case, all of the raw data is obscured by the various agencies' "corrections"—all of which seem to move the trends upwards and which are very difficult to justify since said agencies resist all attempts to view the algorithms that they use to make said corrections.

The only thing that has been proved by all of this effort is that taking the world's temperature is nigh-on impossible—especially when two-thirds of this planet's surface is covered by water.

It is possible that satellites hold the best hope for this Herculean task but they have only been monitoring the planet's temperature since 1979—hardly a comprehensive record. In any case, the data from these eyes in the sky show a definite decrease in temperature over the last decade—no one appears to be panicking about global cooling (although one supposes that they should be).

The simple fact is that we do not have any kind of accurate temperature record for this planet—all we have are discredited proxies, badly-stitched snippets and anecdotal histories.

We certainly do not have enough data to justify beggaring the human population of this planet in the way in which our idiot politicians are suggesting.

Once again, Brown is attempting to secure some kind of legacy for himself—and to bind future governments (surely the one thing that is considered to be absolutely unconstitutional in this country).

The truth is that this sad attempt will go the same way as his "abolition" of boom and bust—it will leave the people of this country poor and oppressed, their property confiscated and their liberties ripped from them.

Except that this climate change issue will be worse, because Brown and his fellow big state socialist buddies will impoverish not just the people of this nation but of the whole world—and through this they will be responsible for the deaths of millions and millions of the world's poorest and most defenseless people.

And so Brown's legacy will be poverty and death—and I can only wish the same on him and his family.


Anonymous said...

I thought we had 100 months. Just about 80 odd left now. Now it's 50 DAYS! Is he looking with the right (and/or left) eye?

This fits nicely with that advert with the crying rabbits. A fairy story!

thefrollickingmole said...

God help you poor sods when it reaches 28 days later.... Poor gordo will think hes fighting off zombies and not his own party members/zombies/men in white coats (the first 2 are pretty interchangeable)

Jiks said...

My suspicion this morning was the Prime Mentalist had seen a trailer for 2012 and thought it was the news and got confused. They often get like that towards then end, the toilet training will be the next to go.

I guess his owner Mandy will have to decide when it would just be cruel to let it drag on and take him to the vet...

AndrewSouthLondon said...

Fifty days? Brown simply can't get away with spouting this climate crap in the era of the internet, where we can form our own judgements based on free unfettered flow of information. The recurrent "its worse than we thought"line? The "its happening faster than we expected" variant. All the linguistic trickery of the salesman who can not trust the punter to make up his own mind in his own time. Remember "24 hours to save the NHS?" The WMD that could be "launched in 45 minutes?"

Spin. Faster, faster!

Anonymous said...

And this is just delusional.

And the fact that Gordon Brown is delusional is news?

astateofdenmark said...

I think he just wants another Obama photo op.

Simon Fawthrop said...

I've just seen a clipofhis speech and he reckons that climate change is killing 300,000 people a year, ne references, of course. These fuckers are making it up as they goalong.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"I can only wish the same on him and his family."

You and me both.

bewick said...

But Devil you don't understand. Gordo read HISTORY I think (and a very specific portion of that) so he KNOWS EVERYTHING. Next he'll be telling us that the answer is 42! He will probably do that in 5 days because his math isn't too good.

Anthropegenic or not, problem or not (and I disgree both) then mankind has no technology whatever to tip the balance anyway. At SOME time there will be climate change - and then back again - as has happened throughout the planet's history.
IF there is an anthropegenic problem then the balance has already been tipped.

Can't someone tell him?

Alan Douglas said...

"a definite decrease in temperature over the last decade—no one appears to be panicking about global cooling (although one supposes that they should be)."

Wish I had kept it, but last year I read an article which showed that the panicking about global cooling happens every 25 years, as does the GW one. So every 25 years we switch the argument because the people can be panicked all over again with this "new" problem.

Don't you recall the scares about growing grapes on a frozen Thames ?

ALan Douglas

Bill Sticker said...

Anyone fancy running a sweepstake on all these apocalyptic prognostications?

Chris said...

But Devil you don't understand. Gordo read HISTORY I think (and a very specific portion of that) so he KNOWS EVERYTHING.

Nah. That just means Gordo knows what a bunch of grumpy, dyspeptic old farts who hated one another's gut thought about what happened in the past.

You'd think it would have at least taught him to question authorial bias, and to spot axe-grinding and theory saving.

Mr Ecks said...

He is an evil sack of shite.

CountingCats said...

Not his family. Him, and every Labour politician, and every other politican who has ever whined on about The Consensus or vomited Green all over us, and George Monbiot.

Rob said...

Fifty days? Great. In around the second of december we can point at him and laugh. 100 months is tougher - we have to wait over eight years for that.

Desperation really isn't a strong enough word.

manfromthefuture said...

i thought it was 45 minutes. what he said. well it worked last time :-)

Anonymous said...

Its a perfect example of the Emporers new clothes fable.
They the dumb politicians have been well and truly suckered.
Now they are too far down the line to admit it.
I wish to add though I am not buying it, I never did, that's simply because they the pigs are not only theiving corrupt gangsters but they are dumb as fuck too.
Labour are worse than most ,definately not sane.

Letters From A Tory said...

It's just like the G20 all over again.

Brown needs some serious political capital right now so he pins his hopes on a global conference. He might get a brief poll bounce if Copenhagen can pretend to have agreed something / anything, but it will be quickly forgotten.

Budgie said...

It's the sun, stupid.

neil craig said...

The Yamal tree ring fiasco not only proves there is no evidence but equally importantly that prime producer of alarmist "evidence2 has been engaged in deliberate fraud with the complicity of or at very least no objection from the entire movement.

I must admit I am surprised at Brown going on this linb as it is being sawn off. I expected it of Miliband but Brown refused to give a cushy job to Stern after his report.

Warming is a scam to keep us in line to an increasingly fascist government. This can no longer be denied by any politician who is not a wholly corrupt fascist & indeed none do.

Anonymous said...

@Alan Douglas. The scare stories of yesteryear where confined to in-house science publications and buried deep inside newspapers as column fillers.

What is frightening is that the politicians have bought the snake oil and having tasted it and checked the label to see where they can tax the populace for the ingredients, it is oh so good.

Now they are signing us up big style into a climate contract that not only fucks up every single western economy for forever and a day but does absolutely fuck all to help developing nations. The commies have snuck in the back door, raided the fridge and are set to fuck us all up the arse.

Eric Blair said...

Fuckit, I'm buying my very own coal-fired steam locomotive.
I'm not really, but had I the money, I'd buy a fleet just to annoy these greeny red wankers.

If they wanted to do something useful for the environment, they'd tackle serious stuff like de-forestation, overfishing and water pollution.

Either they don't care about the real world or they're so enshrouded in their own fantasy world that they believe their own propaganda to be the unassailable truth. The Socialist Elite do after all have complete antipathy to freedom of thought.

King Tog speaks said...

This statement could be as embarrassing as a pig in frilly knickers... but it won't be.

Just before the Gordo time limit is up the Dear Leader will announce that thanks to his timely intervention, world disaster has now narrowly been averted and we can all sleep safe in our beds

As a result, duvet tog index can now rise as it will be officially much cooler now.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

El Gordo's fifty days refers to the upcoming Copenhagen talkfest.

As does every other piece of lying crap you read in the news at the moment.

They are desperate to get something - anything agreed at this conference, because another cold winter (it would be the third in succession) will make it practically impossible for ordinary people to continue to swallow this drivel. Why, even the bbc has been forced to admit that there might be a problem with the accepted concensus.

Copenhagen may be their last chance. One can hope.

One can also fear - if the cooling continues, they might try to claim the credit for it. I wouldn't put anything past them.

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