Thursday, October 01, 2009

The illiberality continues...

Your humble Devil cannot even really summon up any anger at this entirely predictable development—only a sense of weary resignation.
Ban on drinking in the street: Entire towns and cities to become public alcohol-free zones

Drinking in streets and parks will be banned in a fightback against 'Binge Britain'.

Look, my smokey colleague has endlessly highlighted the fact that the British population is drinking less than twenty years ago—not more. So where the fuck is this 'Binge Britain' narrative coming from? Apart from the fucking Mail itself, I mean.
Town halls are drafting new laws to introduce the first blanket bans on public drinking applying to entire towns.

Why the fuck do these authoritarian cunts think that it is in any way acceptable (and I grow tired of repeating this) to punish the innocent for the sins of the guilty?

I am starting to suspect that it is because our government is one that recognises no innocents—everyone is guilty of something and should be punished.
The move comes after Labour finally admitted that the 24-hour drinking it introduced—which the Mail campaigned against—was 'not working'.

I'm sorry but how, precisely, does one say that a law that allows pubs to open for 24 hours, if they wish to, is not working? How the fuck? Sure, drink-induced violence has not dropped, but it hasn't risen either, but so what?
Nottingham intends to be the first city to implement the ban. It is taking advantage of new legislation which, for the first time, will allow bylaws to be passed without needing approval by a Cabinet minister.

Nottingham said other town halls were also keen to introduce blanket bans - potentially outlawing street drinking across huge swathes of the country.

Council leader Jon Collins said: 'People understand clear messages. There's no confusion in alcohol-free zones. I do not think it's a civil liberties issue. It's about saying we do not want people drinking in the street.'

Of course it's a civil liberties issue, you disgusting little shit: how could it not be? You are removing people's freedom to do what they like, where they like, as long as they harm no one else! It is most definitely a civil liberties issue, no matter what you might "think" about it, Jon.

And who is this "we", Paleface? You and your fellow councillors? Were you elected on such a pledge? I bet you weren't. Have you actually asked anyone? I bet you haven't.

I don't care what your personal fucking morals or opinions are, Jon: you have no moral authority to force people to live under the tyranny of your personal mores.

If people are fighting in the streets, as you claim, or being drunk and disorderly then get your lazy fucking police force to arrest them—and then leave everyone else the fuck alone.

Do you see, Jon? The way that society is supposed to work is that you punish the guilty and you leave the innocent to go about their law-abiding business, you cunt.

Oh, and just in case you were still clinging to the delusion that the Tories are going to be any better, some twat from Spam's front bench weighs in...
The Tories backed Nottingham and said it was 'absolutely right' they should get tough on binge drinking on the streets.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: 'We've also got to deal with the huge flaws in our licensing system and in particular with the proliferation of late night offlicences which are adding to the very real problem of drink and anti-social behaviour.'

Take note, Jackart and others: these bastards are going to be just as bad as NuLabour.

What a choice we have next year, eh? What do you think—will you vote for the Blue viciously-statist, endemically-corrupt authoritarians, the Yellow viciously-statist, endemically-corrupt authoritarians or the Red viciously-statist, endemically-corrupt authoritarians?

Whichever one of these hideous collection of cunts gets in next year, will the last free man in Britain please turn out the lights...

Fucking hellski.

UPDATE: Leg-Iron is typically excellent on this too.

Fuck me—I am so tired of being pushed around by totalitarian scum. Does anyone else feel the same...?


Anonymous said...

So where the fuck is this 'Binge Britain' narrative coming from?

It comes from the nexus between middle class moral panic and the left's fixation with regulating every aspect of private life.

From the perspective of Labour's moralising agenda, the patry's greatest allies are not the constituencies we traditionally think of as being pro-Labour (i.e. unions, working class areas, the North, Scotland) but the curtain-twitching beady-eyed southern English middle classes who are eternally wetting their pants in the fear that someone, somewhere that they personally don't approve of.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've almost decided. It's no good deciding to vote Libertarian because I doubt I'll have a candidate, so reviewing the available choice of viciously-statist, endemically-corrupt authoritarian candidates that are likely to be available to me I might have to put my cross against the BNP name.

At least they will sort out law and order, and education, and piss off the EU.

James Higham said...

Do you think it will be reversed after next May?

Conservative Vision said...

Anonymous said...

In the end DK, after all the high minded talk about "non-initiation of force,etc", freedom will come down to fighting in the street with coppers. At the moment they have the edge. What those who want freedom need to be thinking on is how to reverse that edge. Once the thugs are down the bullshit brigade can talk until their lungs dry up it wont make any difference.

stevie said...

In answer to your question -YES.I want to emigrate to 1956.At least you could smoke in pubs. Cunts

CountingCats said...


Does anyone else feel the same...?

JuliaM said...

"Why the fuck do these authoritarian cunts think that it is in any way acceptable (and I grow tired of repeating this) to punish the innocent for the sins of the guilty?"

For the same reasons dogs lick themselves. Because they can...

"Take note, Jackart and others: these bastards are going to be just as bad as NuLabour."

Never doubted it for a second.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic bastards. Not like they don't have other crime in Nottingham

Even more worrying is the chilling "It is taking advantage of new legislation which, for the first time, will allow bylaws to be passed without needing approval by a Cabinet minister."

FFS every tinpot town clerk can make up ever more draconian laws for us plebs.

Roger Thornhill said...

Socialists screW things up so they can "fix them".

Dick Puddlecote said...

As anon @ 8:16 said. Very chilling to be able to bypass the government now.

Having said that, government has now started on the road to passing legislation without requiring any supporting evidence.

We are living in quite viciously totalitarian times.

Dave said...

As "free will" is a Judeo- Christian concept, dhimmitude requires that it is eradicated

Anonymous said...

The only defence is desperation.
Populations do not tolerate totalitarian regimes for long.
Er...Unless you chinese.
Or European...
Or Californean...,(definately brainwashed),
Or British...
Most people really are stupid are they not?
When have people trully been free.
I suspect, never.

Conservative Vision said...

Please check out my new blog: and leave a comment, encouraging or disparaging :)

I am a keen, card-carrying Conservative 19-year old and would love to forge a career in politics. I see this blog as the first stepping stone. So please, do lend your support!

Bill Sticker said...

So much for encouraging 'Cafe Culture'

Anonymous said...

Clearly, alcohol is to be for the privileged righteous, the Enemy Class: the slaves will not be allowed it.

Possessing chemical glassware, such as the nice Quikfit gear, and thermometers in the 50-100-deg range, will soon become an offence too (but I'd better not give the buggers ideas.)

We'll have to defend it, if we have any, from breakage by the Enemy Class, with guns.

In the end, we can always creep up on them at night, with a cheesewire ripped from saved phone-cabling which we will have carefully fly-tipped a few years before....and remembered where it was.

cartermagna said...

Well at least you don't come across as desperate for attention CV...

I was north of the border last week and en route to another pub one of the people I was with took his pint with him. A couple of uniformed coppers pulled up in an unmarked car, asked him if he knew it was a £40 fine, poured away his pint and sent him back down to the pub to take the glass back.

While I enjoyed matey's discomfort (we were both trying to pull the same girl) the only real crime that he'd commited was nicking a glass. He wasn't fined or arrested which kind of makes a mockery of the whole ban on drinking in the street.

The copper on the other hand was guilty of wasting a perfectly good pint. Not on at all.

Max the Impaler said...

The law is for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools. Behave accordingly.With you all the way DK.

Table Bear said...

I got a good laugh out of this one. Then I threw my monitor through a window and locked myself in a shed with four bottles of bourbon and and entire album of popular classics arranged in cat meows and dog barks.

It was truely a fine afternoon.

JuliaM said...

Everyone seen this?

Now, are these in all probability scummy parents?

Yup. No doubt.

But as far as I can see, they aren't breaking any law. If drunk in charge of their children, or driving, that's a matter for the police. Not the teachers.

And as for: "Teachers say it is undermining their efforts as they try to spell out the dangers of alcohol to the pupils at Doncaster Road Primary..."

Say what?!? When the hell did that become a teaching objective..?

Let me guess, these kids can all read, write and do sums perfectlty, so you've run out of things to teach them, have you?

Christ, I might have to become a swearblogger after all if the Righteous keep this up...

I am Stan said...

¨Does anyone else feel the same¨

Yes Devil i too feel the fear..the ruling tribes will dance on our faces..until all the British tribes people are cowed and whipped like wild dogs..

What can a lone warrior do to stop their
savagery...and lust to rule us all.. at all times...

like Hyena... fist they devour the weak..then as a pack the strong...

only one great chief can rule satisfy their hunger

Flee to the forests...keep your knife sharp...and your eye as keen as the eagle...the vultures have seen our wounds...and they are always hungry.

Angry Exile said...

Oh, good luck with that, Britain. Booze free areas have worked a fucking treat here, especially with their patronising if not borderline racist use against indigenous Australians. I mean it's patently obvious that it's best for everyone if they get off their clocks by sniffing petrol instead, always assuming they're not shot with a fucking taser of course. And of course the responsible majority wouldn't dream of wanting to be able to drink where they please because they're doing no harm to anyone else, and the drunken fuckwits who do get fighty when they leave the clubs always become miraculously calm and sober when they enter a no booze zone. It's sheer fucking genius really, and I'm amazed Britain's taken so long. So yeah, good one, let us know how it turns out for you.

Maturecheese said...

No one is telling you not to drink, all they are saying is that its not a good idea to walk around your local town or village drinking alcohol. When young people do it or certain sections of the adult community, their behavour is somewhat less than desired and surely you are aware that there can't be police everywhere. Also, walking around drinking booze gives out a poor impression. You can drink at home, in Pubs, in Clubs at football grounds, in fact in lots of places. The only problem with these venues( apart from home) is not being able to enjoy a fag with it and its that I find that unacceptable. Before you think I'm a supporter of this bunch of chumps, that rumour has it are actually a government, you can rest assured I hate them too. I also very much enjoy an ale or a whiskey( got to be Irish)

JuliaM said...

"No one is telling you not to drink, all they are saying is that its not a good idea to walk around your local town or village drinking alcohol."

Why not? Are a couple picnicing in the park a problem if they share a bottle of wine, or beer?

"When young people do it or certain sections of the adult community, their behavour is somewhat less than desired..."

Ahhh, so it's the behaviour that's at fault? Well then, make the behaviour a criminal offence and...

What's that? It is? Drunk and disorderly, eh?

So, why the need for new laws?

I'm beginning to revise my opinion of Boris's alcohol ban on the Tube. I applauded it at the time, but I'm beginning to wonder if it didn't just make these bloody Puritans bolder...

Dick Puddlecote said...

You applauded it at the time? Why the fuck would you do that?

No offence Julia (love you really an all that) but it was a fucking stupid ban (as if any ban is a good one).

1) Sober accountant gets on tube with a can of Fosters and a nice book, and takes his first sip of an alcoholic beverage in an entire week of hard work and industry.

2) Pissed as fuck unemployed chav downs his 13th White Lightning of the day before getting on the tube and being a total arse.

Question: Which passenger will be leapt upon by man-with-badge fuckwit tube worker?

I think you know the answer.

Just before Boris passed that pile of cock initiative, I travelled to Staines on the day of the Army v Navy rugby match at Twickenham. The train was packed with perfectly behaved guys/gals/families, replete with copious amounts of beer/wine/etc. A more jovial and unthreatening atmosphere you couldn't hope to imagine.

The following year, they were banned from fully enjoying their annual day out because of the behaviour of rancid fucksticks elsewhere, for whom laws already exist.

I was pleased to see Boris get the gig, but it evaporated once the hypocritical cunt did that.

John B said...

*applauds Dick P* - although the South West Trains to Twickers are still booze-friendly, so the people in question were perfectly able to indulge in a few beverages.

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