Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Hodge podge of stupidity (and a smattering of evil)

Via Counting Cats, I see that this farcical government is getting exercised about kiddies playing online games.
Online computer games like Second Life and World of Warcraft face cinema-style age classifications under new Government plans.

Margaret Hodge, the culture minister, said ministers want to see new rules put in place to cover children's access to games. She spoke as she published a consultation document setting out the options for a new system of age classifications.

Ah, now, your humble Devil might take all of this slightly more seriously—though, frankly, I doubt it—were it not for the involvement of Margaret Hodge.
"For children under 12 who cannot make the distinction between fantasy and reality, we need tough regulation," Mrs Hodge said. Under the current rules, the BBFC's legally-enforceable age limits only have to applied to games containing violent or sexual content.

Mrs Hodge knows all about fantasy and reality, you see, as long-time readers of Private Eye and The Kitchen will remember.

Because when Margaret Hodge was leader of Islington Council, the reality was that children in care homes under her control were being ritually and systematically raped and abused; when two care home staff blew the whistle on these activities, Mrs Hodge dismissed their concerns as fantasy.

So yes, here is a woman who can most definitely discern the difference between fantasy and reality. Whilst Mrs Hodge lives in a fantasy world, the reality is that she condemned scores of children to abuse and torture.

And then—unbelievably—she was appointed Minister for Children.
The Culture Committee of MPs this week raised fears that paedophiles are making growing use of virtual worlds for activities including simulated sex with children. Mrs Hodge told BBC Radio Four that the growing popularity of online games required new rules.

We've all seen how Mrs Hodge protects children. Let's face it: her solution to kids possibly being exposed to sex acts in a fantasy world would probably be to send paedophiles into children's homes to fuck a lesson into them in the real one.

So you'll forgive me if I ignore any protestations of probity from this woman: the only bunch of fuckers less adept at protecting children than Margaret Hodge and her cronies are the pimps of the UN.


Had e-fucking-nough said...

I really, really wish the entire Zanuliebore lot would just fuck the hell off and die slow, painful deaths. Have there been such a bunch of cunting cunts in charge of this country? Christ, I'd rather have the French run the place if it meant getting rid of them.

Martin said...

Many of these games already get rated by the BBFC; recent events regards that censorship lite board aside, what further regulation is needed?

TheFatBigot said...

Her late husband was Sir Henry Hodge, so she's actually Lady Hodge.

Anonymous said...

She probably joined in.

Vicola said...

"Online computer games like Second Life and World of Warcraft face cinema-style age classifications under new Government plans."

Well, that should sort the problem good and proper shouldn't it? Stick a number on the front of the box. The film Child's Play is a 15 but I saw it at nine. Admittedly it wasn't a good idea because I spent literally weeks looking under the bed every five minutes but I did it anyway. I was also far too young to watch Stephen King's It. Or the pornos that Jenny Evan's found under her parents bed and played to us while they were somewhere else. Sticking a classification on something serves no purpose other than making politicians feel smug and self satisfied, in the knowledge that they are saving the world through the medium of bureaucracy.


Any excuse will do to get control of the web,all part of the creeping disease that is eussr,which will not be satisfied until your mind is in a cage completely at thier "mercy",we are no longer citizens or even human,just lab rats.

Roger Thornhill said...

As Englishman says, all part of the justification for control of the web.

Once a child MIGHT gain access to an internet connection, ALL access will be controlled. Watch how they bootstrap this in. Watch how they will control "access to (Domestic) Extremist material", i.e. anything that is critical of the EU.

Richard said...

On the back of this report, Devil, you may be interested in a story on the front page of The Metro today. According to this story some councils have decided that Offsted rules dictate that any adult supervising children in a playground must have a CRB check. Because most parents do not have these, these councils are banning parents from children's play areas, and employing people to supervise the children instead!

FlipC said...

So what's with the big 12+ stamped in the corner of the WoW boxes then?

She either hasn't got a clue or she's talking about those games downloaded online, or to be specific those games that can be downloaded for free online.

So how she's going to regulate those then? Pass legislation that requires any MMO server to post age-restrictions, require credit-card verification, force MMO retailers to sell their product up-front?

Excellent, yet another excuse for businesses to pack up and set-up shop in another country that's not so bleedin' stupid.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who has noticed that the original Telegraph article is

By James Kirkup, Political Correspondentn
Published: 12:01AM BST 31 Jul 2008

and that all the comments there date from July and August 2008?

And that in the cabinet reshuffle of 3 October 2008, Hodge resigned her ministerial position, being re-appointed on 22 September 2009, Hodge a Minister of State, as Minister for Culture and Tourism?

Or is my browser just lying?

Not that I would disagree with some of the sentiment, but rather just the basic facts.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

The battle's progress has now gone beyond whether people like the Hodgedroid are merely fighting on the wrong side of reality, or whether they have decided to be just evil on purpose.

They will have, when the lights go out and the food runs out, merely to be garotted from behind, silently, in the freezing darkness which they have created, and eaten. But if they have any children, we hay perhaps eat these first and make them watch, as a test for human-ness, to be applied to their grave-heaps posthumously.

I am not a cruel man, no really, really not. It's just the corrupting influence that GramscoFabiaNazism has, on ordinary critical sovereing individuals.

It even affects the good, and discolours it, if only a little bit and sometimes.

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