Saturday, October 03, 2009

Heavy fuel

One of the fun things that AGW alarmists like to indulge in is talking about carbon dioxide emissions in terms of "gigatonnes" and the like. This is meant to make people think about what a huge amount of carbon that is.

Having heard yet another massive-sounding weight-based figure on the radio yesterday morning, I decided to go and look up just how much the entirety of Earth's atmosphere weighs.

Any guesses?

Well, I'll let Wikipedia tell you... [Emphasis mine.]
The atmosphere has a mass of about five quadrillion (5x1015) tonnes, three quarters of which is within about 11 km (6.8 mi; 36,000 ft) of the surface.

That's a fairly hefty amount, eh?


Anonymous said...

They also prefer expressing CO2 concentrations in ppm as opposed to a percentage.

How many people are going to be worried by the terrible truth that since the Industrial Revolution atmospheric CO2 has gone from 0.028% to 0.038%?

Anonymous said...

Well as we are all EU citizens now whether we like it or not it will become a bit like 16th century spain, GW deniers will be arrested tortured and made to confess.
Once the confession has been obtained execution will surely follow ,now would it not be ironic if the preffered method was burning at the stake,but no that would mean ,"carbon ommisions.
We've had it really, this religion is unstopable now ,a gallant last stand of common sense is the only option.
All is lost.
Opinion has triumphed over fact the EU will shove this foul tasting lie right down our throats.
Along with the rest of the Junk science .
Keep your heads down now, i'm now seriously concerned for the future of free speech itself.

Wossat? said...

It's time we started measuring AGW alarmist scum in gigatwats.

Anonymous said...

There is something else that sounds like a load of crap but they use it all the time cos it sounds alarming.

How the fuck does burning about 8 lbs of diesel in my car produce how many tons was it of CO2. Bollocks.

Angry Exile said...

I looked up a similar climate stat a while back after being told about some ludicrous sci-fi novel (forgotten the title I'm afraid) that plays the catastrophist theme to the point that it has Everest covered by rising sea levels. So I decided to work out roughly how much extra water was needed to cover the Earth to a depth of 29,000 feet and then checked to see what is the approximate volume of the oceans before dropping enough acid to believe that Everest could ever be completely submerged. Try it, and then try and think of a remotely plausible explanation for where all the extra water would come from.

Pa Annoyed said...

You can of course do the calculation the other way round. You work out how much energy leaving your TV on standby uses as a proportion of Man's total energy usage, and multiply by whatever guess as to the likely temperature rise is currently popular.

So that's 5W divided by 15TW multiplied by 3 C/century translates to 0.00000000000001 degrees C per year difference. But doing it will save the world, apparently.

As an exercise for the student, the IPCC forecast up to an average 5.9 mm/year rise in sea level over the next century - what difference does your TV make to the rate of sea level rise? Compare the number you get to the diameter of a hydrogen atom.

(PS. That novel, wouldn't happen to have been called The Bible, would it? ;-))

Angry Exile said...

PS. That novel, wouldn't happen to have been called The Bible, would it? ;-))

No, not as plausible :-) I googled and worked it out. It's called Flood by Stephen Baxter. Try to keep a straight face.cofie

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