Thursday, October 08, 2009

Compare and contrast

The new myConservatives site has a very laudable campaign to Save The Great British Pub.

So, how does that square with Chris Grayling's announcement of the Tories' intention to ladle yet more deeply illiberal costs and burdens onto pubs and clubs?

Oh wait...

Yes, I see: a "great British pub" is the type of pub that Chris Grayling likes. If you aren't one of those, then you are about to get screwed. Oh, yes, and if you like different sorts of pubs to Chrissy-baby, then your opinion is worth less than fuck-all too.

I think that Behind Blue Eyes does the summing up quite well.
What I want to know is what now separates the authoritarian nannying we have come to know under Labour and the authoritarian nannying proposed by Cameron’s Conservatives. Very little, I suspect, because that viewpoint now reflects the prevailing consensus in this once free country.

I think we should take personal responsibility for our decisions, but perhaps I am just old fashioned.

That's right, Britain: get ready for another five years of being rampantly arse-raped by out-of-touch authoritarians who base policy on lies and who would rather enact a succession of new, illiberal laws than enforce the ones that we already have.

Fucking great.


Blanket Of Ash said...

I love the part where they want a "'instant punishments' for anti-social behaviour that could be issued by police". We may as well skip the on-the-spot fines and move straight over to the police beating anyone to the ground who looks at them funny.

Old BE said...

Frog march them to the cash point for an instant fine! Ahh, seen that one somewhere else!!

Cheers for the link :-)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Glad we are talking along the same lines.

And yet, I still hear people saying that the Tories are going to reverse all this illiberal bullshit, we must trust them, it's just that they can't say so before the election for fear of Labour ripping them to pieces over it.


If that were to be the case, is this how politics has become? We have to vote blind because Labour set the precedent in abandoning their manifesto the moment thay had the keys to number 10? And because their campaigning will be exclusively directed at destroying their opposition's ideas?

So, from now on, we are to just trust the one with the kindliest face?

That's it, then. The last pretence at democracy in the UK has bitten the dust.

Wossat? said...

The anti-booze shitheads are hitting us from street level too. I was in my local Co-Op yesterday when I saw a smartly dressed young woman who was plainly over 18 (I know because she went to school with my son and he's almost 21), being refused the sale of a couple of bottles of Copperhead because she didn't look OVER 25 and had no ID!

When I challenged the woman manning the till she explained, rather apologetically, that it was company policy.

I repeat, it is CO-OP company policy to NOT sell alcohol to people who are LEGALLY ENTITLED to both buy and consume it.

The young woman was both embarrassed and angry. She had every right to be since she was clearly NOT a minor. So I handed the money over instead.

Until the Co-op change this unfair and moronic policy they can FUCK OFF. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Interesting .
I know a lot of people whom when in the company of non smokers say thing like uuuh I hate my clothes getting smelly after my once every two months outing to the pub, and silently supported the spitefull smoking bans.
Now here's the rub .
The fascist health police are now turning on them simply because they have the odd drink.
This time the frustrated, creepy, health stazi are turning on a majority .
Aided and abbeted by the filthy theiving criminals in westminster.
Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Dick "We have to vote blind "

Good phrase !

John B said...

"get ready for another five years of being rampantly arse-raped by out-of-touch authoritarians"

With you 100% on this, except for 'out of touch': I'm fairly sure that the parties do all the made-up moral-panic, Broken-Britain crap because it plays well with the idiots who make up most of the electorate.

People who're capable of thinking, and who understand that the laisser-faire approach to social issues is almost always the best one, are (and pretty much always have been) a minority...

The Stigler said...

John B is sadly right. The level of support for 90 day detention without trial was huge.

I heard someone the other day saying how sad it was that a particular pub has closed. I did remind them that they were one of the people I knew who thought a smoking ban was a good idea, and maybe they should have thought about that.

Katabasis said...

Sorry, completely off topic DK, but on "climate change", you might want to get this one out.

Roger Thornhill said...


If it is company policy then, frankly, so what?

Nobody should have the "legal right" to demand another private entity trade with them. That is Authoritarian.

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