Monday, September 28, 2009

Quote of the Day...

... comes from The Heresiarch's discussion of Polly Toynbee's proposed resignation speech for Gordon Brown.
There's very little connection between the size of the state and the quality of the services it provides. A big state can be every bit as squalid, penny-pinching and mean-spirited as a small one. But the impact of its penny-pinching and mean-spiritedness on ordinary life will be considerably worse.

As an illustration of this mean-spirited penny-pinching that has an effect on everyday life, your humble Devil was in a pub in Coalville, near Leicester, this afternoon (I was doing a presentation to a potential client).

Talking to the barman revealed a whole host of stupid fucking crap that has emanated from the local Nazis council. For instance, the pub holds lots of live music nights and has got nice vinyl posters done and pinned to the boards outside the pub. Naturally, a council jobsworth insisted they be taken down.

OK, maybe they might cause some driver to crash or something. Right? And yet that same jobsworth asserted that the pub was allowed to fill its windows with posters, advertising precisely the same shit.

Or, again, the pub holds an annual weekend of live music at which 52 bands play half hour sets over the two days. They normally hold this in a marquee in the car park. This year, despite having obtained all of the licences, etc., another jobsworth showed up on the eve of the event and told the organisers that they couldn't, in fact, hold the event outside because it might cause "noise pollution".

"No wonder," said the barman, "that the BNP do so well around here." I nodded in agreement.

"If you think about it," I added, "voting for a moronic, far-left, collectivist bunch of racists is a pretty big 'fuck you' to whichever twats are in power, eh? You are basically saying, 'I would rather vote for a bunch of knuckle-dragging, racist, nationlist fuckwits than you. Yes, it's a pretty big fuck you..."

Dangerous words, really: I could almost find myself persuaded to vote for the BNP simply on that basis. Almost.

Anyway, I'm rambling: do go and read the Heresiarch's article, which is an excellent analysis of why NuLabour have been such a colossal fucking disaster (as if you need telling again).

But, let's face it—even when NuLabour are deservedly consigned to electoral oblivion, their evil, mean-spirited, penny-pinching brethren will still be infecting every local authority in the country.

Burn them: burn them all...


Jiks said...

The thing, well one of the things, with the BNP is their economic policy is in some ways even more left wing than the current bunch of hoons. Not called National Socialists for nothing, after all.

Their personal habits are not that appealing either TBH.

Having said that Vlad the Impaler would probably seen like a better option than Brown et al at this point.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


There are at least 6000 members of the BNP ... which personal habits are you talking about. I'm one of them and I'd like to know.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I checked the BNP website a few hours ago, and I agree their economic policies are insane, including full blown protectionism, tariff bariers, nationalisations, and a command economy. Enacting all of this shit would be all the grass roots socialists wildest dreams come true in one package. Perhaps it's just as well New Labour are bought and paid for after all.

But if one goes on to read the BNP policies in other areas like education and law and order - well I must admit I can't help thinking, maybe economic collapse (which is already on the cards anyway) might be a price worth paying to reclaim our streets, restore our educational system back to one that educates rather one that than indoctrinates, and to generally fight back against the growing gramscian inversion of all I was brought up to believe in.

It'a a shame that all that stands in the way of my damascian conversion is their quirky views on race. Water down these policies and they might be on to a winner.

Pa Annoyed said...

"Talking to the barman revealed a whole host of stupid fucking crap that has emanated from the local council."

You'll have seen this of course.

Jiks said...


More referring to the politicians than the members, never met a politician without some, umm, issues. Or if you prefer that was my tactful way of referencing the race issue without completely derailing the thread. Again.

assegai mike said...

Last Wednesday evening I was sitting at a post-charity golf day dinner next to the landlord of a nearby pub. Quite a posh area in Bucks - Tory council. He told me of two events he used to hold every year. Event 1) swanky ball and dinner, live music etc. Put a marquee in his car park and used the barn of the next door farm. The last year of operation in 2005 he raised £27K for the lifeboats. Council jobsworths have killed the event. "Inappropriate usage". Event 2) On Ascot Ladies' Day he held a fashion show - mainly for the ladies - using professional models etc., the full works - all proceeds to charity. Killed off by the council for inappropriate use of his car park (the marquee encroached two of about thirty car park spaces). Multiply this across the country, doesn't bear thinking about. These stories ruined my evening.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

's ok Jiks. I know you were. I just wanted to be sure that YOU knew that.

No ill feeling, honest.

And you answered. Thank you. Many people would just go off on a "racist" rant.

Anonymous said...

Look, DK, you were in "Deliverance" country over there - duelling banjos, and all that. Cut'em some slack, FGS!

That's how the NWLDC area is considered by the rest of the county - more to be pitied.....They can't help it!

Neuroskeptic said...

Of course the current fashion for insulting Gordon constantly because you... well, I'm sure you have your reasons and are just not very good at expressing them... but anyway, insulting Gordon constantly with every expletive under the sun has nothing to do with people's turning to the BNP, right.

xplod said...

Anon at 10.33pm was me - sodding Google blog

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