Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quiz Questions

Every week, the Lords of the Blog set quiz questions, of the "who am I" variety, that test readers' knowledge of those who sit in the Upper House—here is this week's quiz.

Your humble Devil, being a mischievous chap, decided that he should set his own question for the noble Lords...
  1. I helped to pass legislation that brought in far harsher punishments for careless drivers, yet I have a conviction for careless driving.

  2. I helped to pass legislation that brought in harsh punishments for those who employed illegal immigrants, and then employed an illegal immigrant.

  3. I fleeced the taxpayer for £170,000 in living expenses that I was not entitled to, and yet I haven't been prosecuted for fraud.

Who am I?

Do you think they'll know who it is...?


Bill Sticker said...

Um..... er...... No, no, tip of my tongue.... corrupt, freeloading new labour ennobled placeperson of less than pellucid hue..... something to do with breaking new immigration laws....

Oh dearie me, what is that silly Baroness Scotland's name? Tsk.

Surreptitious Evil said...

Ah well, it seems your comment hasn't met their Lordship's standards for inclusion.

A little bit more grovelling at there excellence is required, I think.

Anonymous said...

Difficult, it may take some time......or, possibly not a lot. who the f**k is Baroness Scotland and more importantly WHY?


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