Thursday, September 03, 2009

Gentle progression

The Last Ditch's Tom Paine recently published his stats over the blog's whole life-cycle.
It may interest new bloggers to see how long it took to find readers. Many of my best efforts were in that period, but as you see they were read by virtually no-one. I still don't quite know why I didn't give up, but I would encourage anyone who has something to say to persist. At the very worst, though few of us will make a difference individually, we will together show future historians that we were not the bland, homogeneous mass the mainstream media's archives will suggest.


However, it made me realise that I have never actually looked at the year-on-year trend in The Kitchen's readership. So, like Tom, I too turned to Statcounter—the first counter that I put on the blog—back in August 2005, and generated my all-time quarterly stats (up to the end of Q2 2009).

Obviously, that was a while ago now although I do remember that, after nearly eight months of blogging, I was getting about 250 visitors a week (as you can see).

At the time, I was pretty pleased with that...


North Northwester said...

Enviable and well deserved success,DK, starting like mine still but turning into a runaway hit.
I think I'll hope for gentle progression and persevere - even from an order of magnitude lower than your blog, its visitors and their commentators give me some satisfaction.
An inspiration, DK - and you get to meet girls when you blog, I've noticed. Sweet.

Tom Paine said...

Thanks for the links, even if they did lead me here to feel crushed!


Your success is well-deserved DK. On form, there's no better writer in British blogging.

Devil's Kitchen said...

You're far too kind, Tom.

To be honest, I couldn't have written half of what I have—let alone come round to the libertarian perspective—without the sterling writings of many more knowledgeable and experienced people, such as yourself.

The fact that libertarians are so numerous on the blogosphere is a testament to all of us, I think.


JonnyN said...

I'm very worried by this. If this trend continues there will be at least 4 billion readers of DK by 2015 and global supplies of bandwidth will be threatened.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Well done DK

you know a few musicians..

my day job, so to speak is

A shameless plug, but a good one.

Anonymous said...

I think this blogs brilliant ,really.
These people,
(know who I mean),deserve to hear what contempt they have built up for themselves over the last decade or so.
They are in effect marginalising themselves from the rest of society ,quite a dangerous thing to do in the long run.
The Internet has trully succeded in allowing us to communicate our thoughts on matters to each other.
And for seeing the other sides of debate ,not just the very dubious propaganda spewed by the main media and politicians.
But what is the most interesting thing about it, is that this apex has not yet been fully reached,far from it.
Cracking !

Old BE said...

I think blog success of this order should be capped or heavily taxed to reduce the gap between the the reader rich and the reader poor. In the blog world the rich are getting richer and the poor writers are getting poorer!

Leg-iron said...

Blue Eyes is right, DK. This is a Socialist country and since it's far too much trouble to teach the illiterate to write, you'll need to type bindfolded in future with one hand tied to your ankle and the keys on the keyboard all changed around. Oh, and no vowels.

Not to worry though. Labour will ensure we all get an A-star rating unless we show signs of thought. Or is it A-star-star-star now?

It'll soon be A-galaxy, the way things are going.

High marks used to mean 'clever'. Now they just mean 'obedient'. Uh-oh, I feel an education rant firing up here...

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