Sunday, September 06, 2009

Farage vs Bercow

I think that it is safe to say that—amongst anyone who follows politics—John Bercow was not a popular choice as Speaker.
I just want to make this absolutely fucking clear, because it has a bearing on what follows: John Bercow is a corrupt little fuck who has not only maxed out his expenses account with our money, but he has also bent the rules to within breaking point in order to avoid the taxes that he is happy to impose on us—the taxes, in fact, that fund his lavish lifestyle through his fat fucking salary and his ludicrously high expenses claims.

So, what MPs should do is to elect a reasonably uncorrupt person to be Speaker, don't you think? Especially since it is the Speaker who oversees the MPs and ensures that they stick to the rules (such as they are).

After all, these very same MPs have been telling us how ashamed they are, how they realise that their actions were wrong, how they understand the people's anger. As such, they surely must want to elect an untainted Speaker who will be able to summon some moral authority when bringing reform to the system of allowances benefits-in-kind.

But no, our glorious representatives decided to elect John Bercow—who was incredibly corrupt. Most people seem to take it for granted that Bercow was installed mainly through the votes of Labour MPs who—knowing how much the Tories loathed this viper—voted for him in droves, merely to annoy the Conservatives.

Once again, MPs acted not in the interests of the country or of their constituents, but voted according to party political machinations and petty vendettas. Pathetic.

Anyway, the convention is that the main parties should not contest the Speaker's seat—something that leaves the people of that Constituency with no real choice over who should represent them in Parliament. This is hardly a democratic option.

Breaking with convention then is Nigel Farage, who—whilst stepping down from leading UKIP—has decided to contest the Speaker's seat of Buckingham.
Mr Farage, speaking as UKIP's annual conference got under way at Southport, Merseyside, said he had chosen to stand against the Speaker for a number of reasons.

While Mr Bercow had himself been "embroiled" in the expenses row earlier this year, Mr Farage said he was also the "symbolic" head of a Parliament which had ceded powers to Brussels.

"Everything from what light bulbs we can put in our living room to how we regulate hedge funds is decided in Brussels and the Speaker does not intend to reverse that.

"I want the election in Buckingham to be a debate about how we are governed in this country."

The Daily Telegraph said Mr Bercow had changed the designation of his second home - a practice known as flipping - to maximise his allowance claims but the MP said the moves were due to changes in family circumstances.

Mr Bercow, who was elected Speaker in June, said in a statement: "I am more than happy to be judged on my track record over 12 years as MP for Buckingham, my continuing commitment to the constituency and my determination to restore faith in Parliament."

John Bercow has absolutely bugger-all chance of restoring faith in Parliament because—as I have said—he was, and probably still is, up to his eye-brows in corruption and sleaze. His election was a fucking joke.

I was drinking with a number of young Conservative activists the other night, and almost all of them mirrored the feelings of Dizzy and Tory Bear—go, Nigel, go!

In fact, a number of these young Tories said that they were seriously thinking of campaigning on Farage's behalf. Because most Conservatives loathe Bercow as much as your humble Devil does, a fact that is amply shown up in Conservative Home's recent readers poll...

Although it's a tall order—Farage will need to overturn an 18,000 majority (although the fact that Bercow, as SPeaker, is an independent might help)—but I would love to see Nigel in Parliament.

And that is not only because I happen to like the guy personally, and not only because I think that he would throw a spanner or two into the Westminster works, but because it would be one in the eye for all those corrupt bastards who decided to stick two fingers up at the electorate by electing Bercow to "reform" Parliament.

As The Nameless Libertarian so rightly says...
It also shows that if a politician really pisses off the people enough, someone will stand up to tell them to fuck off. And this willingness to defy convention and the status quo can only be to the advantage of the British voter. It states simply that if politicians take the piss, then there will be people to fight against them.

Go for it, Farage. I hope you win. And let this be the first of many successful challenges to the politicians representing the greedy, undemocratic and sickening status quo.

Quite right: go for it, Nigel! Go for it, and beat the bastard!


Rob Farrington said...

I'm going to put a tenner on him winning. Last I heard, Ladbrokes had him at 4-1.

Paul said...

Farage isn't really breaking any convention because UKIP has no parliamentary representation.

Far from being an independent, Bercow represents the whole of Parliament - i.e. he is the establishment and Farage is the de facto anti-Establishment candidate.

It's going to be very difficult for Bercow to campaign at all and Tories from far and wide will be turning out to campaign for Farage.

I'm not a great fan of UKIP generally but this is a work of genius on Farage's part. 4-1 is good odds, I would have thought.

Alan Douglas said...

Some Tories are saying not to do this because it will cost a seat. But Buckingham is NOT a Tory seat now, so there will be no direct loss.

What the knock-on effects will be is another matter.

Yet Cameron could defuse all this UKIP stuff with a very few words "Unconditional referendum on the EU" would do it.

Alan Douglas

The North Briton said...

Of course campaigning on Bercow's corruption is likely to backfire, because the BBC and more or less everyone in the media insist on deliberately misinterpreting Farage's comments some time ago that he has received over £2,000,000 in EU allowances and painting things as though this money was all spurious claims a la Westminster.

Anonymous said...

A win for UKIP will be a tremour that will be felt all the way to Brussells aka MORDOR!


The only good politician is a dead politician[ except P.E.T]

Anonymous said...

Ladbrokes now 10-3

I'd grit my teeth and vote for Farrago if that helped get rid of the slimy little short-arsed Burke-o.

James Higham said...

I was drinking with a number of young Conservative activists the other night, and almost all of them mirrored the feelings of Dizzy and Tory Bear—go, Nigel, go!

They may have and I concur but the party has now apparently done an about face on the issue.

Anonymous said...

To add my tuppenceworth to the comments, I also hope that everyone, UKIP and Conservative voters conspire to ensure that Bercow is defeated. If he is re-elected then god help us as a country; for to give a known corrupt politician a vote of affirmation means that we don't care what they do with our money. Or the power that we entrust them to exercise on our behalf.

john in cheshire

Old Holborn said...

I notice with interest that another fake charity, Barnados, are demanding "more clients" from the Government.


Anonymous said...

One corrupt shyster for another - Farage? Fuck off.

Wat Dabney said...

Fuck me. Bercow even looks corrupt.

adam said...

who are the loony 25%?

little old ladies who like him beacuse he sucks up?

Farage remains forever a fucking hero

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