Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doctor, no

(nb. I am not the Devil's Kitchen)

Courtesy of the BBC, I see that a handful of quacks have managed to drag their fat, lazy arses off the golf course for long enough to spout more ill-informed, authoritarian bollocks.
Doctors warn on climate failure

Is there nothing these cunts won't pontificate on? I fully expect to hear the British Medical Association giving us their solution to the England football team's perennial problems on the left side of midfield which, knowing them, will involve banning opposing sides from fielding right-backs.
Failure to agree a new UN climate deal in December will bring a "global health catastrophe", say 18 of the world's professional medical organisations.

Writing in The Lancet and the British Medical Journal, they urge doctors to "take a lead" on the climate issue.

And I urge you, dear doctors, to shut the hell up. Since you talk nothing but drivel about subjects which vaguely fall into your own sphere of expertise, your opinions on other issues are worth less than fuck all.  

What kind of "lead" do you expect doctors to take? Considering that years of blanket coverage on global warming has made the public more sceptical about your end-of-the-world cult, I somehow doubt that hysterical squealings from a bunch of legalised drug-dealers are going to turn the tide.
"Even without climate change, the case for clean power, electric cars, saving forests, energy efficiency, and new agriculture technology is strong."

Leaving aside the fact that these issues are well beyond the remit of the medical profession, we would, I think, agree that at least most of these issues are important. The question is whether we will achieve them by bringing the Western economy to its knees whilst throwing billions at tin-pot dictators in Africa. 

Could we not spend a bit more time addressing malaria and AIDS in the Third World and a bit less time worrying about alligators basking off the coast of Sweden? Would the billions being spent on windmills not be better used providing clean water, vaccinations and medicine for the poor of the world? Y'know, progress?

There is a corresponding editorial written by Michael Marmot, an epidemiologist who talks alarmist rubbish about obesity, and Lord Michael Jay, a former diplomat, who"chairs the health charity Merlin."

So not real doctors then. And the 'charity' Merlin, naturally, receives vast sums from the state so they can use their millenarian fantasies to extort still more cash from the taxpayer, as its accounts show:
UK Department for International Development: £12,833,106

EU: £11,833,106

Aside from appealing to their rampaging god complex, the quackocracy gets excited about catastrophic AGW because it gives them an excuse to push their tee-total/vegan/puritan agenda: 
"A low-carbon economy will mean less pollution. A low carbon-diet (especially eating less meat) and more exercise will mean less cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease."

Will it fuck. As NickM writes at Counting Cats:
The medics clearly know nothing about climatology but are still using it as yet one more stick to try and beat us into health compliance.
Go read the whole thing. It's excellent. I will only add that at the bottom of the Lancet/British Medical Journal letter is the e-mail of the main contact. Ladies and gentlemen, making his thousandth appearances in the Devil's Kitchen, it's...

This fucker better hope I never seize the reins of power because he is so far ahead in the race to be first up against the wall that it's no longer a contest. 


Anonymous said...

My urge to scream "Why don't you go and treat some sick people, you lazy fuckers? Come on, help me out here!" becomes more overwhelming by the day.

dr cromarty

Leg-iron said...

I'm a scientist. A microbiologist. Therefore I recommend that you drain the oil out of your car and fill it with golden syrup.

Anyone who takes my advice on that is as much of a moron as anyone who listens to a medic talking about climate issues, geology, spam sandwiches or how to grow champion courgettes.

I have a speciality and cars are not it. Doctors have a speciality and climate is not it.

Increasingly, medicine isn't it either. Doctors seem more and more to specialise in propaganda.

They aren't very good at it.

John Woolman said...

A year or two back, I responded to one of the British Medical Journal's more polemical articles with a letter suggesting that they concentrate on medicine and leave economics to The Economist. Result - a snottogram response and a quick search this morning suggests that it has been delated from their on-line archive. The British medical Association are pretty useless as a trades union, useless as a political pressure group and publish a journal which was once described to me by a colleague as being quite useful in winter when he would put a few months unopened copies into the back of his BMW to provide traction in the snow. I really don't know why i am still a member.

neil craig said...

"A low carbon-diet (especially eating less meat) and more exercise"

Meat, being largely protein, contains less carbon than veg, being largely carbohydrate. Exercise uses up calories, makes us breath out carbon dioxide & need to eat more carbohydrates.

The correct answer to my nit picking is that "low carbon" isn't actually meant to have any real meaning but is just a code word for politically approved. Like "sustainable", "environmentaly friendly", "socialy inclusive", "green", "eco", "affordable", "inmverstment", "democratic" & indeed "global warming" itself.

Budgie said...

Has anyone else noticed that the BBC never leads on AGW but on "Climate change"?

The problem is that the majority of us do think that the global climate can change (hotter and colder) over the millions of years of the earth's existence. So the BBC's propaganda approach naturally gets people nodding in agreement.

Then the BBC immediately switches to talking about the non-sequitur of "man made global warming", though they do now add, because of "greenhouse" gases, rather than just CO2.

This propaganda non-sequitur is the weak link in the BBC's spreading of the AGW hoax.

Mr A said...

Actually, The BBC did have a thing on "climate change" yesterday. They basically admitted that the world had been cooling for ten years but also that it would continue to cool for the next 20 according to "experts". However, this would only be a "blip" as AGW would be continuing..... even though it would be getting cooler. They're obviously laying the seeds for the inevitable, "WTF? IT's been cooling for a generation! Shut up and stop milking cash for a fairy tale problem" in 2020. That said, the Beeboid said "global warming" and even the Greenie had to correct him with "climate change" as warming is so obviously not actually occurring now.

And this Gilmore prick. Has anyone looked into his background? Is he a Common Purpose graduate, perchance? He seems to get up to an awful lot of mischief for just your garden variety aresehole.

OMG it's so hot in here! said...

"Let me through; I'm a doctor!"

So was Goebbels.

Onus Probandy said...

A small nit first: I had a look at the accounts and it shows 11,136,601 from UKDID rather than the 12,833,106 you have listed. I suspect a small copy and paste error, but best to be scrupulous when blasting buggers like this.

Now, my point: I wonder if has enough information in its database to be able to sum all the money gifted to fake charities from the government. Since we are talking about numbers in the tens of millions, it wouldn't take many fake charities like this before we'd be talking serious cash. Are these not a first class place to start with the "cuts".

More so: I see that the UKDID seems to turn up a lot in these sorts of articles. Perhaps an even better option would be to close this department completely, as it would appear to be a government controlled slush fund for handing out sweets to their friends.

The Filthy Smoker said...

The £12,833,106 is the £11,833,106 from table 3 plus the £1 million unrestricted grant in table 2.

I'll tot up the total annual revenue the fake charities get some time. I think we've found about £150 million so far.

Rob said...

If CO2 is the main cause of global warming, as they state it is, how can the earth be cooling for the last ten years and predicted to do so for the next twenty if C02 is rising rapidly, as it is?

You cannot have the cause going up and the result going down if the cause really is the main cause. It is nonsensical.

If the BBC says that there will be cooling over the next twenty years, adding to the ten we have just had, doesn't that match the thirty year cycles we get naturally anyway?

My prediction: as each year passes with cooling, not warming, the tactics and hysteria of the AGW alarmists is going to get nastier and nastier.

James Higham said...

Merlin is an interesting name for a charity.

Bill Sticker said...

According to Weatheraction's Piers Corbyn, we're due a thirty year main cooling followed by another century of globally chillier climes.

Now if William Hill won't take Mr Corbyns weather related bets because he wins too often, what does that tell us? That an Astrophysicist has more idea of what the weather is going to do than a bunch of doctors?

Those Doctors should stick to medicine. Failing that the golf course. Low carbon my arse. If these are the guys who also advise on Hospital food, no wonder it's so bloody awful.

John A said...

"Even without climate change, the case for clean power, electric cars, saving forests, energy efficiency, and new agriculture technology is strong."

Then why are they also against nuclear, gas, coal power? Oh, and new agriculture tech like using manufactured nitrogen-bearing fertilizer rather than animal/human waste (like a fellow I knew who would not take aspirin because it was made in factories rather than distilled from willow bark the natural way)?

"A low carbon-diet (especially eating less meat) and more exercise"

Heh, I guess they do not go along with the loon of the other day who proposed replacing "grain" crops with "grass" fields so the meat animals would be "healthier" and more plentiful...

neil craig said...

24,000 people in Britain die annually of fuel poverty & fuel poverty is caused entirely bythe eco fascists fixing it that electricity costs 4 times what it should.

The case for stringing up every wholly corrupt murdering politician, "civil" servant & government funded lobbyist (ie these BMA liars) from a lampost, after a short but fair trial, is a good one.

When the lights go out it may well be done.

Anonymous said...

So we can assume that as their main contribution to saving the planet, medics will now all give up attending any conferences that involve jet travel? (particularly freebies from drug companies).

Diogenes said...

If I was a politician and I wanted to convince the public of some bullshit that furthered my agenda, the last person you would hear it from is me, nobody trusts me. I would fund a more trusted group of people to say it for me.

Most trusted:

Trust - 92%
Do not trust - 5%

Trust - 88%
Do not trust - 7%

Trust - 80%
Do not trust - 8%

Least trusted:

Business leaders
Trust - 31%
Do not trust - 56%

Trust - 20%
Do not trust - 72%

Trust - 19%
Do not trust - 72%
Source: Mori poll of 2,000 adults

stevie said...

When did these idiots start running the world anyway? Heres an idea - you overpaid fuckwits - get on with some doctoring.
When I get ill I will pop down and see you - until then shut the fuck up.

Budgie said...

Rob said: "If CO2 is the main cause of global warming, as they state it is, how can the earth be cooling for the last ten years and predicted to do so for the next twenty if C02 is rising rapidly, as it is?"

Absolutely right except that the original definition of AGW was: global warming is occurring; and does so exclusively because of man made CO2.

Since this definition was such palpable nonsense it has been altered by the AGW hoaxers to credit all "green house gases" not just CO2. Why governments still target CO2 in isolation they do not say. Presumably it is another example of the AGW religious belief system in action, ignoring reality.

The Filthy Smoker said...

Diogenes, that is a nice find. I'll be using that. I've just hunted for the original article:

What was the first name I saw?

Ian Gilmore, President of the Royal College of Physicians, said he was delighted with the survey's findings.

The man was put on earth to torment me. There can be no other explanation.

Diogenes said...

Sorry, I should have provided a link.

That is where it came from.

Junican said...

I see that Milliband, Labour's aspiring leader, has stated that he is off to the Climate Change conference with a pledge from the UK to single-handedly reduce the temperature of the Earth by impoverishing the people of this nation.

I wonder why he has made this pledge? Could possibly be one last stab at immortality?

There is one immediate, great thing that Cameron could do now, and that is to state clearly and catagorically that whatever Milliband promises will be withdrawn post haste once the Tories assume command.

Anonymous said...

Low carbon diet? How can you get to be a doctor and not know anything about the chemical composition of life? Perhaps we should all start eating rocks.

Mr. A said...

150 million? Sorry - you're massively off there. Like all criminal organisations you have to remember that the money is laundered through several organisations and comes from several sources. Look at the anti-smoking lobby, for example. It's not just the tax money that goes straight to the fake charities (like ASH). There is the money that goes through slightly more legitimate charities like Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation. They channel hundreds of thousands or more to ASH. Then there is the NHS - not a Charity but funded by YOUR tax. It channels wads of cash to not only ASH (but also CRUK and BHF who in turn.... etc) as well as funding their own initiatives. Then there are the Councils who fund their own little plans like Smokefree Kids and D-Myst etc with your tax money. Then there is the funding that comes from the EU which, of course, also comes from your pocket...

Freedom2Choose totted up as many of these figures that they could find and discovered that the anti-tobacco movement costs the UK tapayer billions. Throw in the obesity mongs, the cheeldren scaremongers and the biggest money-chugger of them all, climate change, and you're talking tens of billions. Not only not doing good (building hospitals, educting children etc) but actively causing panic, anxiety, and loss of civil liberties.

With all these idiots - just follow the money.

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