Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baroness Scotland: teller of tall tales

And so the Baroness Scotland saga rumbles on—not least because spiteful bloggers like myself, finding it incredibly amusing to see this loathsome hypocrite banged to rights, just won't let it die. Or, at least, not until I have seen her actually die, and her head stuck on a fucking pole outside the Tower of London.

Anyway, you'll remember that the Baroness issued a statement saying that she had seen her illegal employee's passport. In fact, the quote was precisely this: [Emphasis mine.]
"I was shown all relevant documents—a P45, National Insurance details, a marriage certificate, a letter from the Home Office, references and a passport—by Ms Tapui during her job interviews."

Indeed, the Baroness has reiterated her position. [Emphasis mine.]
Lady Scotland restated her position, saying: "For the record, as I have said previously, I was shown all relevant documents—a P45, National Insurance details, a marriage certificate, a letter from the Home Office, references, and a passport—by Ms Tapui during her job interviews. I have nothing further to add."

Now, Baroness Scotland was fined £5,000 because she did not take copies of these documents as the law—a law that she herself helped to conceive, draft and vote through Parliament—stated that she should.

As such, neither the UK Border Agency nor the general public have any proof whatsoever that Baroness Scotland did, indeed, check these documents.

Never mind, our monocular cunt of a Prime Minister believed that no further action should be taken against Baroness Scotland—who is, lest we forget, the Attorney General and thus the government's chief law adviser—because she had seen these documents.
But because she had not knowingly employed an illegal worker and had checked documents Mr Brown believed "no further action" was necessary.

Of course, in common with both the UKBA and the British people, the Gobblin' King had absolutely no proof of this whatsoever because there is none.

Which means, of course, that if someone popped up and said that the Baroness had not, in fact, checked Loloahi Tapui's documents—and, specifically, her passport—then there might be a few repercussions.

Oh look! Someone has actually done that—in fact, Loloahi Tapui herself!
The former housekeeper to Attorney General Baroness Scotland has claimed the peer never asked to see her passport before giving her a job.

Speaking exclusively to the Mail on Sunday, Loloahi Tapui, an illegal immigrant from Tonga, claimed she was given work after a 10-minute interview.

Baroness Scotland—fined last week for failing to take copies of Ms Tapui's documents - insists she saw a passport.

In [the interview], the 27-year-old insists a passport—reported to contain a forged and out-of-date visa—found in her West London home during a raid by UK Border Agency officials is the only one she possesses.

She says she has been in Britain illegally for five years, since her student visa ran out, and is prepared to take a lie-detector test to prove she is telling the truth.

"I do not understand why [Baroness Scotland] said that she saw my passport because I know I'm illegal," she tells the Mail on Sunday.

"Why [would] I provide my passport because I know [that if I did] I would not get employed by her."

Good question. As such, one can conclude, I think, that "one of the few Black women in public life" has been slightly... ah... economical with the truth.

In other words, she's a stinking fucking liar. And a crook, to boot.

The ball's back in your court, Gordon, you fucknuts.

P.S. For those few of you who haven't seen it yet (though I alluded to it in my question for the Lords), Baroness Scotland has previous in terms of being a filthy hypocrite.
[Lady Scotland] was responsible for announcing tougher sentences for careless motorists who kill when she was a Home Office minister.

Lady Scotland confessed to the driving offence in an interview with this newspaper conducted in April 1991, when she was made the first black woman in Britain to be made a QC.

Asked if she had ever broken the law, the then Patricia Scotland “confessed to a careless driving conviction—she had been coming into a major road in London when a taxi hit her”.

A taxi hit her... And yet she was the one given the conviction for careless driving. Hmmmm.

Could it be that Lady Scotland is, once again, being a bit disingenuous? Could she be telling a bit of a Passport porky-pie? Who can tell?

But let's just say that if you believe her, Baroness Scotland also has a really lovely bridge that she'd like to sell you...

P.P.S. It seems that Gordon is utterly desperate not to loose Lady Scotland's special services (whatever they may be, exactly)—so much so that he was willing to do a colossal u-turn on ministers' expenses.
BARONESS SCOTLAND was saved from facing questions about her expenses last week by a swift government U-turn that at a stroke changed its policy on allowances.

The Sunday Times revealed last week that Scotland had received £170,000 from an allowance intended for ministers in the House of Lords who live outside London. This was despite the fact that the baroness has owned a family home in the capital for 15 years and tells the Lords it is her main address.

Before our article, the Cabinet Office could not have been more clear that Scotland should have received the allowance only if her main home was outside the capital.

However, less than 24 hours after the article was published, Baroness Royall, the leader of the Lords, sanctioned a statement by the Cabinet Office which overturned all its previous advice. It said the allowance was available to all lords who serve as ministers, regardless of where they live.

This, of course, means that other ministers can start claiming loads more of our lovely lolly in order to shore up their disgustingly depraved lifestyles. Thanks a fucking bunch, Gordo.

Yeah, sure: why not give lots more money away, Gordo? After all, it's only money. It's fucking magic money that falls from the fucking sky, ain't it, Gordon? It's definitely not the product of other people's hard work, is it, you one-eyed freak?

Of course, in Gordoland, it isn't actually our money—it is the state's money and the goverment can spend as much of that cash as it likes on as many pointless and wasteful projects as it likes. And what we are allowed to keep we should be fucking grateful for.

And the state still lets us keep nearly half of what we earn, so we should be ever so fucking grateful.

Now remember, fellow proles, to doff your fucking cap as the minister drives by...

UPDATE: and now it seems that Lady Scotland is in trouble with the Bar Standards Board.
The latest revelations come as her professional body was urged to launch a highly embarrassing investigation into her conduct.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that the Bar Standards Board has received a number of complaints about the beleaguered Cabinet minister, who was fined £5,000 for employing an illegal immigrant.

The Bar Standards Board does not normally investigate complaints about a lawyer's private life, but its own guidelines acknowledge that such an inquiry may be launched in "exceptional circumstances".

A spokeswoman for the board declined to comment about Lady Scotland's case and refused to disclose how many complaints had been received.

Senior legal sources have told this newspaper that the Bar Standards Board would have no alternative but to carry out an inquiry into whether the QC breached the barristers' code of conduct and brought the legal profession into disrepute.

The board was created just three years ago as part of the Bar's attempt to retain its self-regulating role, and failing to act could leave the organisation open to criticism, said lawyers.

"I have no doubt that the Bar Standards Board will deal with this properly and take appropriate action," said one QC.

Members of the disciplinary panel may now have to consider whether Lady Scotland's activities have been "dishonest or otherwise discreditable to a barrister".

The board has the power to disbar a lawyer who is found to have committed a serious breach of the code. Even if a lesser punishment is imposed – such as a fine, suspension or reprimand – it could be fatal to Lady Scotland's political career.

Any inquiry is likely to focus on whether the legal profession has been tarnished by Lady Scotland's breach of immigration laws and the imposition of a £5,000 fine, but Lady Scotland could face even more difficult questions if her version of events differs from the account given by Ms Tapui.

David Davies, the Conservative MP for Monmouth, was among those who asked the Bar Standards Board to examine the case.

Mr Davies said: "If Gordon Brown cannot bring himself to discipline her then the Bar Standards Board should look into whether she has breached her professional code.

"I would have thought that Lady Scotland has obviously brought discredit on to barristers through all this."

Strange though the concept may seem, I think that Baroness Scotland has made people think even less of lawyers than they already do. Further, our lunatic Cyclopean PM's refusal to sack her suggests that the legal profession is rather too close to our government for comfort.

It's all gone a bit Pete Tongan for "one of the few Black women in public life"...


Anonymous said...

If the story can be kept going into the first part of the Conference, overshadowing some of the other scum, she cannot survive.

I'm going to bet on a Tuesday resignation.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

She's toast Shes a filthy Liar

Longrider said...

A taxi hit her... And yet she was the one given the conviction for careless driving. Hmmmm.

No contradiction here. If she pulled out without looking properly, traffic on the major road colliding with her would be the likely outcome.

Rob said...

Note how in that BBC article Tapui "claims" but Scotland "says" and "insists".

The BBC are past masters at using language like this to undermine or support a particular position.

Subtle bias works, because most people don't see it. Overt bias fails.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

Send "baroness" "Scotland" to upper-Jipoopooland, for ever, and appoint the cleaner in her place instead, I think.

We could not be worse off than now.

Anonymous said...

"And the state still lets us keep nearly half of what we earn..."

Well lucky old you - income tax, NI,VAT, council tax, tax disc, TV license, MOT tests and on and on seems to account for a whole lot more for me.

thefrollickingmole said...

Reminds me of our esteemed Mr Einfeld, a Judge and professional human rights actavist here in Australia.

Hes currently in jail for lying (perjury) over speeding fines he obtained, and blamed on a woman who had died some years earlier.

Just out of interest has Mistress Scotland made any comments that could fall into perjury so far?
Has she made a statutory declaration regaurding her sighting the imaginary passport?

If she made a stat dec, then shes bang to rights for perjury, no ifs or buts about it.

The Einfeld case is worth a look, I think there are some interesting paralels with Ms Scotlands case.

Anonymous said...

What did they teach you at Eton, boy? It's "lose", not "loose". A trashing's in order, mm-mmh?


Why is either one of these foreigners still in our country?

Anonymous said...

Whats the difference between a dead dog lying in the road and a dead lawyer lying in the road ?
There are tyre tracks in front of the dead dog.

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