Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baroness Scotland: breaking the law is like "overpaying the congestion charge"

Oh, look! Via Guido (who also reports that the ugly baggage has been reported to the Bar Standards Board), Baroness Scotland is on the TV!

"... that I got caught." [Alright, I made that bit up. Convenient break in the video though, eh?]

I'll bet that the Attorney General is sorry after being found guilty of breaking a law that she brought in—she has been fined £5,000 (half of the possible maximum).
Attorney General Baroness Scotland has been fined £5,000 after being found to have employed a housekeeper who was not legally allowed to work in the UK.

The UK Border Agency said she took steps to check Tongan Loloahi Tapui's right to work but had not kept a copy of documents, as required by law.

Opposition parties say her position is "untenable" but No 10 said it was an "inadvertent" mistake.

She apologised for the "technical breach" and said she accepted the fine.

Shut. The. Fuck. Up. This is not a fucking "technical breach": this was—and I'll say it again—a breaking of the law that you introduced. It was a hideous, spiteful law that should never have seen the light of day and not only did you help bring it in, but you have also—somehow—weaseled your way into being the government's chief adviser on legal matters.

At the very least, you are an incompetent fuckwit who is not fit to hold such an important job, my dear Baroness; at worst, you are a lying, hypocritical, law-breaking shithole.

Given her position, Baroness Scotland should have been fined the full £10,000; since she cannot possibly have been ignorant of a law that she introduced, one can conclude that she deliberately flaunted it and with deception aforethought.
In a statement, Downing Street said: "The UK Border Agency is satisfied she did not knowingly employ an illegal worker. She examined documents of her status. She paid tax and National Insurance on her earnings. She employed her new cleaner in good faith.

"But regrettably she did not retain copies of the documents proving the right to work she was given. As a result she is paying an administrative penalty."

It added that breaches of the law were taken "seriously" and the PM had consulted the cabinet secretary about whether the ministerial code had been breached.

But because she had not knowingly employed an illegal worker and had checked documents Mr Brown believed "no further action" was necessary.

So, the only proof that she saw these documents is... Oh, wait: there is none. Nada. Nowt. Nothing.

Never mind, I am sure that the Devon farmer I posted about a while back—who was given an on-the-spot fine of £10,000 per worker—will be treated equally leniently, eh? No further action need be taken, I imagine...?

Still, thrilled as I am to see Baroness Scotland fined—though not, it appears, humbled—I believe that one of the best posts about this comes from Jackart. [Emphasis mine.]
She wanted to work, and indeed pay tax. Which makes Loloahi Tapui a more valuable citizen than 15% of the native-born population who sit on their fat arses watching Jeremy Kyle and reading the Sun (those who can actually read), and who don't get their doors kicked in by uniformed thugs in the pay of the state, which instead subsidises their idleness through a complex smorgasbord of 51 different benefits which ensure that no-one born in the UK has to work if they don't want to, and indeed get punished with marginal withdrawal rates of 90% should they even try.

Borders are an affront to human dignity, as is the welfare state.

Quite: that last line is succinctly put, and quite correct. But then, governments have never really been worried about human dignity—especially not the current crop. After all, would someone who possessed dignity go around pilfering petty cash from the taxpayer...?

Speaking of which, my dear Baroness... About that £170,000 that you stole...

UPDATE: I love this piece of logic from The Nameless Libertarian...
So, she broke a law that she helped to draft. And she has been fined for it. Yet, according to Gordon Brown, she doesn't have to resign. It really does beg the question of what the fuck someone has to in order to have to resign in the world of Gordon Brown. Unless, of course, the law she broke doesn't need to be adhered to. In which case is this law strictly speaking necessary? And if not, then surely the person who helped to bring it onto the statute books should resign?

Can't say fairer than that, eh?

Now, really... About that £170,000...


g1lgam3sh said...

Do you ever get that feeling? You know...that one that's just gone screeching past utterly and totally fucked off, straight to irritated...

Not all people on sink estates are happy with the current situation...just sayin'

w/v: dasty...yet again just one letter away :-)

Junican said...

Methinks that the Baroness Scotland is lieing through her back-teeth. She never saw any papers. There are no papers. Any more that a taliban/al qaeda 'immigrant' has any papers. Do you, Mr Devil, have any papers?

tipple said...

£7.500 is the correct fine for a first offence & a £2.500 discount if they co-operate. So they did give her the maximum fine.


All the Customs agents found was an out of date passport with an out of date student visa. I guess the Baroness knew shw was dodgy & paid her cash in hand. Lets look into that instead, along with the fact she ripped us all off on expenses. She's a gonna one way or another!

Labour Ignoramus said...

I always wonder about these 'on the spot' fines. I recall an 'initiative' relating to anti-social behaviour, where police officers would march "yobs" to the nearest cash point for payment of said fines. Did they do so with Baroness Scotland? or did they accept a cheque? If they did, and knowing this government, I bet the motherfucker will bounce (although, as Big Gord has stated, she won't fucking swing).

BTW, with regard to an earlier post (GB on mono-amine oxidase inhibitors), I suggest he be administered intra-muscular Zuclopentixol Acuphase - regularly, and with several bulky chappies holding the twat down. That or a full-frontal lobotomy (although no one would know the difference!)

Vicola said...

Well, the next time I get nicked by one of those bastard hiding coppers with a hand held speedgun for doing 36 in a 30 zone I will inform him that I didn't realise I was speeding and so it is just a 'technical breach' of the road laws. I will then expect a £30 fine and one and a half points. That's how it now works, yes?

Anonymous said...

I used to work with one of her nieces... lovely woman but I digress.
If you break the law you take the penalty it's as simple as that. Honestly watching all these fucktards has made me reconsider a career in law for one in politics if only for the simple reason that I'm pretty sure I can do a fuck of a lot better than these cunts (and for a fuck of a lot less money as well- I'm currently living on 14 grand a year between two people, I'd happily be an MP for 20-25k a year plus a season rail ticket between London and constituency and somewhere to crash if I wasn't based in London (nothing fancy a spare room, a bedsit whatever). Give the rest of the money to local charities or something.

should be someones slogan at the next election "vote for me I'm cheaper than the other guys!"

jonathan said...

And I bet she won't even pay the fine out of her own pocket either. It'll be tacked on to her expenses somewhere.
Another illustration of the moral bankruptcy of the left: 'We don't have to obey the law, that's only for ordinary people- like you.'

John B said...

"Never mind, I am sure that the Devon farmer I posted about a while back—who was given an on-the-spot fine of £10,000 per worker—will be treated equally leniently, eh? No further action need be taken, I imagine."

The Devon farmer wasn't given an on the spot fine of £10,000 per worker, he was given notice that he was facing a maximum fine of £10,000 per worker. Like Baroness Scotland.

If he's treated equally to her, he'll be fined £60,000.

(nor do I understand the resignation point - she hasn't broken the criminal law, and it's not customary for officials, or anyone else, to resign when they lose civil cases)

Rob said...

You don't think it would be the honourable thing for the Minister who guided this law through parliament, and who is the most senior legal political representative in the land, to resign when they have broken the law?

I know this is Labour, and "honour" is a meaningless word where they are concerned.

Pete said...

I believe that she didn't keep copies because they would incriminate her - she knew what she was doing when she employed the illegal imigrant.

Let's hope the MSM do something useful for once and use their cheque books to get the full story from the Tongan girl (including her hourly rate of pay).

Anonimong said...

John B.
Its a question of morals and integrity.
Being Scottish you dont understand such things so I will keep it simple for you.In the words of G Brown (and you cant get any simpler than that)"because its the right thing to do".

Umbongo said...

"when they lose civil cases"

Scotland didn't "lose" a civil case, she wasn't sued for not paying a bill - she broke the law. Admittedly this isn't a crime but, given all the fanfare with which it was introduced, it's a serious civil offence.

BTW Scotland is not just a common or garden corrupt minister, she is the senior law officer in the government. But, of course, this is a Labour government so I'm not exactly surprised that johnb is uncharacteristically indulgent of dishonest - if not criminal - behaviour.

G Eagle Esq said...

Hasn't this Young Lady doNe well for herself - how many folk do you know who could pay a £5,000 fine by return of post

If it waddles and if it quacks, it's a Duck

This is not just a trivial "civil" matter - at the least, it is a punitive, quasi-criminal penalty

If you are an Employer struggling to keep his business going, such fines could tip the business into bankruptcy

... not that this Young Lady seems to care about how many folk are hurt by her punitive regulations

Anonymous said...

David and Goliath - Taking on the juggernaut of the 'Yes' campaign:


James Higham said...

Bang to rights, that one.

13eastie said...

Look at what at twattish country we've become under Labour.

e.g. The "law" in practice on employing illegal immigrants:

IF YOU'RE A TONGAN OF FEW MEANS WORKING HARD FOR PEANUTS: Getting found out gets you summary dismissal.



This bitch has about as much integrity as the "Last King of Scotland".

Pedant said...

I greatly enjoy your blog, and usually your writing, but you don't flaunt laws, you flout them. :)

Anonymous said...

all she had to do was get cognizant, wipro, tech mahindra, or one of the countless others to apply for an inter company transfer visa for the girl and she would have been rubber stamped a visa no problem, after all thats the way we have hundreds of thousands of workers in the country by passing the work visa system and under cutting european workers


Junican said...

Baroness Scotland. Attorney General. Say that again. Baroness Scotland. Attorney General.

Huge salary. Huge expenses.

Please tell me how it is that this high-powered, extremely busy person has the time to PERSONALLY vet her employees. It may have been a few years since this employee was taken on, but even then, the Baroness must have been a Very Important Person.

The idea that she personally vetted this employee both amuses me and horrifies me.

She ought to tell the truth. She should have said, "My Major Domo took her on. He did all the reasonable checks he could think of. Unfortunately, he cocked up and so I have had to sacked him. I have sacked her as well. Not my fault."

I think that this girl has been spirited away by some newspaper which is biding its time for the best time to make the appropriate revealations, true or not.

That is why many Labour politicians are suggesting that she should resign.

JonnyN said...

I think you mean 'flouted', not 'flaunted'.

Anonymous said...

Declaration of Rights 1688/9:

"All promises of fines or forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void"

Has Baroness Scotland been found guilty in a court of law? No. Therefore she is innocent. Her fine is illegal and void and she should, as supreme legal being, say so and not pay her 'fine' no matter how much or little it is. Will she? Will she .....

Why not? Because she is of the government. Because the government has been flouting our law. Because millions of other 'spot fined and forfeited' persons have been illegally and voidly fined and forfeited over the decades and the total amounts to hundreds of millions of pounds and loads of driving licence points; to do otherwise would revert our government to its proper role of serving the people, instead of turning the people over for a few sheckels and other penalties.

Time we regained our freedoms, liberties and the rule of law under our WRITTEN constitution and told the bastards in parliament to sod off and leave us in peace.

Otherwise they can expect us to get annoyed with them and cause them a bit of grief.

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