Friday, August 28, 2009

Top Right of Centre Blogs

All of the usual thanks and acknowledgements to contributors, commenters and readers for ensuring that your humble Devil is once more in a decent spot in the Top 100 Right of Centre blogs.

The Kitchen, Dizzy and Conservative Home have all dropped one place—knocked down by an insurgent Spectator Coffee House. Still, the Coffee House chaps are paid for their efforts and we—or, rather, Dizzy and I—are but poor amateurs, tapping away for few rewards other than catharsis, personal enlightenment and invitations to parties with free booze.

Anyway, here's the top ten...
  1. (1) Guido Fawkes

  2. (2) Iain Dale

  3. (6) Spectator Coffee House

  4. (3) Conservative Home

  5. (4) Dizzy Thinks

  6. (5) Devil's Kitchen

  7. (14) Daniel Hannan MEP

  8. (35) Tory Bear

  9. (12) Archbishop Cranmer

  10. (8) John Redwood MP

You can find the full list here...

P.S. Your humble apologises for the sporadic blogging, but I am tremendously busy at present—mainly working to support the wife's vices. I'll try to post something thrilling at the weekend...

P.P.S. I have recently heard a lot of radio adverts for Microsoft Office. The version that they are punting is—proudly—announced as "Office 2007".

Office 2007? Seriously, which fucking moron decided Microsoft's naming conventions?

Look, I am sure that Office 2007 is jolly super, but we're nearing the final quarter of 2009 right now—Office 2007 sounds superannuated, even if it's not.

It's barking insanity, I tell thee...


Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Ouch where is the love... guess I am just gonna to have to be happy with my position on the Twitter top 10.

JuliaM said...

Congrats! Well deserved.

Kevin Boatang said...

Boatang and Demetriou new in at 29, not bad.

And MS, the fact that Win 7 is already on sale is not a good sign. Do yuou think they will ever clock that for most people, getting on the net, emailing and printing their cv is all they need?

Anonymous said...

I wish you wouldn't give this sort of thing a platform. I don't give a fuck about blog ratings any more than I do about TV ratings.

Longrider said...

I wish you wouldn't give this sort of thing a platform. I don't give a fuck about blog ratings any more than I do about TV ratings.

So don't read it, then...

Anonymous said...

It's not just that, Longrider. The blogosphere was supposed to be somewhere were you could exist on your own terms without everything having to be filtered through some gatekeeper, whether that was an editor or some quasi-government lackey or the dweebs who actually bother to vote in these competitions. So why promote the idea that you're pretty damn good because some idiot gatekeeper has decided you are?

Anonymous said...

Longrider said:

"So don't read it, then... "

Who the fuck do you think you are telling people what to read and what not? Last I looked, Mr Longrider, it was still quite respectable to read something and complain about it. That's what 90 per cent of the blogs on here do. Read something, then complain about it.

Got that?

Longrider said...

Edgar, Oh, good grief. At the risk of telling you what to do; grow up.

As to anon - I share your opinion on these best blogging list malarkeys and I don't take part myself. That said, I don't tell other people what they should or not write about on their blogs, which was my point. If DK wants to trumpet his listing from the rooftops, then that's his prerogative - his place and all that.

It was an off-hand remark that seems to be taken rather more seriously than it warranted. And some folk are rather too touchy.

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