Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stupidity and ignorance from LabourList

The hilariously pointless LabourList is attempting to have a debate about immunisation and, as usual, the article concerned is ignorant in the extreme. The article—hilariously titled Inject some sense into immunisation—gives us a flavour, in the very first paragraph, of exactly what kind of "sense" these idiots want to "inject"...
If I offered you a cocktail which included in its ingredients formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, washed sheep red blood cells, embryonic fluid from chickens and thimerosal, what would be your initial reaction? Would you gladly accept this concoction of animal byproducts, heavy metals and chemicals without question?

"Chemicals"? Ooh, how fucking scary. Your entire body is made of "chemicals", you fucking moron.

For example, how would you react if I said that you have large traces of adenosine triphosphate in your body? Would you think, "fuck me—triphosphate? Phosphorus? That can't be good, can it? And adenosine? That sounds a bit suspicious." Well, you'd be wrong.
Adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) is a multifunctional nucleotide, and plays an important role in cell biology as a coenzyme that is the "molecular unit of currency" of intracellular energy transfer.

In fact, you wouldn't exist without adenosine triphosphate because it is what allows your cells to live.

What if I told you that you had chloride ions throughout your body? "Fuck me! Chlorine's a poison—they put it in swimming pools to try to prevent growth of bacteria and algae! Shit! How long do I have to live?"

Once again, you'd be wrong: chloride ions and sodium ions drive the potentials that create the electrical currents in your nerves. Once again, they are absolutely essential.

So, by all means have a debate about immunisation but why not get someone who knows something about the subject to write the fucking article, you Labour morons? Having a debate is all very well, but to have a meaningful debate, you need to start with correct premises; if the facts on which you base your debate are wrong from the very start, then the debate is self-evidently pointless.

Seriously, one of the great things about blogging—and it is one of the things that is going to kill comment pieces in the MSM—is that there are people out in the blogosphere who actually know something about the subjects on which they are writing.

This article, though, is absolutely typical of the way in which politicians in general—and NuLabour in particular—tend to make policy: a whole bunch of idiots who are utterly unaware of the background or facts involved in the subject at hand get together in a room, wank each other off, and come up with a policy which at best is completely fucking useless and, at worst, actively damaging.

Generally speaking, the Tories are no better, but over the last twelve years, NuLabour have demonstrated an utter unwillingness to listen to anyone with any knowledge of the subject at hand—including doctors in hospitals and teachers in schools—and instead made facile policies on the basis of ignorance, tribal loyalty, prejudice, bigotry and spite.

This is why NuLabour have so comprehensively fucked up this country—because politicians and their advisors are generally ignorant of anything other than politics. Plus, of course, the politicians involved in the NuLabour project are quite outstandingly baleful and spiteful.

This will not change under the Tories; state interference is nearly always a disaster, and the only reason that Labour governments have been so outstandingly disastrous is because they are far more in favour of increased state interference than the Tories.

And, since state interference fucks things up, it follows that more state interference fucks things up even more.


Dr Evil said...

He obviously has never heard of the word adjuvant. The cocktail of things that stimulate the immune system to increase the titre of antibody caused by the vaccine. A little knowledge may be a dangerous thing but woeful ignorance is much more dangerous, especially when exhibited on a national forum of some prominence.

Winston said...

Can we ban dihydrogen monoxide?

A chemical which can kill humans in sufficient quantities yet farmers freely spray their fields with it!

Lola said...

'Seconded' is the most succinct response I think.

Dick Puddlecote said...

and instead made facile policies on the basis of ignorance, tribal loyalty, prejudice, bigotry and spite.

The Blair/Brown administration in a nutshell. The most vile, condescending, hate-filled junta ever inflicted on this country.

Like you say, the Tories don't appear to be any better a prospect. They've got James fucking Brokenshire FFS.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Wouldnt want thimerosal Has mercury in it The rest I could deal with

Wossat? said...

Why is the bastard whining on Labourlost? Why doesn't he whine to the shithead who took the MMR single innoculations choice out of parental hands for no other reason other than it pissed off the middle class?

Welcome back Mr. Devil. Your vernacular strewn cogitations have been sorely missed this last week.

Timothy Wallace said...

And when they give someone who might know something a peerage to be a minister, he still buggers off back to his real job...

the a&e charge nurse said...

Devil - there is at least one glaring contradiction in your analysis.

I agree the article (that you link to) is dreadfully misinformed - in fact, it didn't take very long before the Labour-list contributor received a virtual kicking from an army of disgruntled bloggers (many of whom must be NuLab supporters).

Anyway surely this type of anti-vaccination mindset flies in the face of current health policy?

So, one the one hand YOU accuse anti-vaccination loonies of masturbatory excess but on the other you claim the state 'fucks things up' (presumably for being pro-vaccination) - do you have one shred of evidence that non-state initiated vaccination programmes are MORE efficient than their state counterparts?

Perhaps you have not fully sobered up since your recent Edinburgh jolly?

I will leave you with a 'Grayism' - an antidote to the political dogma that so many are intent on pushing nowadays.
"Politics is the art of devising temporary remedies for recurring evils - a series of expedients, not a project of salvation"
[Gray's Anatomy - p3].

Now think on, young Devil.

Anonymous said...

You're unkind to Labour List. True, articles posted there are delusional and ill-informed but the responses are something else again. A number of folk frequent LL for the joy of teasing and goading. Yes, yes, I know it's juvenile...

tom p said...

don't forget that "embryonic fluid from chickens" is more commonly known as egg white. Oh, and unwashed pig red blood cells make up a goodly proportion of black pudding.

The A&E charge nurse is spot-on though. This twat's malformed and fucktarded drivel has nothing to do with government vaccination policy, which is one of the few areas where they are scientifically sound.

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