Monday, July 27, 2009

Not dead

Just in case people were wondering where I've been, I've not been anywhere. I am, however, making the most of the fact that Bella is away so that I can spend the vast majority of my time sitting in front of the computer, like the world's biggest nerd, doing bits of exciting work (some of which pays).

One of the bits that doesn't pay me—or, rather, not directly—is my own portfolio website, which I have been revamping (again). Let me know what you think of the look of it—and yes, I know it doesn't have much actual design work on it. Yet—because I may translate a version of the template to The Kitchen.

As always, the usual caveats about Internet Exploder apply—although I have done some testing and it looks not too shabby, as far as I can see. Any tips welcome though.

I shall be back on the politics as soon as possible (and when something annoys me). In the meantime, as Samizdata have reminded me, I'd just like to point out that the programme for the Libertarian Alliance Conference has now been released.
It will be tough to follow what was a great event last year, with speakers such as David Friedman - but this year's Libertarian Alliance annual conference, on 24-25 October in London, promises to be a good one. I have just been sent the agenda and list of speakers, including Tibor Machan, the US philosopher (one of my favourites), Richard Wellings of the IEA, Jan Lester and ... The Devil's Kitchen.

Book early to avoid disappointment...


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read some of the highlights. What's your speech going to be ?

" The British electorate - thick cunts who are too fucking stupid to vote for us, or neanderthal troglodytes who should just be ignored ? "


" Why mainstream UK society should be fucked up by hard drugs, just so that I don't get a criminal record for snorting coke at a metrosexual party ( because I'm so much cleverer than the proles and it's all about me and my tiny circle of yuppie mates ) "

Marky W said...

@Anon 2:56am

Now putting aside whether I agree with you or not, that was a piss-funny post.

Well done.

Devil's Kitchen said...



"Metrosexual"? "Yuppies"?

What a strange world you think I inhabit.

The trouble is that you haven't even advanced any decent arguments—not one single piece of evidence for your assertions.

The only thing that you have contributed to the debate is a purely anecdotal story about you allegedly becoming addicted to opiates through no fault of your own—and somehow this translates to "society should be fucked up by hard drugs".

It's not your offensiveness that rankles—it's your laziness.


Devil's Kitchen said...

P.S. Further, you accuse me of thinking that "I'm so much cleverer than the proles" and yet it is you who assumes that they will be so stupid and feckless as to become drug addicts. Who is it who has the patronising view of humanity?

I think that the vast majority of those who take drugs will not become addicts, will not lose a job, will not lose a partner, etc. But then, the current evidence—both anecdotal and objective—is on my side on this too.


Pete said...

Like your website and will appreciate the transfer of the template here (I think this one's a tad pallid) but *please* don't use small red type on a black ground - I can't read it! (May possibly be IE...)

witchibus said...

Sorry to hear that Bella's still had no joy re immigration stuff. I'm askign around up here, but the messages are confusing to say the least. However, this was all over the Scottish press yesterday:

FrankC said...

Agree with Pete. The artwork is stunning, but red, or grey, text on black is almost impossible to read. (Using FF3 here)

Anonymous said...

Mate, those 'modelling' photos are absolutely fucking priceless.

If any evidence was needed of our humble Devil being totally out of fucking touch with reality then a link to you pouting away with your floppy hair, advertising that faux countryside metrosexual fancy dress should be enough.

Really, do you have no shame ?

No wonder you drink a lot, I don't think there would be enough booze in the world to let me live that down.

Devil's Kitchen said...


Not really.

Although I can quite understand why someone like you would be ashamed of themselves, I am not.


P.S. Are you getting paid every time that you write the word "metrosexual" or something? Don't you have any other descriptors in your handbag?

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