Sunday, July 05, 2009

Mad Mahdi Bunting and the Grand Narrative of Death

Last week, the reliably Mad Mahdi Bunting wrote a particularly silly article in The Grauniad, one sentence of which was rightfully mocked by many.

But the whole article was not merely mad, but actively terrifying. At its center was the loathesome idea of the "grand narrative"—a controlling meme through which the unconditional support of the population could be enforced through ignorance and power.

Naturally, this is a repugnant idea to any libertarian—as is Mahdi's contention that "individualism" is somehow synonymous with buying more shiny shit—and it was just ripe for a truly detailed fisking in the grand tradition.

And so, in what is quite simply one of the best posts that I have ever read, Bella Gerens has not only ripped the Mad Mahdi a new arsehole and laid out why forced collectivism is so evil, she has also articulated the virtues of true individualism—rather than the fake, corporatist idea that Bunting and her evil ilk are peddling.

Do go and read it—if only to arm yourself. Because, believe me, we have already seen altogether too many "opinion-formers" cleaving to Bunting's "grand narrative", and we are going to see a lot more.

And it needs to be resisted—else it will be the last nail in the coffin of our liberty.


John Demetriou said...

Nice piece

Here was my contemporaneously written piece on the matter.



Hugo said...

Mad Bunting has a history of bonkers-crazy articles about religion, too. She was very distressed by all those books by nasty atheists a couple of years ago. They just don't understand!

Call me Infidel said...

Every other modern narrative – communism, socialism, even those that were destructive, such as neoliberalism and fascism

Hmm so communism is harmless then? I think some of the 20 odd million victims of Joe Stalin might disagree if they weren't dead that is. What a fuckwit.

John Demetriou said...


How long was it again? Till she was booted out of, sorry, till she 'voluntarily resigned' from Demos?

About a week or two by my reckoning.

The words 'tail' 'between' and 'legs' come to mind. All those Guardian goodbyes and she was back before her fucking chair cooled down.

She's a loon and a dickhead and her views, if I weren't such a Libertarian, could be seen as being dangerous and irresponsible.

Total pen-arse of a woman.

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