Friday, June 26, 2009

Will we ever trust doctors again?

Professor Ian Gilmore: cuntIan Gilmore: His guitar playing on Shine on You Crazy Diamond was sublime but these days he's a proper cunt.

(nb. I am not DK)

The Lancet has decided to dedicate a whole issue to pushing the fuck-me-I-never-saw-that-coming anti-booze crusade that all us paranoid libertarians said would inevitably follow the war on tabs as a result of the slippery slope that apparently doesn't fucking exist.

Parading it to the blinkered morons of the Fourth Estate is ubiquitous arsehole Ian Gilmore, who makes the connection between smoking and drinking explicit:
"We need an international framework convention for alcohol control, similar to that on tobacco, as soon as possible, to put into practice the evidence-based measures needed to reduce alcohol-related harm.

"These include increasing the price of alcohol, reducing its availability and banning advertising, and the action needs to start now."

"We've been fucking smokers up the arse for a number of years now and, frankly, we're in the mood for some fresh meat. Obviously we'll be using the same bullshit statistics to soften the British pleblic up for a good roasting. 

"But before we begin, I'd just like to thank all the docile pricks who pathed the way by supporting the smoking ban just because it meant they wouldn't have to wash their clothes or hair anymore. 

"Believe me, you dirty, smelly, gullible set of twats, a trip to the washing machine is going to seem like a fucking birthday party by the time we've finished with you."

Step One is a 50p per unit 'minimum price' on alcohol. In an attempt to whore this policy to the public, Gilmore came up with a 'fact' which, even by the standards of puritanical, lying, fake charity, quack bastard, burn-in-hell fuck-nuggets like him, is an egregious travesty. Not that the fucking Telegraph bothered to question it:
Minimum alcohol price 'could halve hospital admissions for drinking'

Prof Gilmore, the president of the Royal College of Physicians, said the move could reduce the numbers admitted for alcohol problems by around 100,000.

In 2007, just over 207,000 people were taken into hospital because of the effects of drinking.

Really? Upon what research is this based, Gilmore, you say-anything, do-anything, prohibitionist fucking little worm? Are you prepared to stand by this prediction if we introduce this piece-of-shit law and hospital admissions don't fall by half? Can we expect you to do the decent thing, ie. resign, stick an orange in your mouth and kill yourself? Or will you and your band of hateful motherfuckers simply demand a higher 'minimum price' and yet more vindictive bullshit?

The hopeless bastard reveals what a nonsense this is as he tries to suck up to middle England:
Writing in The Lancet, however, Prof Gilmore says that the price hike would cost the average person only 23p more per week.

Only 23p? So it'll be so small that no one notices and yet big enough to save 100,000 lives? Give me three bottles of your snake-oil, Dr Gilmore. Fuck it, let's make it 46p and eliminate alcohol-related admissions altogether.

Lying, evil little shyster. That's all he is.

If that little statistic sounds like bollocks—and by Christ, it is—it is entirely in keeping with The Lancet's special edition, of which the highlight is this study:
One in 25 deaths across the world are linked to alcohol consumption, Canadian experts have suggested.

And if 1 in 25 deaths seems a bit high, wait till you hear about the supposed rate in Europe:
Europe had the highest proportion of deaths related to alcohol, with 1 in 10 deaths directly attributable.

10% of all deaths? Let's do a quick bag-of-an-envelope calculation, shall we?

According to the ONS, there were 509,090 deaths in England and Wales in 2008 and there were 6,541 deaths related to alcohol in England. That last figure doesn't include Wales so let's be generous and add a further 500 deaths for the sheep-worriers.

Which gives us a total number of about 7,000, or 1.38% of all deaths.

Of course, that doesn't give us the percentage for the whole of Europe, but seeing as we're supposedly some of the worst drinkers in Europe (another fucking lie), that should be considered a conservative estimate. Still nowhere near 10% though, is it? It's not even close to the 1 in 25—or 4%—claimed for the whole world, and for that global total you need to factor in a billion muslims who don't drink at all, plus God knows how many people who haven't got a pot to piss in, let alone a pub to get pissed in.

So the only conclusion can be that, yet again, we're being lied to on a massive scale. And what does the prick who conducted the study have to say for himself?
"The big message is treat alcohol like tobacco..."

Yeah, alright, we get it...
... not as a substance that is relatively benign except for those bad alcoholics. That is not true."

And that, too, is a bare-faced lie. Being a tee-totaller is not good for you and moderate drinking is very certainly 'benign', as has been shown many times, for example:
Women who drank alcohol on at least one day a week had a lower risk of coronary heart disease than women who drank alcohol on less than one day a week...

For men an inverse association was found between drinking frequency and risk of coronary heart disease across the entire range of drinking frequencies. The lowest risk was observed among men who drank daily (0.59, 0.48 to 0.71) compared with men who drank alcohol on less than one day a week.

They lie and lie and lie. Do these fuckers really think that a few bullshit anti-drinking laws are worth dragging their profession into the gutter? One day these quack bastards will tell the truth about something important. Will anyone believe them?

UPDATE (by DK): Professor Ian Gilmore is, of course, not just "president of the Royal College of Physicians", oh no. He is also the Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance which is, of course, a fake charity of some magnitude.
Now, a quick search of for "Alcohol Health Alliance" throws up such definitely fake charities as Sustain, the Institute for Alcohol Studies and the Alliance House Foundation (formerly the UK Alliance for the Suppression of the Traffic in All Intoxicating Liquors); all of these organisations are heavily funded by the state which means, of course, that the Alcohol Health Alliance is also heavily funded by the state.

As such, Professor Ian Gilmore is a mouthpiece for the government and should probably have his tongue ripped from his lying head before being hanged by his testicles in a tank full of ravenous piranas. The cunt.

It is worth pointing out that nowhere in the Telegraph article is this information pointed out.

Now me—I'd say that taking the word of a man who is the Chair of an organisation, the members of which include the formerly-named "UK Alliance for the Suppression of the Traffic in All Intoxicating Liquors", without mentioning this little nugget of information—or massive fucking conflict of interest—is the act of a deeply stupid, tit-head, biased cub reporter.

I would view said nugget as something that a professional journalist might like to mention to his readers. You know—for balance, and that kind of thing. Not, apparently, in the increasingly bizarre and amateurish world of the fucking Daily fucking Telegraph.

Professor Ian Gilmore really is a fucking cunt of the very first water who first featured on The Kitchen in December 2007. Needless to say, he has made a couple of appearances since then.

And I fully expect him to become a regular hate figure in the future too.


jaydeeaitch said...

And in the meantime our lords and masters can enjoy subsidised booze and freedom to smoke in the bars of the Palace of Westminster. So, logically, if it's lethal for us, they shouldn't be doing it, should they?

AND THEN they get their pensions at 60, us plebs at 65, at the moment. It won't be long before we get it at 70.

F me I'm so cross I need a drink: except that's illegal now isn't it?

Rob said...

It is amazing that they can get away with this so, so obvious lies. The MSM claims to be the professional outfit, but they just suck up the crap and print it verbatim.

There is barely a single enquiring mind in the whole of Fleet Street. Good riddance when it dies.

manfromthefuture said...

Presumably, the next step is to find some link between alcohol and harming other people. This is the central thesis for anti-smoking. There is, of course, drunken violence. but the problem with this approach is that such behaviour is not linear with consumption, only with over consumption. with smoking, it's claimed that even low-levels of smoking is harmful (to you and others), although personally i like to argue that this is untrue and infrequent smoking is not significant (this tends to annoy people a lot).

what they should do is tax stress. this would in turn create more stress and therefore more tax. stress is a killer - much more than alcohol, everyone gets stressed but not everyone smokes or drinks. being stressed out would also be illegal, as would inciting stress (MPs exempt).

that should do it.

saucepan said...

Meanwhile, back at the bar at Quack HQ:

Andrew said...

From the Toronto peeps paper, here is the bit were they say what they are including in their 'alcohol-attributable' list of diseases:

Identification of disease categories causally linked to alcohol

Several diseases and injuries are caused by alcohol by definition (eg, alcohol-use disorders, alcoholic liver disease, and alcohol-induced pancreatitis). These disorders are wholly attributable to alcohol, meaning that they would not exist without it. Furthermore, alcohol is a contributory cause of some diseases and injuries.8 For many of these diseases, such as specific types of cancer, alcohol is a contributory cause in only a fairly small number.

To identify disease categories for which alcohol is a contributory cause, we applied the standard epidemiological criteria. The establishment of causality required sufficient evidence of: a consistent association (positive or negative) between alcohol consumption and the disease or injury; chance, confounding variables, and other bias being ruled out with reasonable confidence as factors for association;29 and evidence of a plausible mediating process.30 These assessments were made with the standard criteria to establish causality in epidemiology,12 in which the most weight was placed on temporality, consistency across studies, established experimental biological evidence of mediating processes or at least physiological plausibility (biological mechanisms), and strength of the association (effect size).

In terms of wider codes from the GBD study,20 the following categories were related to alcohol: disorders arising during the perinatal period; mouth and oropharynx cancers (ICD-10: C00–C14); oesophageal cancer (C15); colon and rectal cancers (C18–C21); liver cancer (C22); breast cancer (C50); other neoplasms (D00-D48); diabetes mellitus (E10–E14); alcohol-use disorders (F10); unipolar depressive disorders (F32–F33); epilepsy (G40, G41); hypertensive heart disease (I10–I14); ischaemic heart disease (I20-I25); haemorrhagic stroke (I60–I62); ischaemic stroke (I63); cirrhosis of the liver (K74); low birthweight (P05–P07); road traffic accidents (many V codes12); falls (W00–W19); drownings (W65–W74); poisonings (X40–X49); other unintentional injuries (rest of V codes plus some W, X, Y codes12); self-inflicted injuries (X60–X84, Y87.0); violence (X85–Y09, Y87.1); and other intentional injuries (Y35). The identified alcohol-attributable diseases and injuries are the same as those in the CRA GBD 2000, except that colorectal cancer has been added on the basis of the 2007 assessment of the International Agency for Research on Cancer on the carcinogenicity of alcohol beverages.31

For alcohol, the usual epidemiological model has to be widened, since drinking can harm the health of non-drinkers in some cases (ie, maternal drinking can affect the health of the newborn baby, or driving while under the influence of alcohol can affect bystanders or other drivers).

Fuck me, I'm surprised only 10% of deaths are caused by that list. What else is there to die from? Earthquakes? Bee stings? Alien death rays?

Anonymous said...

Don't you people believe that second hand drinking is a proven fact. There have been studies all over the world.
Now that ASH (another fake 'charity') have almost finished their crusade they will have to be employed elsewhere.
Of course people will say that 'they will never ban alcohol in pubs' Well they said that about smoking didn't they ?
Watch out you people that enjoy eating YOU ARE NEXT !!

Captain Ranty said...

Utterly, utterly fucking brilliant.

That, FS, is World Class fisking.

It doesn't take long to completely destroy their shite, does it? These fucksticks have been getting away with far too much far too often for far too long.

I say we skin them and dip them in salt.

They are all mentally unwell.

Your post proves that you are 100% sane.

If only the rest of the country would wake up and see what we see.

Breaker said...

Right then.

Are your numbers correct? Sourced from reasonably reliable sources?

Thought so.

Cut the swearing out and send it as an open letter to all MSM outlets.

Then tell us the replies, if any.

Ian B said...

I used to wonder what it was like to be a pagan Roman, living through the Christian takeover. Or what it was like being an Arabian, living through the muslim takeover, and so on. We think of these things as part of the fabric, but once they were something new, imposed on people. And I'd think, what was it like to be a pagan, and these nutters gain power over your society, and close down your shrine and tell you they've this whole big fucking list of new moral laws you're obligated to follow. What was it like for people to watch a group who were once a few isolated crazies gradually becoming the dominant power? And you know, you'd argue with them, but there would steadily be less and less of you pagans and more and more christians, and then the Emperor becomes one, and all the government is christian... what was that like?

Well, now we know. We're living through exactly that kind of transition, when what was considered mad becomes considered the norm, and what was considered the norm is rendered unacceptable.

I was just casually wondering, are any of these fake charities subject to Freedom Of Information requests? It would be interesting to get ASH's emails and correspondence with other temperance organisations and activists out into public view, wouldn't it?

Dick Puddlecote said...

@ manfromthefuture 10:34pm:

Presumably, the next step is to find some link between alcohol and harming other people.

Passive drinking, you mean? Clinically obese cunt Liam Donaldson is on that already.

Where's Kay-Tie and her fucking pillow? ;-)

Timothy Wallace said...

If a minimum price is imposed, maybe they'll get rid of duty on alcohol......

Sir Henry Morgan said...

" One in 25 deaths across the world are linked to alcohol consumption, Canadian experts have suggested."

And 25 out of 25 deaths are linked to birth. And 25 out of 25 births are linked to squirting spunk into a woman.

Like a shag do you? Make the most of it while you can.

Roue le Jour said...

Ian B, I would say that the difference between our current situation and the displacement of paganism by Christianity is that Christianity actually works. What we are being oppressed by is not an alternative world view which might turn out to be more successful than our own but a cancer that will eat ever more resources until the patient dies.

This, I believe, is the real danger here. Not that these bastards are building an unpleasant place to live, which they certainly are, but that ultimately, the Utopia that they are trying to build is not viable. The tax consuming sector will grow at the expense of the tax generating sector until the economy collapses.

Michael Jackson said...

If only I'd drunk and smoked instead of taking prescription drugs.

Acolastus said...

Tut tut - apology due to Floyd's sublime David Gilmour for even mentiong him in the same article as this odious cunt.

Hello... Hello... Hello...
Is there anybody out there?

Goodnight Vienna said...

Brilliantly expressive post and I agree with every single word.

Jeff Wood said...

As Captain Ranty and others have said, this is world class fisking - of world class unpleasantness.

I admire the restraint of your tone, too.

To add to Ian's observations, I would recommend reading a little history: the late seventeenth century, when the original Puritans ruled.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

If you dig deeper has he been on a Common Purpose course?

Dr Evil said...

Fortunately the EU will not allow a minimum pricing bollox to happen. Such a thing is banned under EU competition rules and so on. Gilmore is barking up the wrong tree with that one. The American abolitionists got their way with drugs after WWI in the UK, but the government knew that trying to outlaw beer would have brought them down. This will happen again if they mess with our beer. The elastic is stretched very thin now with these anti drinking zones around the country. Any more nonsense and it will snap and all hell will break loose. Learn the lesson of Luton you morons. You can only push us so far!

Anonymous said...

This little wingnut looks like...
A FERENGI in star treck.
Seriosly though what a fascist little jumped up big eared little shit.
And a pathological liar.

Anonymous said...

Arrrrggghhhhh. I am fed up with being told all the fucking ways I can die and never told how to live. Life is about living - not merely existing and trying to dodge the grim reaper. He will get us all in the end and, we know not how or when.
My do pricks such as him seek to make every bloody minute I have on this planet as miserable as possible?
I don't care if x% of people are dead because they drink - a hell of a lot more are killed at home in "trouser related" accidents in the home. Do we ban trousers? Or cars? Or aeroplanes? Or lightening?
Where do pricks like him stop and, why do they do it? What perverse pleasure do these people get?

Stop Press - We are ALL going to die. Now fuck off and let me enjoy the time I have let.

Ball of an elephant said...

What a cunt...

Frank Davis said...

Ian Gilmore: His guitar playing on Shine on You Crazy Diamond was sublime but these days he's a proper cunt.

Erm..., I think you may be confusing Ian Gilmore with David Gilmour.

At least I bloody well hope you are.

Anonymous said...

Yes,surely you mean David Gilmour,the man who discovered Kate Bush.

Apparently he was in some band or other himself but seriously he discovered KATE BUSH,set up the demo for EMI and everything.

KATE BUSH people,have some perspective.

Sorry,what was the post about?
I seem to have got hung up on the KATE BUSH thing

Wossat? said...

I too was appalled at the idea that Pink Floyd's brilliant guitarist iss such a flagrantly lying cunt until I remembered his name is Dave, not Ian.

Other than that your blog is excellent.

madeup 4 obvious reasons said...

While I realise that people like the good Dr are only publishing this crap to allow others in his gang to prove that there is science behind them, how about looking at this problem from another angle.

You read Atlas Shrugged?

I did, and I came to a conclusion. The only people who can be held to any of this crap are those who give their free will to these people. While it would be better that things like this didn't happen, it does - so find a way around it!

I noticed a while back that my favourite alcohol was going up in price at the same time as my disposable income was going down, so I got to thinking.

How do you make Vodka?

A few weeks on the internet, a visit or two to B&Q, and I now have a number of litres of Vodka in my store which has cost me in the region of £2 a litre to make. The law won't get involved because its just little me who drinks it, and I don't go on about it with casual friends.

The result?

I still get my tipple at a reasonable price, the mad Dr thinks he's getting his way, and the government get a few less pounds of my disposable income!

If you are interested, look up Amazing Still on Google - its an open source idea from Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone trust doctors anyway?

I truly can't understand the level of doctor-worship in the west today; medicine has barely progressed beyond curing the plague by sticking leeches on your butt or dancing while waving a stick with feathers on the end so the gods will bless you with lots of kids. The real massive improvements in individual health over the next few decades will come from genetic engineers and nanotech, not doctors.

A hundred years from now, we'll be laughing at the NHS the way that our parents laughed at tribal witch-doctors.

Anonymous said...

Have these doctors not noticed that air is poisonous??? Everyone that breathes this gas will eventually die. Tax it! Ban it! Ban everything! Cunts.

Anonymous said...

That cunt has been whiskey boarded!
and was´nt it that politico cunt discovered in the 70´s strapped up like a butterball chicken in a binliner biting into an amylnitrate injected orange?
the name escapes me (he did´nt)?
That Gilmore cunt is good at something but not in public!

Cassini said...

What Mr said.

This blog reads like a chidlish rant. Why the need to swear every other sentence? Pathetic really. But then I suppose the writing isn't up to much either.

Anonymous said...

You can read the minimum alcohol price report on Sheffield U. website. It cost £180,000 and it is based on American college student focus groups and Aborigine communities. Laughable if it weren't so serious. Yes, Gilmore is a lying cunt of the first order. How I love typing that. 21 units of 12.5% ABV £3.08 a bottle of wine equals £6.89 a week. 21 units at 50 pence a unit equals £10.50 a week: a difference of £3.61 a week for the moderate drinker. Lying cunts the lot of them.

Ian B said...

I started reading the Sheffield U study- a tissue of propagandist bullshit- and got so angry I needed a drink.

The government policy is apparently called "Safe, Sensible, Social". Fucking hell. Whatever happened to "Get a life"?

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