Monday, June 08, 2009

Throw them all out!

No, not the MPs, although it would be nice to see them thrown out of the House and into the gutter, where legions of pigeons would dive-bomb them with stinking, foetid, green turds and the second wave—weasel skirmishers armed with razor-teeth and sharpened cockroaches—head straight for our lords' and masters' cruelly-unprotected genitalia...

But no, that is not what I mean.

It has struck me that, although all of these ministers have stepped down (though definitely not because they have been discovered to be thieving bastards, oh no), the Bills that they sponsored are still making their crippled fucking way through the House, binding us in misery with yet more illiberal laws and authoritarian regulations.

Indeed, if I may paraphrase a most excellent poem, who knows
"what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards the Lords to be born"

So, it strikes me that if these fuckers cannot be arsed to see their legislation through and justify it to their corrupt Common companions, why should it be passed at all?

I would like to propose, therefore, that if any minister has sponsored any Bill which is not law, then that Bill should cease immediately.

In other words, any Bills put forward by the Home Office should be torn up until such time as the next incumbent decides to put them forward again.

Any legislation proposed by the Ministry of Defence or Department of Communities, or any other ministry whose minister has thankfully buggered off, should now be ritually burned and have to be resubmitted by whichever slack cunt has now taken over.

For if these ministers have resigned, it should be assumed that they have done so because they disagree with the government's current path: as such, they must disagree with the legislation that they have drafted and, as such, said legislation should be destroyed and then the remains pissed on by anyone who wishes to do so.

That ought to allow us to keep the last few vestiges of our freedom for a few months longer...


Ian B said...

Won't happen. It is now almost universally believed that the job of government is to legislate, and any government that is not legislating is not governing.

You can no more stop the torrent of legislation erupting from Leviathan's nether orifices than you can stop the tide coming in.

Anonymous said...

The easiest way is to make the position of MP an unpaid position. FEW Librarians, Social Workers and other liberal flotsam and jetsam that make up the Labour Party could devote the time to the H of C. Also a bar on Lawyers, a real disease of modern politics.

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