Thursday, June 25, 2009

Slow Blogging

Once again, your humble Devil apologises for the lack of posting.

The truth is, I am feeling totally unenergised; I don't have as much time that I would like to be able to sit down and absorb the news and views of the day. Plus, my real-life work is leaving me totally exhausted at the end of every day.

As a result, your humble Devil's posts are feeling a little formulaic—to myself as much as to anyone else. The combination of these factors has meant that I am suffering from the longest spell of blogging fatigue that I have encountered in four and a half years of swearing at politicians, journos, other bloggers and assorted ne'er-do-wells.

Over the last few days, I have considered seriously—for the first time—whether it this might be the moment to retire The Kitchen.

Fear not, gentle reader: I don't think that it will happen—I am far too attached to this name, this place, and you people. Besides, I still need to vent my spleen somewhere...!

I do, however, need to take a little time to catch up—maybe even take a couple of days off work—and to reacquaint myself with the news stories, and to find some energy to write about them in a half-way satisfying manner. Even if I only take the time to fisk thoroughly—and gratuitously insult—the egregious Toynbee*.

I am going to try to do all that needs to be done at some point this weekend, but I cannot guarantee anything. Until then, I severely doubt that there will be any posts—at least by me—at The Kitchen**.

* On which subject, Juliette is most lyrical.

** Having said that, last time I announced a hiatus, I found something the very next day that utterly enraged me. It must have been one of the shortest hiatuses ever.


defender said...

Just take it easy for a few days , something will crop up soon enough to get you going again, you can depend on the rightous to find something to piss you off royally within a week.

Charlie B said...

Take a few months off it - hibernate, if you will - please don't retire the DK though!

Anonymous said...

Take some time, recharge the batteries. Hey, have a holiday in some foreign clime, drinke the local wine, enjoy the scenery and come back refreshed.

When you are away you will care just a little bit less about that which enrages you at home. But will piss you off even more when you return.

But please, please do not retire. If you do, who can we rely on to say "Fucking Hellski"?

Anonymous said...

Pull yourself together you fuckwit and look around you at what is happening.

Take a cold fucking shower, kick yourself up the arse and start fighting.

What next when the Devil himself says he is too fucking tired to cause mschief.

If we stop fighting, those with a moral compass whose sole interest is in serving their country in the most selfless way will be the winners.

And we don't want that now, do we?

Snowolf said...

Silly season is nearly upon us DK. Take it off, get a rest, have a holiday. Come back for the pre-season friendlies when conference season comes around.

View from the Solent said...

Take as long as you want, DK. When ennui sets in, it's time for something different. Drop work for a few days and just take off somewhere. Next time you feel like blogging, don't. Repeat several times. When the flames are pouring from the tips of your horns, that's when you'll be ready again.

James Higham said...

Happens to all of us - especially around this time.

Anonymous said...

Dude just take a break. The inclination will return at some point I'm sure.

TBH I suspect the sheer amount of bile generated by the whole parliament expenses scandal has exhausted 80% of the country....


Dr Evil said...

Nah, don't retire. Just go for quality over quantity and post less frequently. No point being over-knackered.

Morus said...

I recognise that both forms are allowed under the Fourth Declension, but "hiatuses"? Really?

Has there ever been an uglier plural form?

Hiatus is its own plural. Let's keep it that way, eh DK?

Hope you get a chance for a proper break!

Daniel1979 said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling this way, I hope that the creative juices and the motivation returns soon.... Don't retire, you are irreplacable!

Grand National said...

Hey Devil, I'm a long time lurker here and first time poster. I was surprised by the fact you can't make the 'Devils Kitchen' a full time job.

Obviously I don't know how much you earn or how much you need to earn to make the blog pay full time, but I think the blog is seriously under 'monetized' at the moment. Visitors don't mind seeing good targeted ads ~ I'm not talking about 100s of nasty pop-ups, just well placed targeted ads.

I've bought at least 3 books advertised on the Order-Order" site this year, mainly politics and economics books. You might wanna consider Amazons partner network for this ~ they have widgets you can load into blogs and you can select the books you wish to promote or let them automatically match books to your content.

Also another area where you can make massive revenue is in betting ~ I'm not talking dodgy foreign online casinos, but maybe you might consider a link to Paddy Power bookmakers or Ladbrokes, both offer political bets and financial bets, which I'm sure will be of interest to your visitor base. If promote them you can earn revenue share with the bookmakers, you get paid for the life time of a players spend with that bookmaker! over the years this can mount up to serious money which you get paid every month.

I tell you this as I would hate to see you give up, this is a great blog and should easily be able to generate a good basic salary for you. Which would allow you to give up your job and do this full time! If you need any further info on these ideas let me know.

Jeff Wood said...

Take your time. We will still be here.

The swearing is interesting. I am of a type and generation brought up to have a mostly clean mouth, so the odd cuss has more impact.

On the other hand, you and some of your commenters have hit on a tone which is entirely consistent with the subjects, ah, discussed.

The routine discourse of the yobbish young still disgusts me, foul-mouthed little fuckers that they are, but your method of engagement with your chosen targets is spot on.

Enjoy your rest, which may not last much beyond tomorrow's headlines.

midlandindustry said...

Come on Devil, your blogging gives us all hope that there is someone both sane and lucid in this world.
Dont let the bastards (any of them) grind you down, you're doing good work in helping crystalyse the thoughts of people who are thinking much the same as you, but perhaps didn't realise it yet; and also in collating the EVIDENCE that we are being increasingly run by a bunch of corrupt, incompentetent, wrong-headed fuckpigs.

Matt Wardman said...

So we need to find something to enrage you, then ...

Hmmm. Blair's interview with Ratify Vain ... er ... In Fairy Vat ... er ... Vanity Fair.

or 10000 parents prosecuted for the child's truancy:

(with 133 imprisoned up to 1997)

while the truancy rate has not improved

and they have not done anything about it afaik.

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