Saturday, June 06, 2009

LPUK at the polls

At the latest round, the Libertarian Party UK put up its first candidate: Andrew Hunt stood for the local elections in Wisbech South ward in the Cambridge County Council elections.

The results were as follows..
King, Simon Conservative 930 (46.2%)
Schooling, William UK Independence Party 532 (26.4%)
Plumb, Mark Labour 212 (10.5%)
Roscoe, Verity Liberal Democrat 191 (9.7%)
Hunt, Andrew Libertarian Party 140 (6.9%)

Swing per party
Conservative: -7.28 per cent
Liberal Democrat: -20.44 per cent

Turnout: 2,010 (31.09 per cent)

I think that nearly seven percent for a totally new party which has had almost no coverage is pretty decent; it seems that the LPUK leader concurs.
Our local candidate Andrew Hunt stood for election in the Wisbech South ward in the Cambridge County Council elections.

He has been campaigning very hard, visiting every house in his ward, LPUK activists had been travelling from across the UK to help deliver leaflets and talk with those who wished to engage and discuss politics.

The pundits and our critics were adamant that we would get no more than 1 or 2% for a small party on its first outing. For a party that is generally unknown outside of the blogosphere, a party that the press refuses to acknowledge, name or to write about, 6.9% is a more than respectable result, one which on a national basis means that we have already breached the level required to retain a deposit.

My thanks have already been communicated to Andrew for his hard work and sterling efforts, and I would like to say publicly that the Libertarian Party as a whole is very proud to have such candidates.

Now we shall look towards the General Election, whenever that is, and make our preparations to compete with bigger and richer parties, knowing that we can gain the support of those who really matter, the voters.

Election Fund
£10,000 Target

Donate now
Indeed. We have a number of PPCs for the General Election, and we will need funds if we are to even start to run a credible campaign.

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As I have said many times, we always expected this to be a long slog and, who knows, perhaps the Conservative Party will suddenly turn into a libertarian government: however, I severely doubt it.

But we're in this for the long haul and, whilst many may vote for Robbin' Cameron and his Merry Men at the next General Election—on the Barbary Ape principle, if for no other reason—I suspect that the same will not apply at the election after that.

Besides, you won't catch us fiddling our expenses...


Pogo said...

Besides, you won't catch us fiddling our expenses...

You mean we're going to be better at it? :-) :-)

Must remind self to bung some money in the kitty.

Martin said...

I'm pretty happy with the result. Well done Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Well, you could always form a coalition with the Tories in that unlikely event.

ChrisM said...

Great stuff! Like Pogo, I shall have to remember to bung some money in the kitty.

Anonymous said...

Does signing up as a member count?

Anonymous said...

On a tenuously-linked note, I've just found the LPUK forum, but it appears to be for members only.

Surely opening up a forum to people of a libertarian bent - regardless of membership - would be a worthwhile thing to do?

That was always something I wanted to guys over at Samizdata to do.

As a British libertarian trying to find your way and understand more about libertarian ideas, there's nothing more frustrating than not having easy access to people and information to help you out - I always wished there was a forum where I could ask questions and discuss ideas (I still do!).

Guthrum said...

Surely opening up a forum to people of a libertarian bent - regardless of membership - would be a worthwhile thing to do?

We did this and had a plethora of 'Libertarian Socialists', 'Libertarian BNP members', and Libertarian Lib Dem's clogging the forum.

Trying to push the message Liberty for me, but still want the opportunity to rob/flog/hang by the State.

£10 as a member is hardly breaking the bank.

The Nameless Libertarian said...

It is a great result for a party just trying the whole election thing, and with zero publicity. I look forward to what happens next.

As always, happy to help if I can. Although I'm too unelectable to actually stand for election.


Greg said...

Not the only debut party to do well. UK First also did decently. As will Popular Alliance next time around.


Anonymous said...

£10 as a member is hardly breaking the bank.

But that £10 is for membership of LPUK.

Still, if you've tried to open up the forum in the past, then fair enough.

Devil's Kitchen said...


Yes, we did. We wanted it to be a general discussion place, and it was open for quite a while.

However, the pressure of having to moderate stuff, plus the worry that anyone going left-field might damage the party (should some journo stumble in) meant that we restricted it.



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