Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's your (Blogger's) choice

Your humble Devil has just noticed that he has been nominated for the Blogger's Choice '09 Awards.

As usual, opinion is obviously polarised because The Kitchen has been nominated for the Best Political Blog, the Freakiest Blogger, the Most Obnoxious Blogger and the Worst Blog Of All Time.

Bizarrely, the nominations were, apparently, all made by the same person.

Not that anyone has actually voted for your humble Devil in any of these categories: that is not, I suspect, that surprising, for I had not heard of the Blogger's Choice Awards before now (I stumbled across them through the badge on here).

Anyway, feel free to vote. Or not. Whatever.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

I can't believe someone thinks you're more obnoxious than me. :o(

Anonymous said...

I went over to vote but it asks me to login. Fuck that. Why anyone in this day and age needs a login to count a vote is beyond me. Anyway, I was going to vote you as the best political blog, purely because you speak your mind - so many people walk on eggshells these days and you (et al) say it like it is.

Anonymous said...

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Excellent DK. I shall vote for you in all categories. Mind you, WTF are these people?


Hacked Off said...

Looks rather Septic.

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

Did you seeing that filthy, fucking cunt-bitch called Polly Toynbee on the BBC's Euro-coverage last night? As the BNP got in because her beloved NuLabour cunt-fucks had taken an absolute raping, Polly was whining and complaining and blaming everyone for the BNP's victory but NuLabour's total lack of vote-worthiness. She was moaning that, "People were warned if they didn't get out to vote the BNP would get in," and saying how ashamed she was that the Tories were fraternising with unsavoury parties and that such fraternising was salt in the wound of the BNP's victories.

In fact, as that filthy, fucking slut-whore knows full well, the BNP got less total votes than last time: the cause of them winning was the collapse of the NuLabour vote. People did get out to vote, it's just that when you (as a genuine centre-leftie) can't with good conscience vote for Toynbee's dildo, a large section of the would-have-been-labour vote gets spread across all the smaller parties cos many centre-lefts aren't fucking well going to vote for centre-right Tories on principle!

Do you think that stupid fucking bitch could bring herself to say a word about NuLabour's leading role in helping the BNP get elected? No. When Emily Maitlis tried to point out the bleeding obvious which Polly Pot had left out, she was met with a miserable, grouchy response from the sour cunt of "Of course, [disdainful look] blah blah blah..." Yeah, that's right, Polly, you fucking stupid whore, it was so obvious that you said not a single syllable about it. GET FUCKED TOYNBEE.

I fucking, FUCKING HATE Pol "Pot" Toynbee

Sean O'Hare said...


O/T, but what has happened to the excellent

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