Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's the way she tells 'em

Deborah Arnott: She might have a face like a rentboy's ringpiece but she's got a marvellous sense of humour

(nb. I am not the Devil's Kitchen)

Honestly, you wait weeks for a barking mad quote from Action on Smoking and Health and then two come along at once. 

"Cars are small tin boxes, with not much air in them. Smoking just one cigarette, even with the window open, creates a greater concentration of second-hand smoke than a whole evening's smoking in a pub or a bar."

Really? That sounds rather, erm, implausible. Is there any evidence for this, or is it a case of - as The Daily Mash might put it:
"What study? Fuck you, that's what study."

On a roll, Arnott then responded to a survey showing that a large majority of shopkeepers feared that having to piss two grand away on pointlessly hiding their tobacco products was a threat to their business:

“All this survey shows is that the Tobacco Retailers Alliance, a tobacco industry-funded body, has managed to frighten small shopkeepers into thinking that putting tobacco out of sight will kill their businesses.

“Yet again the tobacco industry is crying wolf, just as it did with smoke free legislation, which it said would destroy our pubs.”

You fucking what?!?!

Weekly pub closures in the UK

2005: 2

2006: 4

2007: 27

2008: 39

2009: 52

See if you can guess which year the smoking ban came in...

Incidentally, the whole 'let's ban smoking in cars' debate was entirely engineered by the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, who not only invited some authoritarian quack to hold forth on the issue but gave the bugger his own webpage and then invited two fake charities - ASH and Brake - to support it. They then ran the "story" under the headline:

Call to ban child-in-car smoking

Nice lobbying, Auntie. Within hours, thanks to heavy coverage across radios 2, 4 and 5, the Beeb had turned an issue about which no normal person had ever given a moment's thought into something that the type of pitchfork-wielding mouth-breather who calls up Jeremy Vine thinks requires drastic action. 

And just in case the 'debate' wasn't unbalanced enough, the Beeb then cancelled an interview with the Forest spokesman - the only person invited to provide a counter-argument. 

Beneath the 'think of the chiiiildren' window-dressing is a more serious purpose: to redefine cars, and then homes, as 'public places'. It also paths the way for banning smoking around adults, an aim which, as Dick Puddlecote has spotted, Arnott didn't even bother to conceal:
It must have caught the fake charities as cold as it caught Forest though, as they were all wibbling at cross purposes.
Deborah Arnott, chief executive of Action on Smoking and Health (Ash), said the charity was in favour of a ban on smoking in cars.

The risks were not just to children but to adults suffering from conditions like heart disease, she said.

That's the problem with being caught off-guard, Debs wasn't able to tailor her junk science quickly enough to the nonsense in hand so had to just grab what she was working on at the time - the total ban on smoking in cars, with or without children present. An interesting view into the future, I thought.

There's not much to add to Dick's analysis. Go have a ganders at the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Better idea, ban scumbags like Arnott, the miserable unsociable bitch. She makes Cromwell look almost decent. And she gets government money, err no, make that our money.
Where did she get the idea that pubs aren't closing, is she blind. We are seeing go left,right and centre. Time for the red hot rsgbolts.

Anonymous said...

Missing letters, "seeing THEM go" and "RAGBOLTS".
Sorry, fingers too slow for brain, or something similar.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously considering the purchase of a Strutter Gear Smoke Tank.

I have seriously had it up to here with these Fascist Cunts.

Anonymous said...

The Strutter gear smoke tank infomercial.

Unknown said...

I feel like puking every time I see that sad bitches face. Don't tell me somebodies poking it?

Thanks for the F2C H/T FS.

fagash lil said...

"Cars are small tin boxes"

Wrong! Some of the more expensive cars are moderate sized tin boxes. And a number have open tops, too.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. As if there aren't few enough cops on patrol to spot the utter cunts driving like twats and putting me and my child at far greater risk, they'll be asked to watch out for people enjoying a stogie behind the wheel. Oh no, hang on, they'll just install a new and expensive camera network to spy on us. I live with my partner and child in a small house and I work in an open office. My car is the ONLY place where I have a bit of privacy, where I can listen to what I want and if I so choose, pull over, crack the window and light up, and if you want a lift, you put up with the smoke. I choose not to smoke when the nipper is in the car because I love her, but if any cunt tells me I can't have a gasper when I'm on my own, when I've had to work late and missed my lunch, and it's been pissing it down during the few moments I've managed to nip outside I'm worried I'll do time...

Dick Puddlecote said...

Why do you have to pull over and crack the window to enjoy your smoke in your own car, Anon?

Anonymous said...

It's Mary Poppinnazi

Anonymous said...

When I drive through the Mersey tunnel smoking a fag am I in my private vehicle or in an enclosed public space? Does it depend on whether or not I have the window open?

George. said...

its already law in commercial vehicles, for example you are not allowed by law to smoke in any BT Openreach vehicle, no smoking stickers have to be put in either side window and in the rear of the van just in case you want to nip in the fucking back and have a smoke, I am afraid I have had to wimp out and just give up...nearly a year now.

Anonymous said...

George, statute is legal not law (big differance)

This centuary when mankind has to fight the nazzis again, just remember not to stop until they are all dead.
no cushy jobs for them afterwards, no show trials and later releases.

hunt them down and wipe the fuckers out!

Unknown said...

What a fanfuckingtastic article! I was waiting for some decent comment on this ludicrous proposal. Thank you for doing the work to produce this, it is needed and appreciated.

I couldn't agree more. The BBC love to pile in with the propaganda on dispicable shit like this. Drives me up the wall.

I smoke in my car every day. There's no fucking way they're going to push me this far, sorry. I'll end up becoming a serial lawbreaker, when in reality I am as honest as they come.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

It's time to show some strength rather than just talk.

Get along to the above event 1-7-09 5.45pm under the clock at Charing X.

If we can make this a big event then maybe they won't be able to keep sidelining us.

Bald headed John.

Anonymous said...

Yea the first time I saw this hatchet faced old hag I thought ,well if that's what a lifeime of non smoking does to you im gonna smoke more.
What a evil money grabbing scumbag.

Angry Exile said...

Not an original idea. The anti-smoking nazis here in Australia have been talking about this for a while now - check the date on this piece of Helen Lovejoyism. Having quit smoking anyway and not having kids I don't know if they actually brought the law in or not, but I wouldn't be surprised.

assegai mike said...

She can blow smoke right up my arse.

Re Australia: always in the vanguard with "social" legislation, those cunts. I remember pointing this out to some Aussie mates reference their cycle helmet laws way back in 1989. Twenty fucking years ago. They must subconsciously emulate all those sheep of theirs.

Anonymous said...

When that sanctimonious po-faced hag Deborah Arnold is paying the tax/insurance/MOT/servicing on my car I'll listen to what she has to say about me not smoking in it. Until then - go mind your own business & make sure you don't get done for fraud.

Rob said...

Click! goes the ratchet, a little closer this time.

Simon said...

Hey FS

Totally agree with your points. They will keep going until we have a five minute hate program and perscribed exercise!

I posted about the pub ban and display ads ban last week and I cannot believe those Hoons really believe retailers are just in the pay of the TMA. Retailers are generally fearful of the economic effects on their businesses.



The Nameless Libertarian said...

It is terrifying to think that thousands of people a year are dying each year because of the terrible crime of smoking in the car. Truly, we should thank that troll faced bitch for bringing this epidemic to our attention.

More seriously, Arnott is the victim of her own success. Smoking has been banned from so many different places that now she has to clutch at straws, and talk about banning it from cars as well.

I'm a non-smoker these days. But I would happily spark up, if only so I could blow the fumes in Arnott's stupid fucking face.


Vicola said...

I'm actually tempted sometimes to take up smoking again just to make a point that I'm bored of being told what to do by joyless fucktards who haven't had a moment's pleasure since someone accidentally goosed them in 1972. You can already see where it's going, being prosecuted for smoking in your own home because there's rugrats in it. Easy solution - don't take the kids anywhere in the car and make them live in a kennel in the garden. Job done.

Budgie said...

Doesn't smoking increase the risk of climate change?

Just askin'.

Greg said...

"See if you can guess what year the smoking ban came in"

Or see if you can guess what year the credit crunch started kicking in? And the pub house conglomerates starting losing rents from leasers who could no longer afford repayments?

Rob said...

Credit Crunch was 4th qtr 2008, wasn't it? Doesn't explain the 2007 figure or most of 2008.

Dick Puddlecote said...

If it were the credit crunch, why no massive upturn in pub closures in 1983 or 1990?

Anonymous said...

Everyone who I know who smokes does not go to pubs anymore .
I mean everyone .
Is this woman a puritan or something similar, prohibitionists very often are.
How sad to be like universally despised like that.
Scum like this feed of corrupt politicians.
And we are not short of those fuckers either.

David Davis said...

The question we'd also have to answer for ourselves is, in the event of a libertarian civilisation coming about:

(1) What role can there be for these people such as Deborah Arnott?

(2) Would such people be able to be happy in a society run along our lines?

(3) Could they be safely let out, to interact with normal people while yet untagged or un-monitored?

(4) Would it be more expensive or less, for the mass of private individuals going about their businesses, for such dangerously unreformable people as Arnott to be (a) allowed out to be free, or (b) confined permanently in re-education camps, or (c) quietly made subject to "special treatment"?

Bill Murphy said...

See Steve Chapman's excellent "Chicago Tribune" article of 21 June 2009 about exactly the same breed of authoritarian bastards imposing anti-smoking legislation on the USA:,0,4594740.column

Hopefully it will be shot down in smoke by Free Speech guarantees....

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