Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The gulf between politicians and the people

Note: I am not the Devil.

The MPs' expenses scandal has highlighted more than ever before how divorced from reality and common decency so many of our Westminster politicians are. We mustn't forget, though, that if we think MPs are out of touch and living in a taxpayer-funded bubble, then MEPs are even worse.

To that end, the TaxPayers' Alliance commissioned two parallel polls - one of 1,020 members of the British public, and one of 101 MEPs. Each group was asked whether they agreed with six key statements:

1 Referendums should be held in member states before significantly expanding EU powers;

2 Member states should break EU rules if they think it is in their national interest;

3 Generally, the EU is good for ordinary people;

4 MEPs should pay a lower rate of income tax than the people they represent;

5 The EU listens to what the general public want;

6 All EU member states should become members of the Euro.

The divide between the people and the public was huge on most issues - while the public want more referenda, reject out of hand the Euro, overwhelmingly believe the EU does not listen to them and want to see a far more proactive British Government simply refusing to obey harmful EU rules, many MEPs continue to float in cloud cuckoo land.

The growing radicalism of the public against the EU is encouraging and notable. People are sick to the back teeth of being forced to shell out time and again thanks to costly, unnecessary and badly written regulations that they never asked for and had no say over.

Paying for something you were never consulted about - known in a notable historical setting as "taxation without representation" - sticks in the craw at the best of times, but at the height of a recession it is infuriating.

The full poll analysis is well worth a read, particularly given the breakdowns of UK opinion across age ranges and social groups, and of MEPs by party allegiance. Read the write-up here.


Anonymous said...

Note: I am not the Devil.But are you Spartacus?

Frank Davis said...

Guido Fawkes has the same story. But he says that MEPs have already voted for lower taxes for themselves.

Anonymous said...

It gets worse, both Cameron and Hague want to stay in the EU despite the damage it is doing to our Country. They need a salutary message --- IT IS OUR Country not theirs.


Anonymous said...



how many more chief executives ex-social workers are on this sort of
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