Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Good grief indeed...

The shorter Polly Toynbee:
"Labour got utterly kicked in the local and Euro elections because they weren't left-wing enough and didn't nationalise enough banks."

So, nothing to do with the high tax burden, their total fucking incompetence, Brown's utter inability to do anything right as well as being a total cunt, and the fact that the people are not quite as stupid as Polly would like, then...

Still, it seems that Polly really has given up on the Prime Mentalist now.
Pause a moment and ask: what exactly is radical or leftwing about Gordon Brown? There never was a whisker between him and Blair, beyond jealousy. It was a fiction that deceived many...

Who could Polly be talking about, I wonder...?

Hem hem.

P.S. Reviewing one of those articles, here is a classic Mystic Mog moment from our dearest Pollyanna—from 21st March 2006.
People used to laugh when Brown bombastically promised to end boom and bust: it was once the natural British economic weather. Who's having the last laugh now?



JD said...

How many people are still ignorant enough to think there is, or indeed ever was, anything good about anything 'left-wing'?
If it was so great, how come the Berlin wall was reduced to rubble? JD.


Rob said...

Has Polly seen the number of votes cast for very left-wing parties? Let's take London:

Socialist Labour Party (Scargill's mob): 15,306
Socialist Party of GB: 4,050

Combined vote: 19, 356, 1.1% of the vote.

A Christian alliance party got 51,336 votes, 2.9% of the vote. Polly's 'answer' to Britain's problems was smashed into nth place by religious moonbats.

I amazed, amazed that these people constantly think that following an electoral disaster the answer is to move leftwards. Please do so, as Labour would be destroyed. Still, I sense that Polly yearns for impotent opposition, where her principles can be massaged weekly without the messy reality of government to soil them.

Anonymous said...

If you want a proper laugh at ignorant commentators, go dig up Krugman's latest in the NYT. According to The Bearded Sage, it turns out that the only reason Brown is unpopular is because of the subprime mortgage crisis. All his problems are the result of things completely beyond his control but, apparently, British voters are just too stupid to understand that.

Budgie said...

Polly said: "... what exactly is radical or left wing about Gordon Brown?"

His bullying?
His megalomania?
His micro-management?
His authoritarianism?
His stealing the public's money?
His determination to turn us all in to criminals?
His incompetence?

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