Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And we're back. Sort of.

Your humble Devil is most gratified by the messages of support that he received when comtemplating retirement, and is pleased to assure his readers that he is back.

It is as though taking the hiatus—the very act of actively taking a few days off—has allowed me to take stock and find pleasure in writing again. I'm sure that it won't be the last occasion that I take some time off—I'm pretty sure that it isn't the first—but your humble Devil is back in the driving seat.

Having said that, I had intended to spend this evening doing a sweary round-up of the latest vicious assaults by the Righteous on the pleasurable activity known as "drinking"; however, I am afraid that it will have to wait.

I decided, for 'tis the season, to watch Wimbledon: I do love films in which the self-effacing, rather posh Englishman comes out on top. I can't imagine why. Hem-hem.

This therapy—for therapy it is—was induced by reading this A List Apart article on "burnout" last night: after ticking five of the six signs that one may be "flirting with burnout" without hesitation, I have realised that I have been working, almost non-stop (including most evenings and weekends), since April last year.

As the article points out, it is all too easy to let work consume your life—especially as a web designer and when one is always attached to one's email, IM, phone, or whatever. Bouts of severe insomnia combined a constant background feeling of anxiety, are just two of the symptoms—I was so tired this morning that I fell over twice through dizziness before I'd got out of the flat. In short, I'm making myself ill.

So, I have decided that it's time to "stop, decompress, communicate, and focus": the blogging hiatus was a part of that process that I had unwittingly started. I have a little more work on my work-life balance to sort out, but part of that readjustment will be making more room for that weird "life" bit—and blogging is very much more "life" than "work".

Anyway, this has turned from the intended short apology notice into a small, confessional novella but the single point with which I started remains: you'll just have to wait until tomorrow for your humble Devil's attack on the Righteous of the Temperance Movement—but I shall endeavour to make it worth the wait...




Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Dude you can't quit. You're my favourite swear blogger. If you wanna give up yer blog, but want to continue penning posts you are welcome chez Dodge.

Old BE said...

DK, I don't think I have quite been as far down that road as you are but here is a nano-tip from when I was feeling the strain a few months ago.

Book some time off work, a few days or even a couple of weeks and arrange plans to do *something* with it whether it is abroad or visiting friends in another city or whatever. It doesn't matter how far in the future it is (up to a point) but it will give you an escape to look forward to.

Doesn't matter how much you like your work, you still need time to unwind now and again.

Failing that, beer?

Devil's Kitchen said...


I ain't quitting yet!


We never did get around to sorting out that beer: knock up Croydo and let's sort it.

And yes, I'm going to see The Englishman this weekend, and then I'm up to a friend's wedding in Edinburgh the next (after which I have booked a few days off) so I hope to regain my equilibrium...


Prodicus said...


Ian B said...

Being tired doesn't make you fall over twice with dizzy fits. Get thee to a doctor, DK. There are few enough libertarians already, we don't want to lose any.

Anonymous said...

"Ian B said...

Being tired doesn't make you fall over twice with dizzy fits"

Quite. Sounds like high blood presure to me. Go to that doctor NOW!

Letters From A Tory said...

"I have realised that I have been working, almost non-stop (including most evenings and weekends), since April last year."

That's probably the first thing you've ever had in common with Gordon Brown, although his actions were more due to desperation rather than your creative streak.

witchibus said...

It does sound a bit like high blood pressure - go get yourself checked out.

I prescribe Cloisters...

Elby the Beserk said...

DK, we salute you!

However, a word of warning; having raised four kids and having worked my bollocks off to raise them well and pay off the mortgage etc., it took me a very long time to be able to just STOP - and do fuck all; e.g. sit down a read a book. Sit down a look at the garden. Sit down and do nothing. Roll a biggie and contemplate that navel. All such things.

Ille est - all those things which counteract and counterbalance the insanity that is modern day life, bound to the wheel by the taxman.

Take it easy - work may damage your health!

I'm now in essence unemployed, happenstance means that I can get along in that mode, tho' am trying to find a part-time job that suits and will take the over fifties (ha ha); my hard working days done, it's most satisfying to the soul to take things as they come and not to work myself stupid.

Anonymous said...

"I do love films in which the self-effacing, rather posh Englishman comes out on top. "

That reminds me, the obnoxious scotchman won a match - damn, I sat in a pub in England full of people all praying he would lose
- prayers not answered

please God----- let that cunt murray be ground into the dust --

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