Friday, May 01, 2009

To lie and lie again

(nb. I am not the Devil's Kitchen)

Further evidence of the Department of Health's deceit, corruption and flagrant contempt for democracy came to light this week, yet again involving the proposed ban on tobacco displays. It remains a mystery why these fuckers are so keen on passing a piece of legislation that has been utterly ineffectual wherever it has been tried in the past. What is certain is that they are prepared to go to the kind of lengths that would shame a banana republic to get it.

Regular readers will recall that when the DoH conducted its pretend public consultation, the views of 25,000 members of the Tobacco Retailers Alliance were ignored. The TRA was not even mentioned in the final document until The Telegraph reported the DoH's shit-house behaviour, at which point they produced a new version of the document and removed all trace of the original. 

Even in the new version, the TRA's members were not considered important enough to be counted. Instead, the DoH actively solicited the predictable views of its friends at SmokeFree Action and ASH, as well as dozens of primary care trusts, all of whom are funded by

Alan Johnson, who runs the DoH, is balls deep in the scam as he proved by lying to the nation in December:
"What other countries have found when they've banned point of sale [tobacco] displays is they reduced the number of young people taking up smoking, and that's the primary concern we have here."

Like most things that this choad says, it was bollocks. Unsuprising, really, since it was based on figures supplied by the coven of witches at ASH (funded by the DoH) who claimed that in Canada...
"removing point of sale display has coincided with a fall in smoking prevalence rates amongst 15-19-year-olds - from 29 per cent in 2002 to 19 per cent in 2007"

This, as you would expect from these twisted, frigid harridans, was misinformation. The rate actually went from 22% to 15% (ASH later blamed "a transcription error.") By ASH's Aldridge Prior-esque standards, it was a relatively small fib, but true to Goebells' famous maxim, the bigger lie went unnoticed. Because Canada didn't bring in a tobacco display ban in 2002. A single province did - a province that has the highest teen smoking rate in the country - and they repealed it in 2004 anyway. Even by 2007, only 4 of its 13 provinces had such a law in effect.

There is enough mendacity involved in this whole affair to fill a book, and yesterday saw the release of just such a book (Hidden in Plain Sight: Why Tobacco Display Bans Fail by Patrick Basham and John Luik). Their conclusion is that:

The evidence presented by the government in favour of banning shop displays of tobacco, far from showing why such a measure is justified, actually shows why this legislation will not work. The bottom line is that a tobacco display ban will not prevent a single British adolescent from beginning to smoke.

But still the dirty dealings go on, as Taking Liberties has spotted. With a vote due in the House of Lords on Wednesday, the shameless DoH has come up with yet another way of conning the politicians into supporting this worthless law.

Retailers have said from day one that refitting their premises to suit the whim of a handful of swivel-eyed zealots will cost around £1,500 per shop. It was only a matter of time before the DoH solicited a more acceptable quote. The only question was which bunch of DoH-funded ball-lickers would be given the task. In the end, of course, they went to the best.
The Ministry of Health* asked anti-smoking organisation ASH (which is hardly a disinterested party) to check on the cost, and it claimed the figure for the gantries was just £120. This figure was sent by health minister Lord Darzi to every member of the House of Lords.

(*note to The Standard - it hasn't been called this since 1968)

Everyone at ASH got a chocolate button and was told to take the rest of the day off, but anyone can see that their estimate is a joke, especially those who are in the business.
When the supplier, 4 Solutions of Canada, heard about this, it pointed out the individual cost would be approximately £450 — and this did not include any of the installation costs, which would be around £1000. They also pointed out that the costs of the gantries for all the outlets in Britain could be over £30 million.

So having been exposed, yet again, of being a dishonest set of cunts, will the DoH be alerting the House of Lords? Will ASH be owning up to another "transcription error"?
Neither ASH nor the Ministry of Health has corrected the information they have given to the members of the House of Lords in advance of the vote.

Truly, these people have balls that would put King Kong to shame.


john in cheshire said...

I'm not a smoker. I dabbled when I was younger, as many people do. I have had many friends who were smokers. Over the years just about all of them have stopped. The one thing I felt was a part of pub life was that people could go there, have a drink and a cigarette and not be bothered by the puritans in life. I have never had a problem with smoking in public; I don't actually give a shit about the so-called 'health' effects of passive smoking. If I want to avoid smokers, I'll either stay at home or find a pub where there are no smokers. This intolerance that we have allowed to gestate and grow in this country is destroying us. Obviously, unless it is in defence of the ethnic enrichers who are destroying us anyway.

Dick Puddlecote said...

The lies inherent in this legislation are simply staggering. From its conception to it being presented to the Lords, there has not been a single truth told.

It is a Quango-centric move with ne'er a gem of dissent allowed.

No proof of any benefit, no semblance of actually asking the public, no adherence to democratic political process, no integrity in reporting to parliament. It is ONE BIG LIE from start to finish.

It is what Labour is all about. This is what they do. They don't want to actually let the people decide. They decide and tell the people what the people are supposed to have said.

And they pay their minions to hold the mirrors and blow the smoke, so it costs us money at the same time.

And it is being replicated in every government department, in every law that Labour pass.

We should be jailing these fuckers, not paying them.

More here

David Gillies said...

It 'remains a mystery' why the DoH should persist in such an obviously useless policy only in a rhetorical sense. Once one understands that the crowning principle of New Labour (a modern incarnation of Gramscian entryism par excellence) is the total subjugation of the country to its neo-progressive agenda, mere questions of efficacy go out the window. It's really quite an explicitly fascist stance (and I know the F-word is the turd in the punchbowl of political discourse, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em). The idea that there exist spheres of human activity that are not just beyond the current grasp of government but beyond all sane governmental control is anathema to these people. Try to argue that such is the case and you will be met with blank looks, as though you had just proposed that the sky is paisley.

There is only one cure, short of mass executions: total and utter electoral extirpation. I see from poll projections that the Tories are only predicted to get a 60-something seat majority at the next election. This is not good enough. A Labour rump in triple figures is unacceptable. Despise the Cameronian bed-wetters as I may, they are still infinitely less toxic than Labour. Nothing (except possibly a compliant Catherine Zeta-Jones clone) would give me greater pleasure than a full-blown Libertarian takeover of UK government, but it ain't gonna happen. The best we can hope for is a Tory government with enough electoral capital to return to the Thatcherite bedrock. We will be heartbroken at every turn by the next Conservative government. Genuine Liberpublicans would have been heartbroken by the actions of a putative McCain presidency. But would such an eventuality have been as actively horrifying as the current Obama catastrophe? At least LPUK and UKIP will have friendly forces within government, rather than as now where we are regarded as partisans to be hunted down and shot.

Dr Evil said...

I started smoking whilst still at school. A mate says, "Try this" and gives you a Number 6. Cough, splutter, but hey, it's cool.

That's how it works. Nothing to do with displays. I got more sophisticated and bought passing clouds and the like from a specialist tobacconist. Naughty for a medical student but a lot of us smoked. We were immortal of course.

I packed it in several years ago. I miss it sometimes as I did enjoy it. My children though nagged me so in the end I gave in. Indoctrinated at school I might add.

Why doesn't this asshole government stop fucking around and just ban tobacco? Because it's a massive vote loser and 9 billion quid down the swanny plus there would be a black market, criminal activity etc. But this chipping away at freedoms in this country is insidious. Do they think we don't notice things?

Hanging from lamposts is too good for the bastards. And these fake charities such as ASH parroting the government line whilst pretending to be independent is simply outrageous. I hope the next government simply stops propping them up with cash. A great way to save money and stop this incessant whining.

vincent1 said...

My first cigarette was definetly not brought from a shop.
What this government are trying to create is unforgivable.
John, the intolerance in this link surely has to be from people who are sick and need treatment. I know all non-smokers are not alike, I have been married to one for 35 years, he has never smoked.

With thanks to Michael J McFadden for emailing this to me today.
He is trying to educate me on "satire" bless him. But I do not think I will ever see the differance with the smoking issue, because the hatred sounds the same.
mandyv for smokers and non-smokers alike, fighting for choice and TRUTH

Large Melot Please said...

A fake charity being paid by the taxpayer to tell blatant lies?

The Bovine Comedy said...

Some toff in the Department of Health asked, "just how are we going to stop these young people from smoking". To which his intellectually anaemic colleague replied "I know, we'll hide the cigarettes". And these frauds at ASH and Cancer Research were claiming that young people were desperately begging the government to take these irresistable tobacco gantries out of their sight. I doubt anyone believed that one, but just in case there was any doubt, have a look at this:

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