Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Speak your last

So, that fat, corrupt cunt, Michael Martin, has announced that he will quit the office of Speaker on the 21st June.
Michael Martin has told MPs he intends to stand down, so becoming the first Commons Speaker to be effectively forced out of office for 300 years.

In a brief statement to a packed House of Commons he said he would step down on 21 June, with his successor set to be elected by MPs the next day.

Mr Martin, who is also expected to step down as an MP, has faced criticism over his handling of the MP expenses issue.

The Glasgow North East MP has been an MP for 30 years and Speaker for nine.

And after all of that time, the cunt has resigned in disgrace. Good. I hope that he feels that the entirety of his life has been a miserable failure.

Although I suspect that the hundreds of thousands of pounds that he has conned out of the taxpayer will, alas, give him some solace.

Still, one down: six hundred and forty five left to go...


Ian B said...


"I can tell you the Cabinet this morning will approve a series of reforms which will place the House of Commons in the hands of independent regulators rather than the House itself."

Stop celebrating. You've been had.

Lexander said...

Fucking good riddance to an example just some of what has been wrong with Parliament for the last 50 years. Please do NOT give him a peerage!

Lexander said...

I can't even string a proper sentence together I am so bloody delighted. Yip, bloody, yipee. Now for some more cumuppances.

Anonymous said...

Martin had no choice but to resign in the end. Let's hope more of these parasites quit too.

Devil, I am curious, could we vote in the Libertarian Party at the forthcoming elections? I know very little about the representatives but a libertarian party would be great for freedom.

Another point to you sir... I am aware of your antifeminist feelings and I agree with them, but wonder if you would elaborate on them MORE in some of your posts. The totalitarianism (eg the domestic violence agenda to extort taxes/take away freedoms of innocent men, the tyranny of a family courts system that actively discriminates against fathers, as well as the ''positive discrimination'' ''equality bill'' legislation) should be more of a priority in some of your writings. You often get most of the points right but you don't always ''round them up'' as much as you could/should do. Out of curiosity, have you ever read harrietharmansucks.com ?

HeartAttackSurvivor said...

But will the cunt get his peerage? Popular backlash may be considerable if he does (all previous speakers got one).....

Hehe - verification word is "grabit"! Oh serendipity!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This man should NEVER have a peerage. Twould be just a bloody insult. Sort of crass bloody minded thing Brown would do though.

Ian B said...

What's Now Going To Happen"I believe that the keystone of any reform must be to switch from self-regulation to independent external regulation," Mr Brown said."

Well done everybody, the howling mob has won a real fucking victory this time.

Now, can we all start thinking beyond that mentality and start analysing every "campaign" on the basis of, "What will the enemy class do in response to this?" rather than just "hey, we're having a go at people we don't like, this is fucking GREAT!"?

Take the BBC: suppose you campaign against the licence fee. You get traction. How will the Enemy Class respond? Here's one answer: they won't abolish the BBC. They'll have a "far reaching debate" and "consult stakeholders" and lead the debate as "what is the best funding model for the BBC?" and then switch to something even worse than the licence fee. Like an ISP tax.

So, next time we're all sticking the boot into parliament, let's all remember that the Enemy Class's entire project is the transference of governance out of government and into their own hands beyond democratic oversight. That is what the quangocracy is. That is what the EU is. This is how they operate.

If you attack our democratic system, you will NOT get less government. You will get less accountable government. Please everybody, stop and fucking think for once. You think they're going to listen to minor backbencher Carswell banging on about making parliament sovereign again? Dream on. He's done his bit. He's provided the excuse.

Now, try and get the newspapers howling as a mob against our real rulers in the quangos, NGOs, faux charities, committees and pressure groups and so on. Go on, have a go. Best of luck. They're not interested.

This is a disaster. They'll now have a nice "independent" quango that can victimise any MP it likes, forcing out anyone who doesn't fit their criteria. And no, nobody's going to give a shit what we on the "extreme right" think.

Angry Exile said...

IanB makes a good point. Far from solving the issue by passing oversight of parliamentarians back to the electorate it's just going to be changed from the toothless fees office to an 'independent' regulator. At best it's a sideways move and at worst, which is more likely, it's moving accountability one step further away from the electorate. Sounds like another opportunity for tame placemen to be inserted so they can quietly give the nod to whatever their mates in Westminster want. If they really wanted to make themselves accountable then full transparency and a recall procedure to allow unhappy constituents to force a by-election would be all that's needed, but no. OFCUNT or whatever they'll call it is their answer, which really isn't much of an answer at all.

Verity said...

How did our once-honoured House of Lords, the court of final appeal for legal cases within the Commonwealth, become a garbage dump?

Something to do with toxin on stilts, Tony Blair and his wife the manatee, and all the rubbish they shovelled in, no doubt.

It should all be shovelled back out again, and our original H of L restored. It worked for several hundred years (which is why Toxic Tony and the manatee hated it, of course.)

As an aside, I don't wish to be cruel, but I often wonder whether the shrivelled Tony Blair and the bloated seagoing manatee eat at the same table.

xenophon19 said...

Scapegoat - Gorbals Mick was thrown as a sop to the baying mob. Cameron calls for a general election as if re-arranging a few more political class goons around the house will dampen down the masses and get the business of politics back on track?

It's not really about the individual's involved, BUT THE SYSTEM ITSELF that needs sorting out.

Letters From A Tory said...

What do you mean 645 to go? What about the 800+ members of the House of Lords?

Anonymous said...

Verity. It only appeared to work because we knew nothing about it. Rich people with lives we can't begin to imagine worrying about having their moats cleaned no doubt.

They should sweep it away and replace it with a Senate the same as every other sensible country, or better still just sweep it away. And whilst I agree that there are a lot of Labour reptiles in there, I would just refer you to the likes of Lamont, Thatcher, Tebitt and co ......

Why on earth these failed politicians should have a seat in parliament is beyond my comprehension. No one would ever vote for them to be there.

Ron said...

Great comment by IanB

action reaction (false)solution

Anonymous said...

Ian B has hit the nail on the head

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