Saturday, May 09, 2009

Police investigate Tony McNulty

Via Dizzy and Guido, it seems that a member of the public has asked police to investigate Tony McNulty.
Employment minister Tony McNulty could face a police investigation over his controversial expenses claims, police said tonight.

Scotland Yard confirmed it was considering a complaint that McNulty may have "obtained pecuniary advantage by deception".

In March, it emerged that McNulty had claimed about £60,000 from Commons allowances since 2002 towards maintaining a house where his parents lived.

He was able to receive the money because the property - which he owns - is in his Harrow constituency, just 11 miles from parliament.

The MP lives with his wife in her house three miles from Westminster, but insisted he had not broken any rules because he sometimes did work at the Harrow property.

This is excellent news. Your humble Devil covered the McNulty fraud in his usual intemperate manner, back in March.
At a time when your boss, that one-eyed Scottish idiot, is telling us that "markets must have morals", you bunch of thieving shysters are busy scamming the taxpayer for as much as you can get. And it's not as though you are even filling your boots in recognition that you are shortly to be decimated in a general election: you, McNulty, have been carrying on this fraud for twelve. Fucking. Years.

The man is, quite simply, a disgustingly corrupt, underhanded hypocrite and should be prosecuted. Although his office denies that there is any kind of investigation under way, of course.
A police spokesman said: "We have received a complaint from a member of the public and we are considering the allegation."

A spokesman for McNulty stressed that an investigation was not underway. He said: "There is no police investigation. We believe the police have confirmed that they have received a complaint."

Please, please, please let the police charge the bastard. Seriously, we need to have two or three of these fuckers put behind bars, pour encourager les autres.

It is imperative that these bastards understand that they are not above the law: it is, in fact, imperative that these cunts live under the same laws that they make for us. Already they have exempted themselves from some of the most intrusive laws and tax regimens that we must live under, e.g. tax on benefits in kind and names concealed on databases. If these people are to make laws for the rest of us, then they must feel the full effect of said laws too.

Prosecute McNulty, and let's see him go to prison: it would be a wonderful, wonderful day...


Anonymous said...

Proof that we can make a difference.

Catosays said...

I don't really care if he goes to prison or not (although that would be rather splendid). I just want the odious twat convicted of fraud.

Anonymous said...

I predict that no member of the misgovernment or liebour party will face either investigation or censure. However, I am confident that a tory will be investigated and hounded by the BBC and Pravda on Thames to support the ongoing ministry of truth's "Save Gordon" campaign.
Loyal Citizens, do not be persuaded by the lies of the counter-revolutionary elements of the fascist tory party. More daily hate sessions will be broadcast by the BBC. Take Heart Comrades! Big Gordo knows what is best for the proles. The monies used by the inner party members are to ensure that they are not corrupted (well more than the thieving gits are now)
My solution?
One Politician. One Lamp Post. One Good Quality Rope.
Some Assembly Required.

Anonymous said...

Tony McNulty must repay the full £60,000 and not simply the £13,000 recommended by the Public Committee on Standards. Remember that one has to earn at least £100,000 before tax to take home £60,000 - this means Tony McNulty actually stole £100,000, not £60,000. He must quit his post as MP for Harrow East (where he's done little good and keeps sending these stpid leaflets about how he will ocntinue to improve the BOrough - more like how he will continie to milk the system). What does Tony McNulty take us for? We are NOT going to let him carry on as an MP for Harrow East! And by the way, I~ hope Scotland Yard now takes this case seriously now that the COmmittee on Standards has ruled against Tony McNulty!

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