Friday, May 29, 2009

MPs' Expenses: A Witch Hunt?

NB: I am not the Devil's Kitchen

I caught Newsnight* (ironically enough this morning) and was staggered by the reporting. Now, it seems, we are supposed to feel some sympathy for the poor MPs losing their livelihoods and lively expense accounts. Apparently some of those who are stepping down felt intolerable pressure. Awww, diddums. I'm guessing all rumbled fraudulent fucks and benefit cheats feel some sort of pressure when their ugly little schemes are made public. I feel about as much sympathy for them as I do for these sodding MPs who are being forced out. The word witch hunt is used a lot. Well, big fat hairy bollocks to that. Take the Salem witch hunts—those accused in that were innocent. You can tell because witches don't actually exist. Those accused in this sorry farago of a scandal are guilty of exploiting the taxpayer. It isn't a witch hunt; it is dragging the guilty into the public eye.

The only charge that Newsnight really made stick was that it wasn't fair that some, mainly unknown backbench MPs, were being forced from power whilst the likes of Burnham, Blears and Darling can still gorge their rampant egos and hungry bank accounts in the corridors of power. Which is true. Don't get me wrong, I think those that have said they are going to go at the next election should go. But there are worse offenders out there, and they seem to be sitting pretty.

So I'm going to make a suggestion in the interests of "fairness". Rather than scapegoating minor MPs for the sins of most MPs, how about putting all MPs in the firing line? How about making it so all MPs could lose their cushy little jobs and their cushy little lifestyles? And how about making it so the party leaders and the press aren't the ones deciding which MPs should be turfed? Newsnight talks a lot about mob justice, but the mob—or electorate, if you will, the very people these out and out cunts should be serving—hasn't had their say. Give us a General Election, and then the mob, the electorate, the fucking people will actually be able to have their say on this scandal.

Turns out an immediate General Election is actually the only way to be fair to our MPs. Who'd have thought it?

* At around 13.54, Kelvin McKenzie mentioned MP Stephen Hammond and his little expenses escapade. It isn't one of the worst ones, but it is one that got me incensed. Mainly because, in my wayward and misspent Tory youth, I campaigned for Hammond. He was going up against a dubious Nu Labour type, and was painting himself as the honourable alternative. That didn't last long, did it? Hammond—a wealthy man—has rushed straight to the taxpayer for a quick handout. His hypocrisy, sadly, is typical of that party—and of our ruling class. *CORRECTION* as a comment points out, they actually refer to Philip Hammond MP, not Stephen. My bad, my apologies. Need to have my ears syringed.

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Anonymous said...

MEPs allowances:

gordon-bennett said...

KM referred to PHILIP Hammond, not Stephen.

The Nameless Libertarian said...


My bad, sorry.


RAB said...

What are they for?
Why are we paying them even as much as £64,000 let alone expenses, when 80% of our Laws are made in the EU, and this bunch of venal cunts cant even be bothered to scrutinise the Legislation or debate it?

None of them has even read the Lisbon Treaty, yet they have already passed it!

bewick said...

A general election? Well YES but NOT until all the cheats have been exposed and forced to resign BEFORE an election not AT the next election.
That is that they give up their severance pay-offs of up to £64k and up to £42k for "winding up" and paying off staff.(which includes relatives).

SoldDownTheRiver said...

The problem with any of these trough-dippers standing down at the next General Election whether that be now or in a year's time is that they each end up getting a re-settlement figure of about £50,000 (and their office aides get money too) to help them resettle after losing their seats. I suppose if we get an election now at least we don't have to pay the crooks for another year, even if we still end up lining their nests.

We need to be able to recall and replace these people. Fundamental reform is needed.

I'd ban political parties, and force alliances amongst our representatives to be on single issues and not on party political lines. That way they become accountable to their constituents and not to a party.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

" It isn't a witch hunt; it is dragging the guilty into the public eye. "

Or, as it's called when applied to we plebs - 'Naming and Shaming'.

Applied to plebs it is 'A Good Thing'.

Applied to those greedy slugs, it's a witchunt and is 'A bad thing'.

Anonymous said...

Stepping down?
Just look what those troughers could get if they do:
£64,766 in salary
£20,077 pension contribution
£144,176 expenses (most recent annual average)
£64,766 resettlement grant
£40,799 winding up allowance.

And if they have a spouse, you can double it.

They are all guilty as far as I'm concerned.

Give me strength!

Anonymous said...

What's worse is when they stand down, they still get paid. They're taking the piss!

They must heed to public outrage properly before more bricks start flying. But I guess they dont know what's good for them?

Junius said...

Of course it's much more important to ensure somebody gets it in the neck than it is to go after the real big guys!

After all the small thieves are easier to hound out of office than the real big thieves.

I am not impressed with all this viciousness you lot spew - where's the screaming outrage about Darling's massive rorting? About Blears about ....

No much easier to sit and congratulate yourself on the hate campaign that forced out the little offenders and left the big ones alone.

Shame on you.

Fausty said...

I don't think any of these cheats will be prosecuted this side of June 2010. If they won't come clean, the public will judge them at the polls.

If party leaders are prepared to risk losing seats by foisting candidates upon us that we don't want, then they will reap chaff at the election.

Newsnight is a parody of debate and unbiased reporting.

Lib/Lab/Con appear to have reached a stalemate. None of them wants to trigger a by-election.

I'd've thought that triggering by-elections was in the Conservatives' best interests - forcing Labour's hand and precipitating a clamour for a general election.

(Yeah, can't sleep!)

The Nameless Libertarian said...


I am not impressed with all this viciousness you lot spew - where's the screaming outrage about Darling's massive rorting? About Blears about .... No much easier to sit and congratulate yourself on the hate campaign that forced out the little offenders and left the big ones alone.Either you are being deeply ironic or you haven't read the post. The whole point is that we need General Election now so the people can decide who stays. And who goes.


bewick said...

Nameless L

YOU sir or madam are missing the point. an election NOW will give many troughers tax-free payments of which most of us can only dream when we buy our lottery tickets.

Bye-elections would deprive them of at least SOME of the profit as well as salary.
Beyond that of course the furore about "avoiding CGT" and accountancy fees on the taxpayer also misses a major point. MANY troughers (including the Chancellor) have made SUBSTANTIAL cash profits, even if they actually PAID CGT, without any risk to themselves.
Gordon has so far avoided much of the flak BUT he has lived in grace and favour homes (taxpayer funded) for 12 years and now claims for his REAL main home. Give ME that chance - even if just tax relief!!
The taxpayers paid the interest. The taxpayer should reap the benefits - of which CGT represents just 40% (and now 18%). "gravy train" is an inadequate description. "Money tree" might serve better.
On a blog last week I said "the Whorehouses of Parliament". I'm gratified that the term whore has now been picked up by some MSM commentators. I hope now to see "money tree" (all donations gratefuly accepted)

bewick said...

PS "all donations gratefully accepted" - or I'll sue your arse on copyright!!!

Idle Pen Pusher said...

Stephen Hammond doesn't claim 2nd home allowance (unlike Casale), but isn't nearly as liberal as I let myself believe. He voted for all sorts of nonsense like the Climate Change Bill.

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