Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Tory expenses

Oh dear, oh dear: yet more Tory expenses claims have been brought to light.
The claims are among the most disturbing yet exposed during the Telegraph’s investigation. Claims that are “excessive or luxurious” are not permitted under the rules. HM Revenue and Customs may wish to investigate some of the claims.

Douglas Hogg, the former agriculture secretary, submitted a claim form including more than £2,000 for the moat around his country estate to be cleared. The taxpayer also helped meet the cost of a full-time housekeeper, including her car. The public finances also helped pay for work to Mr Hogg’s stables and for his piano to be tuned.

Sir Michael Spicer, the Conservatives’ most senior backbench MP, claimed £5,650 in nine months for his garden to be maintained. In December 2006, he submitted a detailed invoice which included “hedge cutting ... helipad”, although he claimed last night that the “helipad” was a “family joke”. The Conservative grandee successfully claimed for the costs of hanging a chandelier in his main manor house.

James Arbuthnot, the Conservative chairman of the defence select committee, announced last night that he would be repaying money he had claimed from the taxpayer to clean his swimming pool. This was among a series of payments made to maintain a country residence he rented before buying a £2 million home without a mortgage in 2007.

David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, spent more than £10,000 of taxpayers’ money on home renovations and furnishings, including a new £5,700 portico at his home in Yorkshire.

David Heathcoat-Amory claimed for more than £380 of horse manure for his garden.

Michael Ancram, who is the Marquess of Lothian, claimed more than £14,000 a year in expenses while owning three properties, none of which have a mortgage and are worth an estimated £8 million.

Sir Alan Haselhurst, the Deputy Speaker, has claimed £142,119 for his country home over the last seven years, despite having no mortgage to pay. He has charged the taxpayer almost £12,000 over five years for gardening bills at his farmhouse in Essex.

Stewart Jackson, a shadow minister, billed the taxpayer for more than £11,000 in professional fees when buying a new home in Peterborough within a year of being elected to Parliament. He claimed more than £300 for work on a swimming pool and hundreds more for work to a “summer room”. Last night he agreed to repay the money claimed for the swimming pool.

Correspondence seen by The Daily Telegraph suggests that some of the MPs have been claiming for the country homes for many years, stretching back to when receipts were not necessary for parliamentary expenses.

When they were required to produce detailed receipts about five years ago, they began simply producing statements listing all the costs of their homes. In some cases, the fees office agreed to pay the maximum allowance after coming under pressure from the MPs.

Apparently, David Cameron is likely to be dismayed by these allegations. Fuck me—really? And is he taking a hard line on this...?
“If there’s a case of someone who clearly did break the rules and that was totally unjustifiable then there may be a case for action,” he said.

Oh yeah, way to go, Cammy-baby: you're such a fucking hard man, eh? That's told your MPs, hasn't it just? You know, if they absolutely fucking "clearly did break the rules" and if "that was totally unjustifiable" then... ooooooh, wait for it!... there "may be a case for action".

Well, that's it then: that's a load of MPs shit-scared and public trust in politicians restored then, eh? Good work, Cammy-baby.

You fucking twat.


TheFatBigot said...

£380 doesn't buy a lot of good manure these days. That's hardly enough for a quarter-acre rose bed. Do try to keep a sense of proportion Mr Kitchen.

loves2spooj said...

Give it a rest Devil. Any regular Joe can tell you that clearing a moat is best left to taxpayer funded servants. One would say it is perfectly weasonable.

thefrollickingmole said...

Hasnt anyone whispered into Mr potaoes ear "If you sack them, it will absolutely garantee you 3 terms of government as Lab would be crushed completely"?

It doesnt take Machiavelli to work out how to maximise the Tories gains for some short term internal pain.

That of course would take leadership....

North Northwester said...

Hasnt anyone whispered into Mr potaoes ear "If you sack them, it will absolutely garantee you 3 terms of government as Lab would be crushed completely"?
It doesnt take Machiavelli to work out how to maximise the Tories gains for some short term internal pain.

Call me Dave's not quite up to Machiavelli.

Mind you Dave's not quite up to Basil Brush either, and he got fox hunting banned eventually.

Oh, my poor Tories...

Vicola said...

How is that if the ordinary person does what these MPs have been doing it comes under a range of titles that include 'Theft of company monies' and 'defrauding the inland revenue' but if MPs do it it is merely classed as 'operating within the rules'? Venal bastards. And I never realised what an appallingly chippy little shit Martin is. He's really come out of all this looking like a mendacious little twerp.

Anonymous said...

Where can I hire one of those suicide bombers?

Letters From A Tory said...

I think that Cameron was more concerned about avoiding the need to discuss individual cases in that quote, from what I can see.

What you failed to mention is that today Cameron has said: "I am angry about what has happened. It is out of order. Some of this is an abuse of taxpayers' money, and I am going to deal with it."

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of these people.

How hard is it to fix?
It is blindingly simple yet appears to be beyond your average MP.

1 - The Crown purchases 646 homes in London for the sole purpose of housing MP's who live outside London. These properties remain the property of the Crown just like Downing Street..

Getting houses as opposed to a block of flats also gets around their excuse that housing the layabouts in a single block of flats in Brixton (which is my preference) would present a security risk as they would be spread out.

2- When they leave office they leave the London home to the incumbant MP.

3 - Scrap the Second Homes Allowance and any ability for MP's to profiteer at the tax payers expense.

4 - Operate like a Business and only allow legitimate expense claims just like Joe Public. These claims would not include Swimming Pools or Horse Shit.

In the words of DK.. Fuckin Hellski!

Specky said...

I think all the prople are missing the point.
For example how many people on benefits were dragged throught the system for having part time jobs on the side as well as claiming benefits.
So by simple logic fraud is fraud and should be treated as well ,Fraud.

peter carter-fuck said...

I am only surprised none of them claimed for the cost of cleaning the blood from their bedsheets after exercising their droit de seigneur.

permex said...

...and the liklihood of any prosecutions is...zero

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell--calm down. I'm bloody sure almost everybody has got this whole jumper ravelled up round their tits.

There are two separate things here.

Did any MP break the rules or not?

That is separate from whether or not the rules themselves are a crock of fucking shit.

MPs are greedy shits for the rules they made (and pensions they award themselves etc etc) --that is one thing. But only if they broke the actual rules can you call them thieving cunts,

So maybe loads of horse shit were within the rules. And having your pool cleaned. Were the Fee Office officials up to the job, asleep, browbeaten, twats, or what?
I'd like to know.

Antipholus Papps said...

A moat? He claimed for a fucking moat? Is the cunt going to be submitting expenses for his throne and crown as well?

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck.
I've just discovered that the MPs signature on an expenses claim certifies that the money is wholly for legitimate expenses. Bloody neat that. So a signature puts a dodgy claim into the rules even though everyone but the MP concerned would think the money was not justified. I suppose it is twisted language skills like this that allows them to tie the general public up in red tape in the laws the bastards pass that they exempt themselves from. Bollocks to them.

gordon-bennett said...

One ironic feature of this expenses fiasco is that people like DK and john snow are trying to present it as a class war by continually referring to Douglas Hogg's claim for having his moat cleaned.

OMG - a moat! He's had his moat cleaned and made us pay for it! Those Tory toffs grabbing pocket money out of the mouths of our kids and spending on their Bullingdon Moat Cleaning parties!

Only trouble is - it's not true, as Hogg explained on TV. In plain sight for those who wish to know the truth.

TheFatBigot said...

I'm not sure Mr Mous (9.15pm) is correct. By signing a claim form MPs declare that the sums they claim for were wholly exclusively and necessarily incurred in the course of their work, but that is not a certification that it was so. It is a declaration that the MP believes it to be so.

When people sign their tax return including deductions which they say were wholly, exclusively and necessarily connected with their work HMRC can still raise objections. The Fees Office could, and on occasions did, raise objections to MP's claims.

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