Monday, May 11, 2009

LPUK makes its electoral debut...

... in the Cambridge County Council elections.
Wisbech South Division

Andrew Peter Hunt—Libertarian Party
Simon John Edward King—Conservative
Mark David Plumb—Labour
Verity Jade Colbert Roscoe—Liberal Democrat
William Schooling—UK Independence Party

So if you are in the Cambridge area, and would like to offer Andrew your help and support on the ground, I am sure he will be most grateful, his contact details can be found on his blog HERE.

Obviously, we are a very new and very unknown party—we don't expect miracles. But the time has come to act as a political party and stand for election.

Good luck, Andrew, and onwards to a libertarian land...

UPDATE: the Appalling Strangeness believes that LPUK could ride the zeitgeist.
No party in the Commons can exploit what is going on; they've all been at it, and the few good MPs are the exception rather than the rule. So we are at a point where one party stands aside from the troughing that we have seen from MPs. One party that was actually partially created because of the troughing of MPs. I think LPUK have been handed a gift wrapped moment in history—and I hope they rise to the occasion.

I don't quite know how they (well, we) could exploit the zeitgeist, although as an armchair political observer, I have some pretty good ideas. From an intellectual point of view, it will be very interesting to see how the party responds to what has happened.

It would be great to see a minor party riding the wave, and taking this opportunity to seize the moment and drastically increase their visibility.

And on an emotional level as well I'd like to see LPUK grabbing this opportunity and making the most of it. Not just because I am a member, but because the sorry debacle of MPs' expenses has shown more than ever that there is a crying need for a party that will stand against the status quo, and both articulate and do what is right. LPUK is morally right; let's hope they/it/we can seize this opportunity and make the most of it as a spring board to getting the message that there is another way out there.

Like the Nameless Libertarian, I believe that maybe, just maybe, this is indeed our time—and yet it has come sooner than we expected. And if a snap General Election is called, it will be a year sooner than we expected.
Join LPUK linkDonate to LPUK link
So, please do join us (for a mere £10) and help us "to seize the moment", or donate and help LPUK to make the most of this opportunity.

If you are already a member, you can find all of these badges, and the code to use them, on the Resources page of the LPUK website.


Martin said...

I've always said that the media would simply ignore us until we at least put a candidate up; mabye not even until we've put up a few.

But it's good to see we finally have after a couple near-misses last year.

Good Luck, Andrew.

bnzss said...

Good luck to Andrew is all I can say. I'm talking everyone's ears off about LPUK, but what really matters is people like Andrew getting elected.

Agree with Martin.

ukipwebmaster said...

Welcome to the real world.

Stan said...

I wish you the best of luck, but still don't know what it is you are offering that is any different to any one else.

AD627 said...

Can I spell it out, again?

I - and I suspect the vast majority of my peers - am not going to desert the Conservative Party when it might finally succeed in ejecting the current bunch of crooks.

I accept that the Conservatives are very far from what I want, but they are an immediately available option.

If you wish to harness my donations, you need to allow me to direct how they are used. That is, if you create a banner ad or Google Words ad campaign that attacks Labour and links to a site laying out the benefits of smaller government and lower taxation, I would be happy to pay for specific placements of those ads (indeed, Google will allow me to place and poay for them).

However, I have no interest in funding the LPUK generally.

bnzss said...

Labour might be more crooked than the Tories, but unless you're voting based solely on personality, you don't have a great deal of difference to look forward to if you vote Tory.

I fear the only thing we'll gain out of it is Hague's oratory. Which we could have anyway.

sconzey said...

Fuck it, I'm joining. I can't support the Tories after what I read in today's Telegraph.

I just hope Carswell and Hannan join me soon.

John Demetriou said...

DK, may I ask, what is your position within the party?



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