Monday, May 18, 2009

FoREST and the launch of a book

You can join FoREST on Facebook. You know, should you want to.

Your humble Devil must admit that he has sold his soul, although not for a mess of pottage. I have merely agreed to be on the organising committee for FoREST's 30th Anniversary celebrations, which are occurring this year.

To be honest, I thought that it was the least that I could do, considering how much of their money I have drunk and it is, in any case (and being the heavy smoker that I am), a cause that I support. So, that's the disclaimer out of the way.

As Simon Clark has pointed out on Taking Liberties, the next FoREST event marks a very special occasion.
I am pleased to announce that Forest supporter Ranald Macdonald will be hosting a very special reception on Monday 22 June.

The event, at Boisdale of Belgravia, is to mark Forest's 30th anniversary and the publication of Christopher Snowdon's impressive new book Velvet Glove, Iron Fist: A History of Anti-Smoking.

Expect cocktails, canapes and live music. Chris will be signing copies of his long-awaited book and I imagine there will be one or two (short!) speeches.

Why is this special? Well, Chris Snowdon is a very good friend of both myself* and the Filthy Smoker—plus, I am proud to say, the book cover was designed by your humble Devil.

I have been reading my advance copy over the last few days, and it is not only informative and entertaining, but horribly prescient. Chris's description of the tactics undertaken by the anti-smoking lobby is actually rather chilling, and anyone with half a brain will recognise the same strategies being used against drink, drugs and anything else that The Righteous want to ban.

So, your humble Devil will be there, naturally: FoREST always throw a good bash and I haven't seen Chris for a little while now (I can't, alas, speak for the Filthy Smoker, who is rather jealous of his anonymity).

If you want to come along, do pop over to Taking Liberties to see how you can get onto the strictly invitation-only guest-list.

P.S. Last time that we were at Boisdale, Ranald asked my tasting advice on a couple of wines: I hope that I made the right choice. In any case, there is an article about Ranald and Boisdale in the Independent today...

* I should point out that I contacted him after he gave me the rather generous quote that appears at the top of my Testimonials. Chris and I did not know each other previously...


bellagerens said...

(a) That is too reminiscent of Ronald McDonald. Which, if he were a supporter of FoREST, would be amusing indeed.

(b) I believe the going rate for a soul is thirty pieces of silver, not a mess of pottage. Although I suppose you would know better than I would, being the Devil...

DaveA said...

Hi DK I hope you are well. I have booked two tickets already his morning and look forward to meeting you. I have met The Filthy Smoker before. Just to refresh your memory you are rash enough to include me as one of your authors, I did the "passive smoking and salt mines piece.". Which reminds me I have rant on one of our favourite fake charities to write.



Captain Ranty said...

This is most excellent news.

I have followed Mr Snowdons work on the rather brilliant Freedom to Choose website. His writing is first class and Velvet Glove, Iron Fist deserves to be a best seller.

Well done Chris!

And may I say what a great design you came up with for the front cover, Mr Kitchen.

Dick Puddlecote said...

See you there DK


Will there be a smoking room at the venue?

DaveA said...

Englishman, there is a legal (<50% enclosure)cigar terrace with excellent heaters upstairs. Believe you me Boisdale is such fun.

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