Monday, May 18, 2009

Fame indeed

Your humble Devil would like to thank the commenter who ensured that this was Iain Dale's quote of the day.
"I used to think Devil's Kitchen was extreme. I now think his sentiments are getting close to mainstream."

It's a slightly ambiguous quote: I must admit that when I read it, I thought that it echoed the sentiments of View From The Solent.
I think your commenter has it the wrong way round. It is the mainstream that is closing on DK.

But perhaps I am, in fact, mellowing in my old age—perhaps I am, indeed, drifting towards the mainstream. Perhaps the lack of swearing in recent days has meant that I am, in fact, looking for the middle ground.

No, I don't think so. Your humble Devil has tired of the details of MPs' expenses: I am merely waiting for the next interesting thing to happen. And, in the meantime, there are some more considered posts brewing in The Kitchen...


Anonymous said...

The commenter clearly meant that the mainstream is now swinging behind the extreme anti-politician views that you espoused, DK.

I don't know if you're mellowing but I have noticed, first, a fall in the number of posts; second, a less energetic style of writing; third, a decrease in the amount of swearing; fourth, a decrease in the serious and incisive commentary that brought us all to this blog; and, fifth and most importantly, an occasional tendency to fall back on silly, Blimp-ish reactionary views that you very clearly do not believe and which have taken the place of the aforementioned serious and incisive commentary.

I assumed you were just getting blog fatigue and that you were losing or had lost interest in politics.

There again, what the fuck do I know?

Anonymous said...

I think I know how you feel. It's like, there you are screaming and swearing at anyone who'll listen that MPs are a shower of bastards and now, suddenly, everyone else is saying it too. You've lost your niche.

Question is, what next?

Cos the only thing worse that politicians taking all the power onto themselves is then delegating it to unelected Quangos and fake charities... and the more unpopular politicians get the more they do *that* rather than devolve power back to us.

Grr. The trick is how do you make sure that we actually 'win' now, not just make things even worse?

Anonymous said...

DK, I am that commentator. What it meant was more or less what I said: at the outset I found some of your comments were at the edge of my comfort zone, now I find myself closely in alignment with you and the views on this site. I don't think you are easing back, I agree that the world is catching. Yes, I miss the more frequent blogs but assume that you, like me, have to earn enough to pay for Crossrail, Nick Brown's Waitrose shop and the odd antique bookcase for Tam Dayell.

Anonymous said...

DK, I blogged yesterday that the MSM had finally caught up with the blogosphere, giving you an honourable mention as erudite and articulately profane.

My own view, and I have felt this as well, is that the dam has broken. We have been railing against the "system" and the troughing MPs for some time only to be derided as "conspiracy theorists", "loons" or worse. And so it has come to pass and the public at large now "get" what it is the blogosphere has been going on about.

Not so much blogging fatigue, but relief that we no longer have to be angry on everyone else's behalf.

SteveShark said...

If DK is becoming mainstream, where does that leave Iain Dale?

View from the Solent said...

And fame for me too! Thank you.

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