Sunday, May 10, 2009

Compare and contrast

Just before we start on the latest round of MPs' expenses frauds—and, fuck me, but there are a lot of them—perhaps we should indulge in examining a small example of how taxpayers are treated.
Mother faces prison for trying to get son into better school

A mother faces being imprisoned for allegedly providing a false address in an attempt to get her child into a leading state school.

Officials at Harrow Council investigated an application from Mranil Patel, 41, who was trying to secure a place for her five-year-old son Rhys at Pinner Park First School.

They checked the address she had supplied against council tax records that revealed she was registered as living at her husband's house is outside the school's catchment area.

Mrs Patel has admitted putting her mother's address as her own on the application form, but claims that it was an honest mistake.

She now faces up to a year in jail after being charged with 'fraud by false representation' under new powers created in 2006. She is due to appear at Harrow Magistrates' Court later this month.

Mrs Patel said: "In January last year, my marriage was going through some difficulties so I moved out to my mother's house. I had left my husband and had no intention of coming back so I put down my mother's address as my own and tried to get Rhys into Pinner Park, which is just across the road.

"But three weeks later I was reconciled with my husband and moved back, without realising it would have a bearing on the school application."

So, change your address in an attempt to get your child into a slightly less shitty state school means that you are looking at a prison sentence of a year (and how much will that benefit the child, eh?).

However, fraudulently claiming hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money to build up a massive property portfolio, pay for your wife's clothes and other such fripperies, gets you... What? Well, it gets us loads of whining cunts moaning about how it was all "within the rules".

Just a little reminder of the fact that MPs—whilst passing laws that we must live by—themselves live above the laws that they make.

The system is rotten: just hang them all.


bewick said...

quite right Devil.
I'm researching rope suppliers. I'LL pay - no need for contributions. But then the shipping industry and chandler suppliers have all but disappeared so it likely will be from China!!!
Bear with me. Maybe we can re-coup costs by selling tickets. Shit we could probably REPAY the country's debt by selling tickets.
Actually MORE likely if we do it constituency by constituency rather than in London!

North Northwester said...

I know a couple - typical middle-class Lefties who own a house in our area. Total Lefties - they are whole-cloth Labour types who adamantly refuse to countenance selection or any other area of parental choice in children's education for us.

When their sons came old enough to go to secondary school, and fearing they'd have to go to the local Labour-made pits, they used their public sector salaries and rented a house in another county near to one of those rare rural 'good comprehensives,' so their sons would be in the catchment area.
The sons got in and one month after they started attending, the whole family moved back to my city in this county again.

We have a system of private education in this country - it's just administered through housing costs, rather than fees or vouchers.

And these numpties told me all about this, like it wasn't evil.

Another anti-choice couple whom I know - both well-paid teachers and True Believers - simply bought another house and moved permanently to another excellent rural comprehensive.

Labour's crappiness goes all the way to the bottom.

Vouchers now.

D'you hear me, Call Me Dave?

Plato said...

Mr Kitchen, that is an appalling story - a potential year in the clink for that yet MPs get off free?!?!?!!?

I'm appalled.

Anonymous said...

I want these bent MPs, through due process, get their just deserts, preferably in that same dangerous prison that the two Irish fishermen were sent. Anything less is a travesty of justice. However I will not hold my breath.


tipple said...

Justice at the hands of the mob. Tear them to pieces please.
I see the Police are suggesting that they might use water cannons if crowds get unruly in light of the G20 riots. Are they threatening us?
Your going to suffer Gordo, cannons or not.

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