Friday, May 22, 2009

Breathtaking arrogance

Generally speaking, even your humble Devil thinks that the MPs' expenses scandal has run its course; we have got the message—these bastards have been shamelessly and systematically ripping us off for years.

Most of those caught have at least made the effort to pretend to be sorry, but an admission of contrition was not for Anthony Steen, Tory MP.
Conservative MP Anthony Steen, who has announced he will not be standing at the next election, has said that his critics are "jealous" because he has a "very, very large house".

The long-standing MP for Totnes, in Devon, was alleged by the Daily Telegraph to have claimed more than £87,000 over four years for his country home.

Yes, yes, yet another little piggy cunt who decided that he was going to live a life of luxury at our expense, so what?

Well, I think that Anthony Steen—who is also a Member of the European Scrutiny Committee and a Member of the Regulatory Reform Committee—is a disgusting piece of shit who just doesn't get it.
"We have a wretched Government here which has completely mucked up the system and caused the resignation of me and many others, because it was this Government that introduced the Freedom of Information Act and it is this Government that insisted on the things which caught me on the wrong foot.

What the fuck? Oh yes, that's right, Tony-baby: it is the Freedom of Information Act that is the problem here and not the fact that you are a filthy, thieving bastard who has been quite happily funding your lavish lifestyle using money that you should not have taken.
"What right does the public have to interfere with my private life? None."

You fucking little cunt! As long as we pay your cunting expenses, then we have a right to scrutinise every, single penny. If you do not want the public knowing about your private life, then I sincerely suggest that you stop funding it with expenses.

As I said: breathtaking fucking arrogance.


assegai mike said...

I dunno, I have to admire his chutzpah. Contrast Nadine Dorries, bleating about MPs wanting to off themselves under the strain of McCarthy-type witch hunts (yeah, right, get your dictionary out and look up Proportion, you daft mare).

Chris said...

Anthony Steen: political suicide, textbook example.

And, cue 'jealous' lynch mob...

Vicola said...

I listened to his little rant this morning and it's one of the funniest things I've heard all week. I've never heard someone quite literally rant themselves out of amployment before and it's quite something to behold. At least he went out in a fabulous blaze of utter insanity, unlike (as the bloke above pointed put) whining Nadine who seems to think that the poor 'ickle MPs are being picked on by the playground bully for doing nothing at all and bizarrely did liken it to a McCarthy era witch hunt. Mind you, if someone IS looking for witches I can see how Nadine would be worried...

Anonymous said...

Nothing to fear if nothing to hide, eh ?

Toque said...

The Government tried to stop the FOI Act applying to expenses, didn't it? The Tories, and particularly the Lib Dems, pressed for it.

Dave H said...

"You fucking little cunt!"

You couldn't be more wrong, DK, wrong about the "little".

Lost in Devon said...


Insanity? That sounds quite normal compared to most of the population of Totnes.

Batshit mad - normal day in S. Devon..

Anonymous said...

Given that MPs have already had their homes attacks by outraged members of the public, I can't help but admire the testicular fortitude implicit in Steen's "Fuck you, proles" attitude. Red rag to a bull, indeed.

I do not, though, that Steen is a Jewish surname and Anthony himself is of Jewish descent (though whether is a practising member of the religion is unclear). Given that everytime a nominally Scottish MP has been caught with his finger in the jar, DK has been there to do his best Daily Mail impression about greedy Jocks, can we look forward to some remarks about Steen living down to Jewish stereotypes?

Anonymous said...

He must have been pissed when they interviewed him


Richard B said...

What's also breathtaking is Nadine Dorries' whingeing on her blog about how everyone knew the ACA was really salary.

FFS - she is positing as a defence the fact that Parliament said to the electorate for years "We're not having a payrise in the public interest" - showing solidarity with us "little people" WHILST AT THE SAME TIME troughing like fuck on the ACA in the background out of our view. It had not the courage ever to make its case to us on the worth of MPs, so it stole from us out of view whilst pretending to be "frugal".

This woman cannot even understand that this demonstrates the utter venalty and corruption of the political class, and not that it is now being hard done by.

This woman is thick as pig shit.

Anonymous said...

"I do not, though, that Steen is a Jewish surname and Anthony himself is of Jewish descent .."

Perhaps Galloway will write a piece for The Guardian saying that it was nasty anti-semitism that drove Steen out.

According to George, it was hatred of Papists that cause the fall of the Speaker.

AndrewWS said...

Anonymous: considering that most of the people who support Galloway's party hate Papists and Jews in equal measure, that is a bit rich of him. Wonder what his expenses look like btw?

PS: anyone want to bet that Blair will be prosecuted for shredding his in defiance of a Court order? That's contempt of court at the very least.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I turned the radio on just after Steen had started talking, so we didn't know who it was. We thought it was Harry Enfield doing a comedy take on it.

It was very, very funny. Beyond satire. Hearing gems like this makes it worth being alive.


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Cameron has promised that he will make Steen unwhipped faster than you can say Duck Island if he comes out with something like that again.

Anonymous said...

So Dave is giving him a 2nd chance ? There's zero tolerence for you.

Constantly Furious said...

Marge : Of all the terrible things you've done in life, this is the worst, the most despicable.

Homer : But Marge, I swear to you - I never thought you'd find out.

MatGB said...

Heh. DK, if you ever needed a better explanation of why I joined the "anti-Tory" camp in politics, this is it.

I grew up in his constituency, my parents and grandparents still live there. He is, and has always been, an arsehole, but he hid it well.

Dr Evil said...

Last night they read out his little rant on Question Time and asked Willy Hague what he thought. He didn't use the words arrogant tosser but that is clearly what he meant with his answer.

Steen doesn't like the oiks and little people, obviously jealous, intruding into his life at all. How dare we derail his money troughing by discovering the thievery going on at Westmonster.

Smidgeon said...

These assholes are all saying "But it was all within the rules", and the media is letting them get away with this horseshit.

The rules say "The MP's signature verifies that the expenditure was wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred in the performance of their duties". But hardly anything that has been claimed in these cases that we have seen qualifies under those rules.

What happened was that the MPs lied. They signed off on their expenses affirming that they were "wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred in the performance of their duties" knowing every time that they were lying. And they got away with it.

Yes, the Fees Office let them get away with it, because, it seems, it had decided to let them them get away with this shit for the most part. But that doesn't make it within the rules.

If I lie to the tax office to avoid tax, and the tax office is too incompetent or corrupt to bring me to book, I've still broken the rules. It's the same with the MPs. They submitted expense claims which were not permitted under the rules, they lied about it, and they got away with it (at the time). The lying and the getting away with it doesn't make it legal.

So will the fucking media kindly call them out on this "It was all within the rules" bullshit, rather than reporting it as the gospel truth?

Anonymous said...

Well, Senator McCarthy was correct too. "Witch hunt" was a Lib-lefty smear to derail the investigation of commies and security risks in the State department.

Just as "witch hunt", along with the oft repeated fib "within the rules", is an attempt to derail the investigation of our parliament of cheats.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of which Party any one of those morally corrupt politicians are attached to, I'm sick and tired of all their lies and deception. We, the hard working tax payers, who have unwittingly contributed towards the 'fuck you' lifestyle of the very people who are supposed to represent us, should be given the opportunity to pass our own judgement.

It's time to issue The Brown Ultimatum.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the jealousy angle but, otherwise, I also quite admire the man telling us grubby plebs to fuck off. Somehow, this does, at the least, come across as being more honest than some of the other faux-contrite troughers.

Now, like the rest of the scum, Sheen merely has to hang on for another year max. That's another year's salary and exs for, let's face it, doing jack shit. Plus, if he can hold on until dissolution, he gets his resettlement grant to help the poor dear readjust to non parliamentary life.

We should be demanding they stand down before dissolution. If they protest that this will weaken our democracy, they can be invited to continue as MPs but for no pay and to waive their resettlement grant.

Fausty said...

As much as I hate the troughing and the "above the law" attitude of MPs, I agree with Anonymous (11:00:00 PM). At least he's not trying to pretend to be what he is not.

Yes, his claims were outrageous but then MPs were encouraged to claim by the Fees Office.

He probably doesn't need the job, so said FU to us when we said FU to him. We're agreed then.

The arrogance of the ruling classes gets to me. I can't and won't accept it. Carswell & Hannan have the right idea WRT re-jigging parliament, via their book "The Plan". A must read.

Let them please fuck off en-masse. Soon.

Anonymous said...

Much as I hate to say it I think the politicians have a point about one thing. The lobby journalists HAVE known about this for years. Why has it all blown up now? I think it's a combination of two things;

1. The political class is now generally held in such low esteem that many of the journalists who considered themselves "insiders" now want to distance themselves from this. Previously they wouldn't have dared to go for the whole of parliament (too many friends wouldn't invite them to dinner parties anymore) but now, why the hell not.

2. The Draper e-mail scandal. The Telegraph got such a kicking over it's treatment of Guido Fawkes for doing exactly what they SHOULD have been doing that they almost had to find a big anti-corruption story to show that they were even slightly relevant.


P.S. D.K. Love the blog. Don't know where you find the time to keep it going.

Old Holborn said...

Old Holborn is going to perform a citizens arrest on the guilty MPs. June 1st, 9am, Parliament. Bring cameras

Anonymous said...

Kevin Boatang said...

I saw him the other day, that Steen fella. I went up o him, looked about his person all clever like, and I thought to meself I thought 'You dirty fucking cunt'.

He looks at me, all la-dee-dah, and says 'And whom may you be to enquire about my person in such an obviously jealous fashion?'

So I said 'You fucking cunt. You little fucking shitty fucking cunt, you nasty thieving cunt.', then I whipped the fella out and pissed all over him until he was screaming for his mummy.

Honest, just like that.

Call me Infidel said...

Anon 1:29 Gorgeous George is a bit sensitive about any allegations of troughing

However he is less concerned about allegations of being the apologist and arse licker in chief to a mass murdering psychopath.

As for Steen, well you have to wonder if Alzheimers has set in early. This man is clearly not in full command of his senses.

Anonymous said...

Hang him from one of his taxpayer funded tree's - he's got five fucking hundred of them so we could hang him every day for nearly a year and a half!

Dodgy Geezer said...

"These assholes are all saying "But it was all within the rules", and the media is letting them get away with this horseshit."

We must remember the background to this. The Heath Government in the '70s was pressured to raise MPs wages when it was politically difficult to do so, and instituted the idea of a set of easy-to-claim allowances which would be pay in all but name. Heath was into deception - it was he who forced us into the EU under the story that it would be no more than a trading treaty.

For more than 30 years the MPs have been encouraged internally to treat the expenses as pay. That is why they are coming out with all these lovely quotes about it being unfair to comment on their private lives. They really thought it was their right...

Deception is never a good way to behave. It's good to see Heath's original plan fail, even though it has taken nearly 40 years...

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